Friday, 7 August 2009

Hypocrits v Lunacy

We have over the past 2 years seen virtually every form of pond life appear in one guise or another. Cruella DeVille has appeared to bollock smokers to death should they dare need an operation. We've had the usual culprits spewing out fantastic quit smoking figures in the face of NRT's 98.4% failure rate. and we learn that money is being spewed down the smoke cessation soilpipe like it's gone out of fashion-hang on, it has gone out of fashion! we're bankrupt!

In America, California to be exact, we have the amazing sight of smokebans causing financial carnage to such an extent that "I'll be back" (good old Arney) is now contemplating legalizing marijuana. Yes, our illustrious governor of good old 'Cali' is considering legalizing the substance as it will bring in £1.4bn per annum. So that's it then, case proved! Smokebans skint businesses, skint tourist trade & skint regional areas so lets legalize smoking pot! It's utterly brilliant really, smoking is banned but this 'different' form of smoking is to be legalized so as to earn state treasuries money. The blatant hypocrisy is immeasurable.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world where Americans & British soldiers dutifully give up their lives in the name of freedom on a daily basis (sadly 3 more killed today) we find that despite all the war torn trouble & strife, Iraq are imposing their own smoking ban-in the name of health! FFS! HEALTH?
It's got to be the most unhealthy country (alongside Afghanistan) in the goddamned world. I mean, it's full of flying lead poisoning which is fatal. Every step could be your last as 3,000 nails can send you explosively skyward or you could even be talking to a local one minute and be in a thousand gory bits the next!
How the bloody hell in the name of all normality the Iraqi government can be contemplating a smokeban when there is carnage in every quarter as they repel the infidels is totally beyond me, and probably every other sane person in this country. The world has been taken over by hypocrits and lunatics - and the simple reason folks?
Smokebans, the WHO & the NWO - the former the result of intolerance from the latter pair of arsehole groups!

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  1. I know Phil, I know...sheer madness has prevailed. Arnie's mind is still in cloud cuckoo movieland. As for Iraq, it beggers belief.