Friday, 28 August 2009

A non political, political view!

Never having been a political animal I am amazed at the vemon within me, especially the venom that has grown since the inception of "NuLabour" over a decade ago. I remember the first time I saw 'Adolph' Blair on the tele, can't remember the occasion but can clearly remember thinking "oh my God, who is this grinning jackanapes?" A term to be coined by the press a few years later. I also remember thinking he looked about as sincere as a baboon's backside! It was then that I started to take a meagre interest in politics. I niaively thought that all politicians were elected as the best options considered by the people to serve the people! What a fool I was.
It soon became apparent that my simplistic political beliefs were just pure garbage-bit like NuLablour proved to be.
The biggest political factor that had stuck in my mind was the "King Arthur v Maggie" battle that had the miners 'up in arms' over pit closures and mass unemployment prospects. I remember 'King Arthur' pulling up in his £30K merc' and rallying the penniless troops (miners) with fine words and unrealistic promises of victory. I also recall a sympathy with the miners but a realisation that "Maggie" was a massive odds-on shot; well 1/100 actually.
With her inevitable victory the north of England began to settle down again but now with a new deep rooted hatred for the Conservatives-after all, "THEY" had destroyed a way of life. I often wondered how the Conservatives would fight back from this complete loss of faith in what rapidly became known as the 'Northern Heartlands'-especially for Labour politicians.
As it happens they haven't had to!
To the disbelief of millions, NuLabour ignored all human rights issues, all considerations for all factions of our society and any thought of discrimination by introducing the total smokeban. In one masterstroke of political madness they promptly handed the initiative back to all other parties. In one vote they ostracised 25% of the population of this country by forcing them outside to have a relaxing cigarette. Oh yes the trumpetting about the 'greatest piece of legislation (re health care) by any political party in the history of parliament' was much banded about the tabloids & TV for anyone to absorb; well, until they had received enough of this bunkum! What the idiots within the party did not realise was that they had been infiltrated by 'do-gooders' anti smoking units and killjoys to such an extent that party leaders either didn't foresee the carnage to come or simply didn't care. After all, Blair stepped down 3 days before the smokeban law came into force.
In one fell swoop they broke the hearts of the very people who voted for them almost religiously every election-the Northern Heartlands. As I travel around the country I have never heard so many 'dyed in the wool' labour supporters now curse the day Blairism hit the country. The miners/Maggie scenario was now secondary to what was happening here. With the impementation of this ban the Labour party had most certainly snatched defeat from the lingering jaws of a possible victory at the next election!
Whilst the anti smoking brigade back slapped each other at the wondrous victory they had engineered through Blairs administration not one of these retarded babbons considered the economic impact the smokeban would have on this country. After the smokeban came the recession, yet the man who sold our gold reserves and led us neatly into the recesion was now the new Blairite, except he was Brownite-with an 'sh'!
Amazingly, as pubs & clubs shut their doors for ever, the numbers increasing on a weekly basis, it occurred to not one of these 'dumbkopf's' that the economy was being seriously hammered by the 'greatest law ever'. Less people going out within the hospitality sector equals less money being constantly circulated, which in turn, equals fewer pickings for the remaining pubs & clubs. That in turn leads to cutbacks in staff which eventually leads to dole queues being severely elongated. Dole queues being extended by such large numbers can only lead to one thing-poverty! We are now spending more on benefits than we a 'taking in' from the employed....Mr Micawber anyone? The smokeban will reduce this country to poverty status before these buffoons realise what they have done. I can't wait to see the anti smoking lobbyists scream in anguish as their earnings are suddenly taxed at a 30% higher rate to make up the shortfall in treasury coffers-caused of course by less revenue from tobacco and higher smuggling rates, less revenue fron beer sales etc, etc.
You see, they haven't cottoned on yet that although the majority in this country have been battered into submission by fear of fine/penalty for the most unimaginably petty infringements-most of which the normal man in the street would have no idea about-the smokers have spoken with their feet. They have marched out of the pubs & clubs, happier to smoke at home than freeze outside a hostelry whilst no one drinks inside. Supermarkets are lapping up the boomtime 'cheap beer sales' thrust upon them by an unwitting government for it gets more punters through their welcoming doors which in turn means they will sell other items as well and boost their already gargantuan profits.
Any other group of individuals eg, homosexuals, lesbians, the disabled (to name but a few) all have rights, yet it seems that smokers have none! Why is this? Why are smokers the new lepers of our society when we contribute in excess of £12bn per annum in extra tax to our government. Incidentally, we are the least expensive to treat according to Dept of Health statistics!
Through all this we see that Mr Cameron has a golden opportunity to right the wrongs of all that is/was Blairism-but has he got the balls? Are his party going to rectify the terrible wrong inflicted on 25% of the population or are they also going to bend to the will of these quango's funded by the government itself? In fact, now that the smokeban has been enacted, why are these self styled policy makers still being funded? Why has fox hunting been banned-what harm does it do? OK, it's a sport for the more wealthy of our society but it provides wages for people, enjoyment for many and keeps the fox population in check so why ban it? Will Mr Cameron revoke this pathetic ban?
Sadly for the Conservative party it seems that their bike riding leader merely wants to follow in the footsteps of 'Adolf' Blair and allow the overpaid extremist views to dictate all our lives, not allow us to choose for ourselves-which of course is our basic human right. Will Mr Cameron be man or mouse, will he accept the golden gift of power that this Labour lot have presented to him? No election victory will ever be as easy as this forthcoming event. Labour are dead and buried thanks to their own inadequacy of spotting charlatans within their midst and the penalising of the populace for any & every possible misdemeanour to be thought of.
Labour may even find themselves not the opposition party after the next election as new, but rapidly growing party may well usurp them at the ballot box. One thing is for certain, Labour are dead and buried, now who is man enough to step up to the plate and allow the people their basic human right of choice?


  1. Brilliant Simon, thank you, I agree with your article/blog

  2. the trumpetting about the 'greatest piece of legislation (re health care) by any political party in the history of parliament'.

    This was the biggest insult of the lot. Instead of apologising to the 11 million smokers for what they 'had to do' (which would have been my approach if I was so inclined), they gloated and high-fived each other.

    It was the political equivalent of lifting the middle finger at all of us in one fell swoop.

    Way to collapse a vote.

    Great piece. :-)