Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Well done TC-only another 540!

Smoking bans KILL businesses-FACT!

     I normally let loose on three or four topics that seem to jump out at me but today I think just the one will do! 
     There isn't a person left on the planet that is not aware of the totally one sided war on tobacco, nicotine, smoking, smokers and yes, even vapers, yet no one counts the cost of this full scale assault. It's about time they did. Many moons ago I blogged about the true cost, per month to this country, of the smoking ban and no matter which way you go about it the figures rounds off at £1/2bn per month (all things taken into consideration). Yep, depriving people of something they enjoy is slowly bankrupting this country - and all because of a bit if idiotic ideology backed up by lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & junk science. What honesty in government we portray to the rest of the world folks!
     A big part of the £1/2bn per month wasted on this crusade goes on Jobseekers Allowances (£1.53m per 10,000) & Unemployment Benefits  - and the numbers are mounting. The rest of the £1/2bn per month is made up of every other conceivable expenditure that government have to bear in order for its unfortunate and unnecessarily unemployed people to live some form of normal existence.
Another massive empoyer goes!
     Over in Nottingham we have just had the news that Imperial Tobacco have decided to close down their factory, which will immediately render 540 people as jobless. (The GMB union response is simply priceless-after all, they harped on about tougher anti-tobacco restrictions to protect workers-hahahahahahahahaha!) Their factory in Nantes (France) is also closing, rendering another 360 job losses, but let us concentrate on Nottingham shall we!
Nottingham's unemployment figures: 
 Those claiming JobSeeker Allowance in Nottingham increased by 450 to 13,918 (6.5 per cent), while the claimant count for Notts rose by 658 to 16,672 (3.3 per cent).
 will now rise to approximately 14,458 courtesy of ASH, FRESH, CRUK and all the other non libertarians that have jumped on the anti-smoking bandwagon. Nottingham once housed plenty of mines for people to earn their daily bread from - but no more; the pits have long gone as have many of the miners who worked them. 
     They however, have left a generation that would, in the main, have followed their footsteps and also gone into the mines so we have an area who's employment sector was dominated by a now long lost industry. That is why Nottingham stares dow a financial gun barrel with over 14,000 unemployed persons these days. There is no hope for Nottingham and that goes for many other towns & cities in our once 'land of freedoms'. They say that 'new businesses' are needed to soak up the unemployment factor but where are these new businesses going come from I ask? In these highly legislative times who on earth would even contemplate starting up a new business? Only a madman! And why, by any stretch of the imagination, would anyone even consider  trying to start a new business when we have a government that is so eager to close major employers down thanks to some misguided ideology? 
     How many people sank their life savings or remortgaged their houses to take on a pub? How many of them now have nothing? Just have a look here, and see who sits at No3 in the Top Businesses list according to ""! Now to the money aspect of this inglorious closure.
540 jobs gone-kaput-finito-gas out etc. 540 household now thrown onto the poverty heap thanks to the worst & most intolerant law since the 1790's, so how much in real terms is this ridiculous situation going to cost? 540 jobs just happens to be 5.4% of 10,000, therefore if 10,000 unemployed cost this government £1.53m per month, then Nottinghams major closure is going to cost government a further £796,100 per month! How intelligent is that I ask? On the other side of the coin of course is the question: how much revenue is government going to lose out on every day, every week, every month now that Nottinghams 'bronze medal' contributor is to be no more? Personally I love it folks. It is brilliant just sitting here watching the supposed brains of this country, collaborating with the so called brains of unelected governments & medical powerhouses around the world as they bring a once vibrant, self sufficient and proud country to its knees. 
All that was ever needed!
     We don't need the EU demanding £53,000 000 per day so that they can prop up other countries they have already ruined: we have Tobacco Control, the WHO and all their little hangers on like Arnott, Duffy, Dockrell, Robison, Kumar  et al who are creaming off colossal, totally unwarranted wage packets!
Now you have to remember that all these businesses ar closing (and will continue closing) simply because all the above named criminals declare that tobacco is estimated to kill 55,000, 80,000, 100,000 people per annum (ASH).
The World Health Organization estimates that the global yearly death toll as a result of tobacco use is currently 6 million (including exposure to secondhand smoke). Now notice immediately the employment of the word "estimates" if you will. The medical profession are experts at using all these types of words (maybe, possibly, could be, may well result in, a calculated guide would be etc, etc) so as to emphasise their statements "of fact". But if you look at the quote above you will see immediately that they have contradicted them selves  for they have included 'including exposure to secondhand smoke' - yet according to the scientific evidence now available, SHS is harmless! So why all the lies I ask? What is the cost of all these lies? Are the WHO going to finance the 540 workers, ex workers in Nottingham?

 Oran's Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as "...[a]...citizen's actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation]." In many nations, it is also often considered treason to attempt or conspire to overthrow the government, even if no foreign country is aiding or involved by such an endeavor.
Let's have a little look shall we  and see what we can determine from Mr Oran & his legal wallah's!
[a] citizen's actions to help a foriegn government overthrow, make war against or seriously injure the parent nation. Arnott & Co are definitely guilty of aiding a foriegn government (the EU) of overthrowing our government by simple virtue of adhering to the EU's numerous restrictive directives re tobacco control. They are killing of our businesses and weakening our financial status on a daily basis.
[b] make war against or seriously injure the parent nation. Guilty as charged for the above closure of one of Nottinghams largest employers is an outright act of war as it seriously, financially injures the parent nation-US!
[c] The fact that these people see nothing wrong in what they are attempting to do is also a ratifiable sign that they are so wrapped up in their own self importance that they cannot see what they are doing to their own country. They will, without doubt, bankrupt this country with their idiotic anti-smoking war on those who choose to exercise their freedom of choice and their freedom of expression. People (highly paid idiots actually) like Linda Bauld declare that there has been no harm to businesses and goveernment repeat this line parrot fashion even though London has one of the highest pub closure rates of anywhere!  
This woman (big fat liar actually!) of fantasy is part of the giant TC machinery-of course she is not going to tell the truth, very few of them do! Our legal system has been corrupted by the EU directives on dealing with smokers or even non smokers if charged with smoking related offences (proof can be supplied if required Arnott, Bauld etc). But they don't care, they abhor smoking, smokers and have made it their mission to eradicate both, therefore they are guilty of 'making war against the people of the parent nation'.
     Once a vibrant, fun loving, happy go lucky, solvent country, we are now heading for the financial abyss at a great rate of knots and we are being led by a bunch of over-paid traitors. 540 jobs this week, 700 a few weeks ago, 222 next week (?), 112 the week after (?), who knows, who cares, certainly not the anti-smoking jihadists for they are comfortably paid by government - that same government that is losing £millions every time another business folds. Pubs, clubs & other social outlets in this country have survived two world wars, terrorist bombing attacks, internal riots (odd occasions) yet here we have an internal terrorist squad slaughtering the social & business aspects of this country on a daily basis..... and we sit here and let them. Traitors, the lot of them, and that's why another 540 jobs have evapourated into thin air-nothing to do with Second Hand Smoke but all to do with SmokeScreens!


  1. Also worth considering the lost revenue from taxation as cigarette prices encourage black market cigaratte sales.

    Bad times.I always think that legislation written by any sort of zealot or vested interest is always going to backfire on the good intentions that may have accomapnied it's writing.

    El Chairman

  2. What a crazy situation TC has created, day after day we hear that Shoppers are choosing different supermarkets to shop in to Save money and that is regarded as Their Right, yet because of the absurd level of Tax on cigarette products smokers Choose to buy Smuggled cigarettes to Save money and they are told that doing so is illegal. The only ones that miss out on revenue from smokers are the British outlets, tobacconists, supermarkets and of course the Country. It is another great shame that a Major Employer just like the Coal Mines is leaving Nottingham but that has nothing to do with the amount of smokers ( they are on the increase ) just the amount of smokers that Refuse to be Robbed by successive Governments. The anti smoking Quangos have always Lied but Their "claims" have also been proven to be False.

  3. Don't forget all the enforcement costs of various ban/tax laws relating to the War On Smokers -- police/courts/prisons. Something I've wondered for a long time here in the US is just how many people are currently in prison for the crime of smoking tobacco. Probably not too many who are there ONLY for that reason, but probably a good many who are currently there simply because they lost their "good time" parole allowance for violating prison bans.

    - MJM

    1. Interestingly Michael, the POA (Prison Officers Association) were begging/fixing to have total smoking bans in all prisons because the Prison Authority were being conned into fearing a multitude of claims aginst them (as employers) for illnesses caused by SHS. I have written to both the POA & the Minister for Prisons ( explaining, in some detail, that such a law/rule/order cannot be imposed because a)... SHS has now been declared HARMLESS, b)... the EU have denied Mdme Labat a claim for exactly the same conditions, c)...a prison cell is a mans/womans home until released from such and the law does not (yet) intrude onpersonal abodes! & d)... no one forces anyone to become a prison officer and work where there may be a smoky environment.I have also talked to a couple of prison officers who were totally unaware of one or all four points and were/are exceedingly concerned about riots in their respective prisons.
      As yet (amazingly) I have had no response from either body as I suspect that they don't want to answer as doing so will incur TRUTH being spoken! Oh, and they also won't give me any figures of the legal costs of enforcement-so I think they know that 'they are up the jolly old Kyber without a paddle'!