Friday, 4 April 2014

Qualifications needed to be an MP!

Smoking band KILL businesses-FACT !

     You might think it not easy to be an MP but in reality it is not difficult to stack up all the real qualifications you actually need!
     To start with you need to be an accomplished liar, something that seems to come very easily to the likes of Blair (B-liar), Brown, Clegg, Camoron and a host of others that could be named. We don't have to look far to establish the blatant lies told by each of the above named so I won't even bother qualifying them - except the last one, our current Prime Minister, "call me Dave, liar, liar, me pants are on fire!" What was that great 'trumpet voluntary' a few years back when on the election trail?
"One of Cameron's pledges in the run up to the election was to overturn some of the ridiculous laws that Blair had introduced during his 'ten years of terror' on the British public. Of course there was a government website where hundreds of suggestions for repeal were made but one area received an inordinate amount of suggestions/requests-the repeal or, more to the point, an amendment of the smoking ban."
     Weren't the new, incoming government going to roll back a whole raft of nannyist laws that totally discriminated against 25% of the population? 
     Weren't they going to be guided by proper scientific evidence on all matters? Somehow (and I still haven't worked it out) Camoron almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory at the last election and ended up having to form a coalition government with the most useless of useless mobs, the Lib Dems-who have since proven to be far from Liberal minded and certainly a 'distance' from Democracy. 
     Indeed, Nick Clegg ( "roll back the power of the state" and "restore British liberties") in his very first interview with regard to the repeal/amendment of the smoking ban, sat there and blatantly lied to Alex Stevenson about the 'harm' caused by SHS yet then glibly declared that he would be guided by 'the science' when it came to another substance.  Remember that SHS is 'of no harm to another human being', even the WHO have declared SHS to be harmless yet Clegg declares that it is NOT harmless ..... because he has been told that it is! 
     Immediately afterwards, when on the subject of cannabis, Clegg deems that he be led by 'the science', yet Professor Nutt was literally hounded out of office because he didn't agree with the then Home Secretary Alan Johnson, who I believe was a run of the mill postman before getting into politics and way out of his depth!
    We knew a few weeks ago that Sir Cyril Chantler (some child specialist medical man) was jetting off to Australia for a lengthy break at the tax payers expense to form an opinion on the viability of Plain Packaging. It was stated here and in other well respected quarters that this was no more than a bit of 'freebie jet setting', for the cynics amongst us already knew that Chantler would return with a suntan, a few extra inches on the waist & enough reasons (from somewhere) for government to implement Plain packaging-even though we already know that it failed miserably in Australia. How much did this little merry-go-round cost us? Probably in the region of £200,000 - but who cares? Certainly not Camoron or his equally twisted Tory brotherhood, the majority of whom care not a jot for people's freedoms! This summation is priceless, it really is!
Chantler concluded that, if combined with other measures, plain packaging is "very likely to lead to a modest but important reduction over time on the uptake and prevalence of smoking".
     Now when we disect this bibble-babble it is very simple to see that Chantler has no evidence whatsoever (which is what he went over there to get) so he has wrapped it all up by incorporating other factors: yep you've guessed it folks. 'Combined with other measures' means a continuation of tax hikes & banning smoking in even more places  will help decrease the numbers smoking.
"very likely to lead to a modest but important reduction over time on the uptake and prevalence of smoking".  
     Now we are desperately clutching at straws as he introduces the word "MODEST" and the  ever faithful "IMPORTANT REDUCTION OVER TIME....." which again means absolutely nothing but he has managed to obscure the fact that there is no evidence but that Plain Packaging "MAY" help reduce smoking rates. That's all the anti-smoking Jihadists want to hear "may help reduce", nothing else matters anymore.

     The other little fly in the ointment of course is the new Health Minister, one Jane Ellison: anti-smoker and wanting to enjoy her position a little longer than her last few predecessors have! So, we have Chantler who, in his dotage, is quite happy to embark on an all expenses paid soiree` 'down under' to report on findings that are not there to be found and yet another anti-tobacco, newly imported Health Minister looking for 'Brownie points'! 
The latest '2-a-penny' Health Minister-how long for this one?
     Both are exceedingly happy to rely on junk science-and there was no better lump of that than Jamrozik's oh so flawed manipulation of figures & supposed deaths. Even the SCOTH committee had no option but to rely on that particular piece of garbage! See how easy it is to be a politician? Simply become a brazen liar! When do we get a truthful politician I ask?
John Reid on his last day as Home Secretary, June 2007.jpgJohn Reid was outed as Health Minister in 2005 simply because he wasn't too happy with the idea of a total smoking ban; he spoke the truth! Didn't suit the WHO or the NWO did that!

     It is incredible really when you think that when Plain Packaging went out to Public Consultation (oh yes it did!) the responses so shocked ASH and other parties that they (ASH) had to resort to importing email signatories and other dubious methods to be able to put up any form of defence to the disgracfeful upstarts that actually went to war and voted against this ridiculous idea! I doubt the government ever considered this might be a possibility and as soon as the result was broadcast said government decided to ignore the Public Consultation as it didn't suit their masters. Proof that the people don't matter to these pumped up stuffed shirt politicians who are all, seemingly, getting on whatever gravy train they can.
     Although it is not needed, proof of even more political skulduggery being afoot comes from the valleys as the Welsh Health Minister proudly announces moves to ban e-cig usage in enclosed public spaces! 
How green is my valley now the pubs have gone?
         Health Minister, Mark Drakeford, in a single statement has proved what a complete doughnut he is and that smoking bans were never, ever about the health of those poor barworkers (that were supposedly dropping like flies as they worked). Apparently this dimwit is concerned that people using e-cigs 'could' lead to smoking being re-normalised! Sweet Jesus, you couldn't make some of this stuff up, you really couldn't! Who has ever declared that smoking is an ABNORMAL activity? It is a freedom of choice! Drinking cans of beer, walking along the street is not a normal activity but I don't see that being banned-do you? Waddling down a street with your underwear clearly visible ABOVE your jeans/trouser waistline is definitely not normal, but that doesn't seem to offend Mr Drakesford, although, thankfully, it seems to have finally upset our American cousins! As the greatest non tobacco quit device ever invented I am truly amazed at this fools twisted logic. He obviously cares not a jot about bars, cafes, restaurants losing even more customers and the economy going into further decline. There's non so blind as them that simply don't want to see!
     Unbelievably, up in Cumbria, a landlord has banned the use of e-cigs for "Health Reasons". I'll say it again..... Heath Reasons! Yep, it's true apparently for this fool (Craig Sherrington, landlord at the General Burgoyne in Great Urswick), says "he is worried the largely untested products could be a health hazard to his staff and customers." Just what planet do these people live on I ask? I'm amazed that Camoron hasn't jetted up there and knighted Mr Sherrington-if only for his dire stupidity. Just another idiot that has been sucked in by all the hype & BS-yet I'll bet he welcomed his smoking customers through the doors seven years ago without a care in the world!
CAMRA chairman Colin Valentine has bemoaned the rising number of people who say they never visit the pub 
 Colin Valentine moans about attendances-diddums!
     Talking of pubs, CAMRA have now started moaning that 40% of adults don't bother with a trip to the pub anymore-big whup! Why should they? When 68% of the businesses best & most loyal customers are excluded because of some ideology who on earth would surprised that 40% don't bother with the pub anymore. Pubs have lost all their atmosphere, their ambience, their charm and their appeal-end of story.
     Funnily enough the same old bilge keeps dripping from the junk science effluent tanks as now it seems that men who start smoking before their teens have fatter sons. Now where on earth have they dreamed that ridiculous gem up from? Probably a study on obese kids who have pigged out on MacDonalds since birth!

Men who smoke regularly before the age of 11 have sons with five to 10kg more body fat than average 
These two will obviously create Bunteresque brats!
     Back to my old favourite, the one that politicians don't want to debate with me (exhaust fumes) and we suddenly unearth this little gem!

Environmental Protection Agency hid the risks of diesel emissions testing on human test subjects.

Oh yes indeedy folks, it seems that once again we are being lied to

 "Once again, the EPA is under fire for not fully disclosing the cancer risks from diesel fume exposures to human test subjects.   But Senator David Vitter hit the nail on the head stating, ““When justifying a job-killing regulation, EPA argues exposure to particulate matter is deadly, but when they are conducting experiments, they say human exposure studies are not harmful."
This report fully backs up the findings of one Dr Kitty little, who's work was buried from public view as it did not suit the agenda already in motion.

     It would seem that human guinea-pigs are quite the norm in these circumstances yet we know, categorically, that exhaust fumes tend to kill thos who inhale them-so isn't this simply scientific murder???
     No matter what it is, may be, could, aspires to be, it shows that the majority of those in any position of power are nothing but liars and manipulators of the truth. What hope is there of true democracy when our 'leading lights' have come through the Eton School of lies or the Cambridge College of manipulation. 
     The answer my friends is to start the fight back at local level. It is obvious that there is only one party that you can trust, only one party that has this country at heart and only one party that is gaining support..... fast! At the last count UKIP had accrued 35,000 members-now that is some going when people are clearly fed up to the back teeth of lying, manipulating politicians. The one big problem that UKIP have is that they speak the truth and the opposition cannot cope with that at all as they are too wrapped up in all there own little money making scams. Clegg took on Nigel Farage twice..... and received a brace of verbal drubbings. I doubt we will be seeing much more of this 'schoolboy in long trousers' as he will be gonski by election time.
The time for honesty in politics has arrived!

The urge to help yourselves and your country must be there in the first place folks. Join Ukip (what is twenty quid a year anyway?), get involved with your local branch, stand for UKIP at next years local elections-you don't need to be a mastermind of politics, you simply need to know how to talk to constituents truthfully; eg, why would you want to be giving the EU £55,000,000 per day when we don't even need them? Why are we watching our shores being invaded by the 'open-door' immigration policy as decreed by the EU when we don't need anymore immigrants-why should we, there aren't enough jobs as it is! There are lots of simple questions you can ask, especially if you want to upset politicians :) . Be brave, stand up and be counted and show people that YOU do CARE!
Remember this folks: where one brave soul dares to go, others will surely follow and find the path to truth.
Can you afford to sit back with these people any longer. It was said many years ago that "your country needs YOU" - well it certainly does now!


  1. I will be standing for UKIP , they are the only party that now represent common sense and the British public. Join up or just get down to your local branch meeting and help out.

  2. As you point out Phil, no qualifications needed to be an MP, and judging by the decisions the last two Governments have made it also becomes very clear that Common Sense is also not required to be an MP.
    No wonder the Public want a change this time round. Well done B7, the more the merrier.

  3. With modern ventilation and separate segregated areas pubs should be able to accommodate everyone inside.
    There is no reason to force smokers outside of the building at all.

    Protecting the health of non smokers and bar staff was the deception, used to bring about the total indoor smoking ban.
    The ban is discrimination for which there are no grounds. So how on earth did they get away with it ?

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