Saturday, 5 January 2013

... and just another silly Hunt, that's all !

A few weeks befor Christmas I sent, via email and the printed word [recorded delivery] a rather lengthy, but detailed answer to New Health Minister Jeremy Hunt's obvious concerns about the loneliness of the British people - especially our elderly. I included the masterpiece on the subject, the 'Triblogology' written some time ago, way before any MP had even considered this aspect of the ban.
Part 1:  here 
Part 2:  here
Part3:   here
Whether he, or any of his minions actually read the contents and considered the absolute truths contained therein is anybody's guess, but from the emailed response I received a couple of days ago I very much doubt it! You see, no matter what 'spin' these people try to put on helping people overcome the immense damage caused by the total smoking ban it is all totally worthless because they do not care about the people of this country-well, 25% of them at any rate! Jeremy Hunt has come out of the traps like a good favourite should, fast - squawking loudly and boldly about helping our aged avoid loneliness, solitude and the misery all that brings about a lonely death.But when confronted with the most obvious answer of all he simply refuses to entertain any notions of choice, equality or fairness. Here is the response from one of the great mans underlings:

Our ref: DE00000744858

Dear Mr Simple Simon,

Thank you for your email of 7 December to Jeremy Hunt about smoking.  I have been asked to reply. 
The Department of Health believes that people should be protected from exposure to hazardous secondhand tobacco smoke.  This is what is being achieved through the Government’s smokefree legislation, where smoking is eliminated in virtually every enclosed public place and workplace in this country.

The smokefree provisions of the Health Act 2006 are consistent with what many other countries are doing to protect people from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.  Smokefree legislation is proving to be not only very effective in protecting health, but also very popular.

Smoking costs the British taxpayer more than £1.7billion a year in treatment bills alone.  It causes 84 per cent of deaths from lung cancer and 83 per cent of deaths from chronic obstructive lung disease, including bronchitis.  Smoking is the biggest cause of health inequalities in the UKFaced with this terrible toll of disease and disability, the Department is taking action to support smokers who want to give up and to help people not to start.

Yours sincerely,

Edward Corbett

Ministerial Correspondence and Public Enquiries

Department of Health
Now you may read this and think the same as me-what a load of bilge, but this is more than just bilge my friends, this is a lot more than just bilge. This one spells out exactly where we stand and exactly what is going to happen in the future. To start with they quote a blindingly obvious lie "... protected from exposure to hazardous secondhand tobacco smoke." Now we already know that SHS hasn't killed anyone yet, and probably never will so that is number one untruth sorted, yet they have now enshrined that word "hazardous". Sarin gas is hazardous, Zyklon B is hazardous, carbon monoxide is hazardous but SHS is not-which reminds me, I still haven't had my challenge accepted by Dr Douglas Noble concerning exhaust fumes!
(Empty Zyklon B cannisters used in 
the gas chambers at Auschwitz!)
Secondly, Mr Edward Corbett states "The Department of Health believes that people should be protected from exposure to hazardous secondhand tobacco smoke." So we are now to understand that the entire DofH is full of numpties that believe every word spoken by ASH and other anti tobacco organisations to such an extent that we now need protecting from something that is actually harmless are we? They also completely ignore the vast pollution problems we have because they deem transport a 'can't do without'! I thought we were supposed to be thinking of the chiiildren here?
(Another small child is engulfed!)
It would seem that because more than 400 ignorant MPs were duped in the first place, the DofH has no alternative but to think likewise-what a sad, sad state of affairs. What would they have done with this I wonder had this been presented as smoking was/is?

"The smoke free provisions..." are most certainly not consistent with what other countries are doing as 'other countries' do not have total smoke bans as we do-most have some restrictions but have seen the immense cost to businesses and have seen the light. Of course we are too blind and too stupid to understand that simple concept-and of course the state funded sock puppets have now gained too great a foothold in government trenches (APPG anyone?)
 "Smoking costs the British taxpayer more than £1.7billion a year in treatment bills alone." Now here is a revelation. Is this a slip up by a DofH official I ask for we have always been told that 'smoking related treatments' cost government £2.7bn per annum-nice to know that we now save government £1bn per annum in these times of austerity! However, despite the difference in figures quoted, smokers still cost the NHS a damned sight less than the boozers (£3.2bn - fluctuating of course) and the fatties (£5bn - fluctuating of course) so they have no argument on costs whatsoever Again, a totally superfluous quote.
"It causes 84 per cent of deaths from lung cancer..." which is quite strange as we now have "that report" which states, quite unequivocally, that 80% of lung cancers ARE NOT caused through smoking! Even the WHO conclude that smoking does not necessarily cause lung cancer!
So, what Jeremy Hunt's department are basically saying is that "we are not going to back down on the smoking issue, only 25% (max apparently) of the population now smoke and we are determined to eradicate smoking due to the cost (not quite sure how much) to the NHS. And now that we have seen how easy it is for government to employ/fund people (ASH> CRUK> FRESH> SMOKE FREE et al) to ensure that other peoples lives become as miserable as possible; we are going to kick ass with alcohol consumption & obesity." Yet another puppet of TC.

It never occurs to these people that unnecessary deaths will be caused along the way. The fact is they don't care as their sole aim is to prove that they have saved one single life-something they have blatantly failed to do with the smoking ban! 
(It's a lonely life being a drinker these days!)
The simple proof that smoking bans don't work for businesses is perfectly illustrated here as the people of Boise, Texas (where they can't smoke) simply nip across the line to Garden City  (where they can smoke), consequently this bar owner has seen a massive 30% drop in revenue, yet lawmakers care not for business losses either side of the pond it seems. Holland reacted to the impositions and it looks like Bulgaria, to their eternal credit, are doing the same, as the Bulgars are simply ignoring the ban. Shame the idiotic people in this country didn't do the same from Day1 ! Instead, the vast majority simply herded themselves outside like docile sheep-and look where we are today.
There is big trouble coming in the east (as if they haven't got enough problems already) as a lunatic islamist group somewhere in the Egyptian deserts has now declared that smoking be the devils work and that offenders would be 'harshly punished'. The “Group for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice” are, basically, nothing but a lunatic vigilante group who are using religion to wipe out that which they themselves don't like! And surprise, surprise, Sharia law is at the heart of the matter. So folks, don't be surprised if this is not the starting point of smokers fighting back because I am absolutely certain that if these lunatics apply stoning, shooting, beheading or any other ghastly forms of killing upon smokers it will be the straw that breaks the camels back (no pun intended of course). 
Horror: Mohamed Abukar Ibrahim is stoned to death by militants from the Hizbul Islam group in the Afgoye district of Somalia yesterday 
(Do we want mob law/violence like this?)
It will be the long awaited start of the fight back by smokers, who, once they get the bit between their teeth will have no mercy on the likes of ASH, CRUK et al.After all, we've now got plenty of reports like this to fall back on since smoking bans were introduced and the mindset of certain types of people was forcibly altered. It will come, I am certain of it and I am now seriously thinking that this will be the only way to right this enormous wrong that is being heaped upon 25% of the people of this once great democratic country.
Laughable, on the other side of the world where anti smoking hysteria has truly gone hysterical, the Australian government are gnashing their collective teeth because a company has devised stickers to neatly cover the 'plain packaging' so ordered by the Aus Gov't Examples of the 'ugly' cigarette packet packaging  and why not indeed? Why should smokers have to look at silly pictures on grubby green/silver/brown/whatever cigarette boxes? Mock-up picture of cigarette packet featuring plain packaging Why shouldn't they be allowed to decorate their fag packet the way they want-after all they have paid enough for it. Wouldn't it be a 'nobble' if the stickers for sale ended up exactly the same design that the fag packets were in the first place! .
 Chris Mullen, Cigarette Pack Art: A Unique Blend of Cigarette Pack Design (HB) cigarettes 
What could the Aus'n Gov't do about it, after all, would they then try to ban freedom of expression? Freedom of design or freedom of print? Mind you, with their equally corrupted legal system I think they would have every chance of doing so.
So, I think we can begin to see that the fight in this country for our freedoms of choice were lost before this law was actually enacted simply because the greedy pubcos were frightened to death at the prospect of a few pubs closing down if choice was allowed. Tuppen, Thorley and other pubco bigwigs were too busy trying to outdo each other to take any real notice of what might happen. They were easily 'schmoozed' by the promise of "millions of fresh air drinkers" descending upon their establishments (do you know anyone that sits and drinks fresh air? I don't) Now sit back and gloat at this pair of 'brilliant businessmen' who could not understand that smokers would walk. Thorley, very wisely, did see the light and decamped (trousering several £million as he did so) stating that he was looking for 'new challenges' as Punch's empire crumbled magnificently into nothingness. Shareholders must have been gobsmacked to see how wrong they were about the effects of smoking bans as shares plummeted from £13.68 --> £00.07p. Tuppen is still trying to get out of the massive financial hole he & Enterprise Inns are in-but neither will manage to do so.
12,000 businesses have succumbed to this atrocious law, government is losing a fortune in revenue and unemployment keeps rising but such is the hold that the pharmaceutical industry has over nations (through the WHO) that those that have agreed to abide by the FCTC now fear to do anything to upset their medical masters-except the courageous Dutch who have left the people to decide for themselves.
We had the promise of reforms when the deadly duo took over from the Blairite years of misrule-they lied. We knew they would. They still lie-we know they will. They will always lie and will always promote lies because it is the very nature of that particular beast. The only Health Minister to raise concerns was John Reid and he was quickly 'shuftied' aside for a more amenable health minister! Yes it was that bitch from Leicester West, Patricia Hewitt (6 May 2005) who sold our clubs down the 'swannee', whilst sneaking off earning £3K per hour/morning/afternoon etc for sitting in meetings! (I think it's called consulting)
We know that whilst we curtsy to those ambassadors of dictatorship in Brussels we are always under their watchful eye where all matters smoking are concerned so the smoking ban is simply another reason for us to leave that Godforsaken union. The EU simply does not afford us any priviledges-except the give away £53.3m per day when we need every penny ourselves. Is it any wonder we are known as Broken Britain (BB not GB).  
As stated before, Cameron needs to grow a pair and walk away from this european disaster zone and then the simplest task of all is to move the smoking ban away from the health department and into the business sector and create choice for all. After 5 years of smokers hell there will be thousands of pubs quite happy to stay as non smoking and equally there will be a nice few pubs quite happy to welcome smokers back inside-especially in the long cold winter months! The WMC's of this  deprived nation will immediately open a room for smokers and welcome thousands of long lost drinkers back to the warmth of the clubs (read about the clubs struggle for survival here) People like Donaldson (the biggest Hunt of them all), Lansley (the old dimwitted Hunt) and this new young Hunt will be superfluous, they won't be needed to keep bleating the same old, tired, full of misinformation rubbish that even many in the medical profession are now questioning and refuting.  
(Dr Phillipe Even dare not speak out against TC misinformation whilst employed!)
You see folks, even as the new kid on the block, we just have yet another silly Hunt who has been informed to ignore the most obvious elephant in the room, so our elderly will continue to die in isolation, loneliness and despair at the country many of them once fought for. Can't really see the point of electing any more silly, ineffectual, flannelling, lying Hunts to Westminster really-can you?


  1. Phil What a brilliant article, I suspect the financial hardship to business owners and the social exclusion of smokers (including the elderly that don't wish to stand outside the pub in the rain) is likely to cause deaths.

    Modern air management systems eliminate any possible effect from shs not that their is proof that it is harmful anyway, as it is more than eighty percent water vapour. There is no excuse for a law that ensures smokers are social outcasts.

  2. A recent Morning Advertiser readership survey reveals that 68.3% think pubs should be able to provide separate smoking rooms.

    Thats almost three quarters preferring a choice of indoor areas, to the smoking ban law thats in place.
    If the majority prefer choice then surely that makes the smoking ban unpopular.

  3. Is there any part of the reply from JHs underling that is actually True, the so called facts and figures are totally Wrong as is the "claim" of SHS danger, none of these so called health Quango's have ever been able to Prove a word of their claims.

    This piece by Handymanphil is Spot on and Cameron and Co had better read it and then take action to Reform this no purpose Smoking Ban. We already know that UKIP Will, common sense and Freedom of Choice.