Monday, 4 February 2013

Bursting bubbles is such fun !

      Long ago, somewhere pre ban I think, it was stated categorically that the smoking ban was merely to protect 'the workforce' - which is quite amusing because the "unwork(ing)force" has now risen to 2,490,000..... with plenty more to come by the looks of it! Of course much of the pre ban workforce is totally unprotected now as approximately 200,000 jobs have been lost thanks to the closure of thousands of pubs, clubs, Bingo halls etc, therefore those 'workers' that would have been protected are no longer at work and being protected from anything! If anything at all has arisen from their point of view they are even more at risk now they have all the time in the world to roam the polluted streets, inhaling all those beautifully aromatic exhaust fumes. Just think about all those mothers that now have all day to window shop whilst wheeling their baby around in all that deadly pollution, what a wonderful start the childs health management career.
     It should come as no surprise to those who smoke or those who do actually possess a free thinking  mind that the EU have finally let the cat out of the bag as far as plans for tobacco are concerned - it must cease to exist!. ASH are liars - there you go folks, I've put it in print for them to phone the police about, the press complaints commission, the dep't of free speech banishment or whoever they feel like complaining to. I don't really give a toss who they phone for today the Daily Telegraph lays it all out before us, the masterplan to eradicate tobacco - both growing & usage!   Now I have mentioned the consequences of these anti tobacco zealots desires before but no one took any notice until now, and that is because there is money involved-surprise, surprise!
"Members of the European Parliament have paved the way for hundreds of millions of pounds of subsidies to go to Europe’s tobacco farmers — even though Brussels spends huge amounts on anti-smoking campaign"
     Now why should that be a surprise to anyone? If the poor tobacco  producers are required to cease growing tobacco then it is obvious that they need vast compensation for ceasing to grow that which creates a living for them. Simples!
"The decision was described as “staggering” by anti-smoking campaigners"
I'll bet it was 'staggering' alright, but do these 'one track' minded people ever stop to think about the 'staggering' consequences of 'their' petty desires? Do 'they' even care about the 'staggering'  number of workers put out of work or the 'staggering' number of families reduced to poverty because 'they' want fags eradicated-something that will never happen anyway. And, true to form, here goes the Arnott yet again, spouting figures that cannot truly be substantiated:
 Deborah Arnott, chief executive of Action on Smoking and Health, said: “This is an outrageous and retrograde step. Tobacco is responsible for more than 650,000 deaths in the EU every year, which is why subsidies were removed for tobacco."
Yes Debs, it is truly outrageous that you are allowed to put all these people out of work with no thought for the poverty & grief that unemployment will cause them simply because you sit on your skinny ass wallowing in the luxurious funding provided by our government from its tax payers-smokers! And just to assuage your thirst for truth, just look at what a bit of 'medicaid fraud' cost Johnson & Johnson in Arkansas! And just to show the world the sort of disgraceful people that support you and your tyrranical crusade, plain packs, "Ambassador Huhne" has now shown his true colours! Now they wouldn't be on the same side as you Debs..... w o u l d  t h e y ?
     Bulgaria (30,000 tobacco growers + labourers etc) already has roughly 33% of its people living below the poverty line. 
     Greece is bankrupt (has approximately 24,000 tobacco growers) but Philip Morris bought more than 50% of the Greek tobacco production, thereby supporting over 12,000 local tobacco farmers. Thank God someone wants to keep these hard working people in employment! 
     Italy is the largest EU tobacco production nation (ranking 9th overall in the world) and they are also in financial turmoil ! They produce around 100 metric tons per annum and employ an awful lot of people in the industry. A country, teetering on the edge of financial oblivion, certainly does NOT need the likes of Arnott's ideologies forced upon them! Is this deranged woman going to subsidise the 'staggering' number of poverty stricken ex tobacco workers that Italy suddenly finds itself burdened with? I don't think so. 
     Bail out? Where are Italy going to be bailed out from I ask? The world is running out of money thanks to 'sock puppets', corporate greed and the avarice of those presiding over the EU who create lavish lifestyles and then move many goalposts to continue those lifestyles, whilst at the same time impoverishing parts of the world that don't really matter to them! Rather a nice set up if you can engineer such!
(Malawi's main export, Tobacco-so what do they do Arnott?)
     And that is exactly what this smoking malarkey is all about-Social Engineering! But it is social engineering that is ripping the very fabric of most societies apart, it is an ideology that is costing £billions to keep going here (over £30bn so far-and for what?) and now we have the EU spending £27,000,000 on smoking cessation but giving vast amounts in compensation to those countries they wish to cease tobacco cultivation!  (2010 saw tobacco farmers in 12 EU countries including Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Italy were typically receiving £260million in subsidies). The question is of course, just how much more money do the EU have to give away before the financial volcano erupts-and how much of it will be ours?
     We do know that the smoking ban has been a Godsend to the judicial system in this country, for apart from totally corrupting our legal system, the smoking ban has proven to be a 'cash cow' of some magnitude-even from people that don't smoke! Liverpool Council proudly boasted in excess of £200,000 in fines during the first year of the ban and then complained bitterly because that figure halved in the second year-how pathetic.  
     Nick Hogan was smashed with £10,000 in fines & costs before being imprisoned. 
     Tony Blows lost over £17,000 fighting his corner.  

        Hamish Howitt lost virtually everything and now, shisha bars are regularly being fined four figure sums for allowing their customers to do what their place of business is purpose built for, so why grant licenses to prospective shisha bar owners but to get more money in the judicial coffers? Y
     You only have to look at the disparity between theft of someone's property/money and a smoking fine-it says it all!
     We actually pay the World Health Organisation $33m per annum to bring this country to its knees, yet sit back and watch the WHO ignore the plight of millions of Africans, dying daily through dirty water, starvation etc. Now I am not some hard hearted, emotionless bastard but I fail to see why we, the British people, should be coerced into donating a copper coin to these poor people when we already give the aforementioned tyrannical organisation $33m per year-do you! Note the 'horse meat' scandal last week, did anyone think to ship all these 'dreadful creations' over to Africa in a giant refridgerator and feed those poor souls? Nah..... destroy, destroy, destroy or turn them into fuel! They (the Africans) wouldn't have given two hoots if there was pussycat inside them as well... it was food!
     Talking of food, the biggest laugh of the week goes not to 'Fatty Arbuckle' but to "Fatty Abbott" who has been payed £300 to give a speech at the National Obesity Forum annual conference.Is that £ pound for lb pound I ask myself?
     The above mentioned African people have absolutely no chance of living to be 60 years old yet actor Richard Briers has been smoking for all those 60 years-and he's still alive and still enjoying himself . The horrific image Having assessed that he has smoked 500,000 cigarettes during his lifetime, and assuming that we are duty bound to believe this ridiculous unscientific claptrap that every 15th cigarette cause a tumour, you would have to assume that Richard is now the proud owner of 33,333.33 tumours - somewhere in his almost octenagarian human frame. Why aren't any at least visible? George Burns, after being advised by his Dr to quit smoking, attended the Dr's funeral & Bertrand Russell (a British philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, and social critic) smoked his pipe for 72 years before dying..... probably of old age being 98! Being a 'logician' he would have found no logic whatsoever to this financial self harming process we are suffering. Being a mathematician he would have been horrified at the mass financial negativity of this ideological exercise and as for being a social critic, well, 'turning in one's box' springs to mind!
     So we have an unelected organisation, using our $33m contribution to "world health" to financially ruin this country alongside what can only be described as a terrorist organisation receiving £53.3m per day from this country and also trying to financially ruin this country! Add to this the news that we are losing another £1,000,000 per week on Child Benefits going abroad (another EU gem of an idea) and you begin to get the picture as to why 79% of British people want OUT of this ridiculous European Union that suits only the very priviledged few. Half a billion pounds per year on kids that don't even live here-bloody ridiculous.... and just wait until next January when Bulgaria & Romania get the green light-oh sweet Jesus, can't you see the financial ruin coming? So what is it that keeps this ball of madness rolling? What is it that keeps 'our Dave' happy to stay in this EU Titanic project that is trying to suck our financial life blood out of us? Can he not add up the simplest of figures? Can he not see the real world around him as more businesses go under on a daily basis. Can he not see the calamitous results of the ideological bubbles created by certain well established terrorist groups that are actually payed for by government. Can he not see that we are/were/ should be a prosperous little island and don't need 'those wankers' over the water for what have they gained for us (?) absolutely nothing, that's what. I use the term "wankers" because they are a bunch of tossers, playing with themselves, deluding themselves that they have built, and can maintain, a european super state, when in actual fact all around them is financial chaos, ruin & poverty, but then I suppose the longer it goes on the longer that "Bursting bubbles" will be such fun!


  1. I would celebrate with a horse steak, a camel cigarette a devils blood cocktail if we left the EU.

  2. The Magic and Wonder of the EU, just like the Magic and Wonder of Anti tobacco and ASH, it must be magic to completely turn around Facts and Figures and Fool the Public for soooo long and get Paid very nicely from the Taxpayer and Drug companies whilst watching Businesses, Jobs and the Country go down the Toilet. Must be Magic, Tragic Magic. Good news is, the magic is wearing off as the Public are waking up.