Saturday, 9 February 2013

Is it equally gay to smoke?


     So we now have the absolute sanctity of marriage intruded upon by the state as the Commons voted overwhelmingly to agree/condone gay marriage. Why? Marriage is an act carried out between a male and a female with the intention of procreating so as to continue this increasingly weird human race of ours.  

     No insult is intended to any particular person or group of people here but it strikes me that the numbers game played by lobbyists & Mps is totally at odds here-read on and you will see. Now if man marries another man and starts all this 'begetting business' it doesn't matter how many times he bangs his male partner neither of them are going to produce any offspring! It is chemically, medically & physically impossible for the 'wifey' part of this ridiculous marriage to concieve and give birth. What it does do, and I'm not in the slightest religious, is to totally demean the teachings of the Christian faith and our church system that has educated for centuries-although decreasingly I must admit. Have a little gander here and see how your MP voted, there's some eye openers I can tell you! Note that David Camoron voted "for" but then with him having gained a first class honours degree at Oxford there is no surprise there. He may have been a twenty percenter!
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     Apparently, this gay marrige malarkey is all about equal rights for a minority faction/group and fair play to the gay community for they have fought long & hard (no pun intended of course) for equal rights. After all, they are human beings, just the same as us 'straights'. They do the same daily things we do, except slightly differently in the home etc so MPs, in their infinite wisdom, have now voted that they they should be afforded equal rights along with all the straight, heterosexual people roaming the streets. But what about the AIDS epidemic? -  you know, that dastardly 'virus' that rampaged through the gay community taking such as Freddie Mercury, Sylvester, Rock Hudson, Anthony Perkins (Hitchcock), Rudolph Nureyev, the showman extra-ordinaire Liberace and our very own Denholme Elliot  but to mention a few. Marvellous list of 'celebrity AIDS deaths' here!


(Seems the Pope endorses it too!)
     Don't get me wrong here folks, if two men want to poke the old chocolate box twenty times a day that is entirely up to them, but that does not give them the equal rights of a male & female who want to join in holy matrimony-yet apparently our MPs think it does!
    So, the question is quite simple: if  homosexuals have been granted 'EQUAL RIGHTS' to marry and fornicate with same sex partners and also spread the worlds deadliest disease, because they have been a minority faction, discriminiated against for years, then why is it that smokers (another minority being totally discriminated against) don't have their own smoking rooms in our pubs and clubs yet? 
     At the end of 2010 it was 'estimated' that a mere 34 million (yep, 34,000,000) people were living with HIV/AIDS and that HIV/AIDS deaths accounted for 1,800,000 people. On the smoking front it seems that there are 39,000 new cases of lung cancer per annum in Britain and as we now know that 80% of lung cancers are not attributable to smoking that means a mere 7,800 ARE. When you compare that figure to the horrendous AIDS figures it makes you start asking questions re the sanity of MPs! We find that "around 96,000 people were living with HIV in the UK at the end of 2011, of whom a quarter were unaware of their infection." And cop for this folks! - .As of mid 2012, there have been 27,814 diagnoses of AIDS in the UK, and 20,674 people living with HIV have died. ( 40,000+  v  7,800 Hmmmmmmm! Some health danger a wisp of smoke!) And this country's economy & business revenue sector has been slaughtered because of the fear of a wisp of smoke? Where is the sense in all this lunacy of political invasion into people's lives?
     There were 493,242 deaths registered in England and Wales in 2010, only 29,977 were attributed to lung cancer - 25% LESS than attributed to 'stomach & digestive organs'. WOW! There are some serious 'porkies' being banded about by lobbyists then methinks! Why is it that people with AIDS are allowed to stand next to/near to other non AIDS people when this deadly virus can be spread so easily. Just imagine in a pub, someone indvertantly drinks from your pint and imparts a trace of his/her deadly AIDS contaminated saliva, which, when the mistake is realised & rectified, then goes into your mouth as you drink from your own pint glass. (Well, according to some fools, even a wisp of SHS is a death sentence!) Arthur Ashe (Wimbledon champion) only banged a tennis ball about but he was infected thanks to a blood transfusion if you please!
     It would seem that AIDS be a far more serious problem than a wisp of smoke, wouldn't you agree? 
   OK, I have absolutely no desire to drink in 'gay bars' - or straight bars anymore for that matter, but that doesn't stop gay people (HIV positive or not) marching into straight bars to drink and leaving a death sentence behind. So the equality angle is basically bollox folks! It is more of a desperate attempt to 'vote catch' as the next election in 2015 is already under mention. 
 Newly diagnosed HIV cases per million population in the WHO European Region by year notification
     The dangers of AIDS are all too apparent as the third world and parts of europe are ridden with the disease yet we are still, thanks to Camorons apathy, fighting a losing battle with immigration.In 2010, 591,000 came here and planted themselves - 510,000, no wonder we are becoming economically unhinged! As previously stated, there will be a major influx of Bulgarians & Romanians next January unless Camoron does something amazing and tells the EU to "Leckt mich am Arsch" and we withdraw altogether. I have a friend who visits Bulgaria several times a year who tells me that many Bulgars are already planning their journey here - oh joy! 
     You see the problem looming large don't you? More immigrants into a country with a rapidly diminishing jobs market and what do you get? Misery & poverty. Remember Mr Micawber's financial wisdom to young Copperfield? We are nearing that point already and the door isn't even open to those 29,000,000 yet! A major factor that government seems to overlook with this immigration is the simple fact that when these people migrate here they expect a certain amount of lassitude to carry on in their social way-with our welfare package backing them. Romanian (31%) & Bulgarian smoker rates (38.4% M -  16.7% W) far outweigh ours yet they come to a country notorious for its hardline stance on smoking-despite all the eastern european  AIDS bumpf above. 
     Bulgarians & Romanians also utilise Shisha bars/pipes, which are places where people of all ethnic groups gather to relax and enjoy smoking a shisha pipe (Hookah or Narghile), enjoy coffee and chat; a social meeting place. A shisha bar, in short, is the eastern equivalent of our public houses. Now this ridiculously implemented smoking ban includes shisha bars and in an attempt to further their cause ASH have declared that one single shisha pipe to be the equivalent (or worse than) of up to 200 cigarettes-whatever next I ask?  Every claim get more preposterous.  
(Businesses close with regular monotony since July 1st, 2007!)
Shisha bars are bars/premises/businesses set up solely for the purpose of allowing smokers to relax & socialise through the use of a 'water-pipe' through which smoke is drawn. Sometimes tobacco is not even used! These places are often lavishly decorated with many 'cubicled' areas for small groups to enjoy privacy and basically anyone that does not enjoy smoking shisha simply does not enter! No one forces a non smoker to enter and over the past few years many British adults have taken to enjoying shisha bars.
(Europeans happily embrace the shisha culture)

     However, the time has come where local councils have decided that it is time to exert their authority on such places with many being fined for allowing people to do what people go there to do-enjoy themselves & smoke! Watch this video and then tell me what harm these people are doing with their form of socialising?
     Now it has been said, after an article appeared in the "Commentator" that a shisha bar 'ooop north' is exempt from the smoking ban as no members of the public actually enter the premises - only shareholders. As a founding member of I had many shisha bar owners contacting me asking the very question-can we also....? so I set about investigating this seemingly 'exempted phenomena'. I contacted four local councils (NW, NE, SW & Midlands) to find out if, as the owner of a business premises, "I could allow my shareholders to smoke whilst holding our shareholders meeting as the premises would not be open to the public and therefore only shareholders (not members of the public) would be inside, attending the meeting. No staff will be working as we employ a coffee machine". Now you would think that was a straight forward question but only one respondent actually answered the question directly. The Midlands EHO dept replied with:
              Dear Mr Smith
Please find below my response in relation to your enquiry regarding stakeholders smoking inside your business premises. Section 2 of the Health Act 2006 states that premises must be smokefree at all times if they are a place of work by more than one person (even if they don't work at the same times) or they are a place of work and members of the public may visit to receive goods/services from the person(s) at work. So for example a cafe owner cannot close the doors to members of the public at night and allow the staff to smoke inside. If your business premises falls into either of these two description then you would be breaking the law by permitting people to smoke inside.
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

     I don't see as there can be any argument with that statement, as it comes from the top dog of that particular councils EHO pecking order. It categorically states that as a place of business, it cannot shut its doors and be declared a 'non business' or domestic property (business rates still apply therefore still a business) so the shareholders status is simply a load of cobblers and we now know that there is only one way to walk around this ridiculous law - it has been studied by two barristers, one legal expert and ratified, but it is not going to be printed here! Interestingly the other three local councils contacted were more interested in knowing the property in question..... "so that I can guage your question more specifically" [and similar wordage]. What they meant was 'so that they could send an army of EHO's around to investigate and hopefully prosecute'. I did inform one buffoon that it mattered no a jot whether the 'property' be a tent, a disused shop or a factory unit-the question remained the same. He/she didn't see it that way and persisted. When I told him/her that 'we could create 60, probably 70 jobs in his impoverished area' he/she was more bothered about the fact that we might smoke in a building than creating employment in the area! Weird mindset these brainwashed anti tobacco zombies-but I'll bet they all enjoy Bonfire Night!
     It also transpired during conversations with these people that they considered all prosecutions to be right & proper and that nothing untoward could possibly have occurred-now there's a thing folks! I sent them a very brief run down of 3 cases that were totally corrupted when presented before the local magistrates (of the relevant areas) and in each case I was informed,  "Thank you for raising some interesting points, which I believe belong totally in another forum....." In other words 'Oh my God, we dare not answer any such questions.....goodbye'. So that can only confirm my own suspicions (from their responses) that they don't really care how they get a prosecution just so long as they get a prosecution-which sounds about right the way the judicial system now works in this country. Innocence before being proven guilty has been totally reversed in the past decade.

     So we come back to the question of why gay marriage has now been ratified, as gays are now apparently entitled to "equal rights" yet another minority can be totally discriminated against and seemingly can't be allowed their own smoking rooms in pubs & clubs? I was always taught that law was the equaliser of all men/women and that no one person was more lawfully entitled than another-it would seem that the law is indeed an ass!


  1. Holy Matrimony however, at least according to the Catholic Church, can't be dissolved by the State simply declaring that two people are divorced. Is it wrong for the State to "totally demean the teachings of the Christian faith and our church system that has educated for centuries" by allowing divorces?

    The State can't dictate to religions how those religions want to define Marriage, but on the other hand, religious beliefs shouldn't be dictating to the State about it either. The reason the State gets involved in marriage is largely just to sort out the legal aspects of things (i.e. property divisions in divorces, spousal support/responsibilities within marriages, responsibilities for child-rearing, etc) and I think it's the right of the State to make whatever rules it wants to in that regard.

    Phil, you also talk about "gay people (HIV positive or not) marching into straight bars to drink and leaving a death sentence behind." How does a gay person with HIV "leave a death sentence" by walking into a bar? And how could one withOUT an HIV status leave "a death sentence"? Don't forget, there are an increasing number of cases of heterosexually spread HIV out there. To really be safe you'd want to avoid any bars where anyone who has sex of any kind go. Heh, I think I usually gravitate more toward bars where there are likely to be at least a few nice non-virgin females who aren't totally against sex!

    ::sigh:: Now if I could just find a few more nice bars like that which also allowed smoking...


  2. The Government are in fact trying to normalise being Homosexual or being a Lesbian but Denormalising Smoking,well i,ll tell em something nobody mucks about with my brain and brainwashes it ,get stuffed !