Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A good life spoiled

     We are now all aware of the sad demise of that much loved actor Richard Briers, aged 79. Smoking 'killed him' without doubt, in fact, had he died 10, 20,30,50,60 years ago it would still have been smoking that killed him - because that is the simplistic mentality of the anti smoking brigade. The "let them die" moralistic brigade, who really couldn't give two hoots about smokers (or drinkers or fatties) will be rejoicing in the passing of our much loved star of "The Good Life" (video clip) for 
even though he filled our screens with charm & charisma ploughing a lone furrow with his one man dream of self sustainability, he was a smoker, an enemy of this new Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika Flag self righteous state! Indeed, in an article only last week he stated that smoking was never a problem and that in actual fact he "loved smoking" - and fair play to him for that. Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika Flag But, later in the day, as the anti smoking activists got to work, complaining about the Daily |Telegraph glamourising smoking/smokers, those two little words were removed from the article. Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika Flag How sad a person is it that stoops to such a low level? It really is a step back 80 years, to about the same time Richard was born!
     More amazing is the fact that as Hitler started his 'Holocaust', Richard Briers was learning his words, the British way of politeness, of fairness to others, tolerance to others and of equality whilst, 577 miles away in Berlin, a lunatic was doing exactly the opposite. Hitler is dead but unfortunately we have our own set of lunatics in this country Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika Flag and, eventually, they will be as much despised as Hitler, the persecutor, was and still is! The amazing find is that DNA testing shows that dear old Adolf was a descendant of Jewish stock in the first place-now I wonder if Arnott, Bauld, Hastings, Glantz, Chapman, Dockrell, Reilly et al have all descended from smokers (already)?
     Over in good old America, no longer the 'land of the free' has been smashed with "Obamacare" where firms with 50 or more workers pays God only knows how much into the medical health pot, which is having an immediate effect on the employment situation as firms cut down to 49 employees maximum, and insurance companies have seen fit to discriminate against smokers with a fury hitherto unseen! 
 The law, which prevents health insurers from rejecting people with pre-existing conditions, still allows insurers to charge higher premiums based on risk factors such as age, location and family composition and tobacco use.
Tobacco use carries the heaviest penalties, allowing insurers to charge premium rates as much as 50 percent higher for smokers than non-smokers under the law.
So, yet again, those that enjoy tobacco pay the highest price for their pleasure! In America it is obvious now that you are far better off, if a smoker, to be unemployed, living on state handouts and generalluy 'bumming around'. One man sorted this situation out good and proper by simply threatening to shoot President Obarmy Obama. Stephen Espalin,desperately in need of medical care in the great, self confessed "land of the free", found that such medical care was far, far out of his reach and so decided that to shoot 'barmyObama' was the way forward-and fair play to him, I totally admire the man. The typically OTT Senior U.S. District Judge Kenneth Ryskamp decided that Mr Espalin was obviously a serious threat to 'barmyObama' and sentenced him to 4 years & 3 months for threatening to kill man nearly a thousand miles away. Need to be a good shot for that to happen methinks! Mr Espalin has already received excellent medical attention from the state prison system pre-trial and is looking forward to completing  his rigorous medical needs during the next couple of years .
(Nearly time for my radiotheray again!)
     Meanwhile, as Mr Espalin languishesd in his secure, rent free accomodation for a while, the creator of 'barmyObamcare' has left the White House top take up a lobbyist position. Elizabeth Fowler now works for Johnson & Johnson - now there's a surprise, yet another health freak profiteering from health creation! Just shows that the healthcare profession is corrupt throughout, doesn't matter where you live! Mind you, her new employers will have to profit from some more untested drugs as they have just been buried, to the tune of $109,000,000 by a Massachusetts judge for 'de-skinning' a poor defencelesss child!
     Not all Americans are nutters it seems as Autumn Cook, a freelance writer, states the case against Utah legislators banning smoking in cars. Cars are private property and therefore should not be subject to invasion by the state, no matter how noble or ridiculous the cause (smoking falls into both categories). As she rightly says, just how many other categories would this allow the state to intrude into? Would we have to have a 'drinkometer' strapped to us(?), a 'foodometer(?), a 'walkometer'(?), a 'sitdownometer'(?), a 'sportsometer'(?) - the list is endless as the state/governments decided on new ways of keeping health care bills down.
     Here's agood idea folks, simply let people do as they have always done and then, if they are right, smokers will die earlier than none smokers and save the welfare budget a bloody fortune! How simple is that? You read all this cobblers about welfare costs rocketing yet in the next breath we are being exhorted to live as long as we possibly can for our own good! Where's the good in ending up as a 'knock-kneed-knackered old nose bag' who's only capability is to flop lifelessly in a chair all day (oh yes indeedy, I've seen plenty of them thank you!)? Option 2 is when you can enjoy yourself, enjoy your life and it ends when your body has had enough. Watching the way this country is going I can tell you here and now that I certainly don't want to be a victim of l-o-n-g-v-i-t-y just to suit some health freak like Arnott or Reilly. And just take a look at them!One is a scrawny looking reptile, enjoying a lavish lifestyle & junketting around at our expense and the other thing is a 'Compo' (remember the Last of the Summer Wine?) looking tubby  lump buried away somewhere in Ireland that is incapable of producing a truthful report on anything to do with smoking in cars!  When the 'fat police' really get going he'll be one of the first on my list to persecute! And what right is it of theirs to try and dictate life & death in the first place. How do they think they can control someone's lifespan, whether it be 100 seconds, 100 days, weeks, months or years? By supposedly extending every smokers lifespan, these idiots are actually costing our government more in the long run! How bizarre is that?

     The Australians are suffering from a severe setback as this wonderful  curtailment of plain packaging seems to have had absolutely no effect on sales of tobacco products-and why should it! Nobody, apart from highly over paid anti tobacco zealots, thinks that the silly pictures are effective in the slightest. The only thing of any note that I have witnessed is a couple of friends (one a non smoker) collect all the pictures and carefully mount them on decorative card, in a large picture frame and name it "The Tobacco Twat Years". I suppose, when all this lunacy has run its course, these 'collectors items' will be worth a few quid to some people-probably the enlightened offspring of the neanderthal Arnotts & Reilly's of this world!
     But the Australian example, which was to flood into New Zealand, has halted somewhat as the threat of giant legal action has created a fear amongst the NZ government. Now there's a thing folks! The 'public consultation' is not going well over there, just as it didn't here (more on that in a minute) and we have the absolutely bizarre situation where Maori legislator Tariana Turia openly blasts Big Tobacco yet disagrees with banning smoking in prisons! (Are there plenty of Maori's languishing in Austarlian/NZ gaols I ask?) I think the fact that a judge over ruled a prison smoking ban might have a lot to do with it! However, an article appeared praising the fact that the NZ government SHOULD regulate everything that be dangerous-that'll be motorised transport banned then!
     Just to keep a sense of reality whilst discussing the far reaching effects of smoking bans, how about this little reminder that exhaust fumes are infinitely more dangerous than a wisp of smoke..... boy tries to keep warm in car, dad digs car out of snow, boy dies while dad digs! 
Now there's a truthful demonstartion Arnott-he wouldn't have died if he was smoking a nice refreshing, relaxing cigarette would he! And, even more poignantly,  14 yr old Joe Humphries, who was 6ft 3in and fit and healthy dropped dead whilst out jogging-apparently, having outgrown 'SIDS' he died of 'SADS' (sudden adult death syndrome) yet how could this possibly be when, at 14 yrs of age, he was still a child? See how the medical world twist things to suit themselves-oh, and the lad didn't smoke either!
     Talking of twisting things, the truth is now coming out of extra-ordinary crooked dealings between the Department of Health, ASH & the APPG headed by Stephen Williams MP. The 'plain packaging' farce, which should have been dead & buried by now, seems to simply be a rats nest of corruptness & duplicity as friend 'Puddlecote' has been discovering. In fact he has discovered that there is no end to the underhand tactics employed by the above named, notwithstanding donating vast sums of OUR money to erect enormous billboards all over the south west of England proclaiming plain packaging; ie lobbying on behalf of the government for a government proposal! Had our legal system not been so corrupted already I would surely ask just how that scenario 'stood legally' but there is no point even going down that route whatsoever. It also transpires that information on our 'public consultation' has been freely shared with  loonytoons Chapman down under, though what the hell he has to do with anything in this country is beyond me-apart from the fact that they all piss in the same foul pot of corruption that is. Chris Snowdon has summed it all up brilliantly and better still everything is linked.
    So poor old Richard Briers has left this planet to go to a far better place than this, for this is now a planet where bullying & discrimination basically account for any act of any sort against a minority faction-sanctioned by a government scared shitless of those "charities" it now openly pays to lobby itself. Richard, diagnosed with emphysema five years ago said “I was diagnosed five years ago and didn’t think it would go quite as badly as it has. It’s a b*****, but there it is. I used to love smoking.” 
     At 79yrs, don't you think he had a fair old innings? I do, but if he had died at 109yrs the health faggots fanatics would still have claimed that smoking killed him; rest in peace Richard, it was a good life but spoiled by 'them'. Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika Flag Born in times of persecution, he departed in times of persecution!Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika Flag
     I have taken the liberty of adding my own comment to the posts on this article, just to highlight the intolerance and abject stupidity of some that walk amongst us.


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  1. Well it seems that just about Everything now gives us Cancer, so says "research" results in the Daily Mail, something we have known for Years, but the WHO now say there is a real Risk of everyday things giving us cancer that More research is needed, strange that the WHO carried out their own research into the possible effects of second hand smoke and found to there disappointment that second hand tobacco smoke was No threat at all. Then shouted for a indoor smoking ban. So it must follow that a REAL threat would Have to be Banned, where do we start. Cars, Furniture, TVs, Chemicals, the Air we breath and so on, All are cancer giving so the question is, Which items are to be Banned as a serious Risk to Health, lets ask the fake charity WHO.