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Being an il-liberal Liberal damages your wealth/health!

I stated, many moons ago, whem the LibDems cosied up to Mr C and decided to form a government with the Tories that Clegg was nothing but a 'schoolboy in long trousers' and could no more lead a political party that I could. I still don't think I am wrong.
To me, Clegg had one golden chance to put the 'Liberal (Democrats) on the political map - and failed spectacularly! He knew none of the truth behind SHS and simply sat there as a puppet for the anti tobacco industry with not a thought for the comfort and well being of 15 million British citizens. I said then that this was his own crucifiction, watch this video and make your own minds up.

(Dumb & Dumber)
 The 'schoolboy in long trousers' had his moment to shine by advancing CHOICE for this countries smokers but steadfastly refused to even mention the word. That was the day that all smokers knew they were doomed with this coalition government for the LibDems certainly weren't liberal minded and the democrats among them were most certainly not democratic!
And so the smoking ban went on, ever trying to gain more and more ground by using the chiiildren at every opportunity; as despicable a bunch of dictators I've ever had the displeasure to see.
The coalition was never going to be harmonious, in fact I think that Mr C only ever 'played to the audience' with Clegg from day one-deputy prime minister was a title Clegg could never have expected in his wildest dreams, it was only because Mr C almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory that the schoolboy got his fleeting shot at stardom; never has a fish been so out of water as the Cleggeron! Mr C plumped for the waste of space LibDems whilst an MP-less organisation, that he completely dismissed as fruitcakes & loonies, was quietly gathering strength.
  OK, they had plenty of MEPs but that wasn't a lot of use in Westminster, however, 'things were a changin' folks.
A month ago (almost) Loiuse Mensch stepped down from her seat in Corby to nip over to America with hubby and also to spend more time with her kids. Fair enough I suppose, but why did she stand for parliamentary election in the first place I wonder? Anyway, that is by-the-by (no pun intended) and a by-election was called. Not surprisingly, the Tories were reviled by the local electorate thanks to Loiuse's impromptu departure and Corby (stupidly) went back to red as Andy Sawford was elected to serve the constituents. Labour had grabbed a seat back from the coalition.
                Andy Sawford (Lab) 17,267 (48.41%)
                       Christine Emmett (C) 9,476 (26.57%)
                Margot Parker (UKIP) 5,108 (14.32%)
               Jill Hope (LD) 1,770 (4.96%)
Not surprising really considering the bad feeling 'darling Louise' had caused among the constituents. But what struck me immediately was not so much the slow but steady rise of UKIP but the unbelievable fall of those illiberal LibDem peeps! In fact, despite the Cleggeron throwing plenty at the Corby campaign poor old Jill Hope was a no hoper and lost her deposit after gaining only 4.96% of the vote (a drop of 9.48%)-so the voters made a monkey out of her (and her party) and it cost her a monkey!

Fast forward 3 weeks and we find ourselves at the centre of another political storm only this time it is the Labour council trying to distance itself from one of their Common Purpose cohorts who decided that a loving. caring family were not politically fit to foster/care for three eastern european children dumped on Britains doorstep by some eastern european apology for a mother! If the typically British family weren't politically correct enough for Joyce Thackerthen why did the silly cow place these deprived children with the British couple in the first place? I would have thought that this episode has made her look a complete dickhead and should, ultimately, lead to her dismissal! Anyway, ignoring 'Wacky Thacky', the Labour party sent up some pretty big guns to campaign on behalf of their party for not only had they Thackers idiocy to contend with but the shame of soon to be jailbird Denis MacShane MP (resigned) who had turned into a 'fiddler crab'.

Denis MacShane I would imagine that the shamed MacShane will soon be someone's 'bitch' as he languishes in prison for hoisting public monies! So, into battle again, with the Tories almost certain to pick up seats - at the expense of Labour this time. But look at this folks:-

  • SarahChampion(Labour)9,866
  • Jane Collins (UKIP) 4,648
  • Marlene Guest (BNP) 1,804
  • Yvonne Ridley (Respect) 1,778
  • Simon Wilson (Conservative) 1,157 (5.42%,
  • David Wildgoose (English Democrat) 703
  • Simon Copley (Independent) 582
  • Michael Beckett (Liberal Democrat) 451 
  • Ralph Dyson (TUSC) 261
  • Paul Dickson (Independent) 51
  • Clint Bristow (Independent) 29
  • Labour majority 5,218 (24.46%)
  • 7.13% swing Labour to UKIP
  • Turnout: 21,330 (33.63%, -25.37%) 

 UKIP grabbed 22% of the vote

The Conservative suffered badly, finishing 5th and 
avoiding losing his deposit by a mere 0.42% of 
votes cast. If that wasn't bad enough they were 
beaten by the BNP & Respect parties! Now 
even in  a bomb proof Labour seat that 
 result is deplorable, but the fun has only 
just begun folks! 
In 8th (yes folks, eighth) place we find the   
Cleggeron candidate, one Mr Michael Beckett 
Esq, who fielded a magnificent 2.11% of the 
vote, a 13.87% DROP from the previous 
election. Oh dear me, that means the illiberal 
LibDems have lost two election deposits in 3 
weeks, hardly a glowing reference for what 
will soon to be another extinct party! 
Remember the SDP anyone?
Yes, Rotherham is in the middle of a 
Labour stronghold, you could basically 
dress a baboon in red and get it elected 
but the people have clearly shown just 
how little they rate Mr C and his silly 
arsed view of the EU.
As one useless party sinks so another must 
rise, for the British people are now sick to 
death of the imbecilic two party system we 
seem to have lumbered ourselves with. 
Neither party has much sympathy with the  
British public and neither seem overly 
interested in whether they govern a happy 
land or not! What both do seem hell bent 
on is creating new laws that will impoverish 
 'citizen Joe' at every move!
The up & coming party however, does 
seem to have grasped the nettle where the 
British people are concerned and beat that 
drum mercilessly. 
Two simple statements emanate from their 
exciting and voluble leader Nigel Farage: 

a)... Get this country out of that vast sinking ship the EU (now dubbed the EUSSR Titanic)
 b)... Shut the doors on immigration - that Blair so kindly opened (shows how much he really cared for this country!)
Now Mr C might not realise this but nearly 60% 
of us Brits want 'OUT' of the EU 'skintpot' because 
it is costing us a mere £53,000,000 per day for 
little or no return. Approximately 18% haven't got a clue either way which only leaves 22% wanting to stay in-not good for Mr C or Mr C. It's a joke, yet 
the biggest joke is that the Cleggeron and his rapidly failing party think the opposite-but then how would they know what the British people want when they 
don't even listen? As I said at the start, Clegg 
missed his chance of political fame within days of being promoted to Deputy Dawg PM - and blew it bigtime.
It's very strange that UKIP can see the damage caused by the smoking ban, the financial disaster  
we suffer due to to paying into the ridiculously formatted EU and that we need to close the ports 
etc to stem the  floods of immigrants heading for 
our welfare system-we open the doors to another 29million next year!  

Will Mr C do anything about it? I very much doubt 
it for we need to get out of the EU first. Cameron wants in, the people want out, which is favourite? Funny how every other european country allows choice when it comes to smoking-except us! 
I have already dealt with the costs of the smoking 
ban, not that government would ever admit the 
figures as they are so embarrassing, but with our economy at a perilous level why is it there is only 
one party that can clearly see what we must do?
I have never been a politically motivated creature 
but  these past fifteen years have been an absolute 
eye opener. 
The greed, sanctimony and plain stupidity of politicians is sometimes beyond comprehension and one can only hope that the newer MPs entering parliament have their own minds and consciences 
and do not follow the path of the left wing, do-gooder lunatics. 
If they do then this country will be finished-it's not 
far off destroyed now.
It won't just be by being an illiberal LibDem that will damage your wealth or your health!
And a little tribute to the Cleggeron --> 

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  1. Handyman,

    More than a good blog post.

    Not only are decent smokers being persecuted, others are on the conveyor belt, church goers, drinkers, fatties, drivers ----- ending in being of indigenous stock and destruction of England as we know it.

    Libs dems, Labour, conservatives all following the same unwritten agenda, destruction of the indigenous population and no voice.

    Evidence points to the destruction of England and its peoples, unfortunately until there is sufficient proof to the contrary the English population must assume the unthinkable.