Monday, 5 November 2012

Pigeons are coming home to roost !

The old saying that pigeons always come home to roost has never been so true as the news this week is simply spiffing, well, it's top hole if you have absolutely no time for the retards that have been running this country for the past 7 years! You may ask why 7 years and, believe it or not, I am going to tell you why, because it is hilarious .
Remember how the government strove to provide  an exceedingly biased SCOTH committee with the opportunity to provide the result needed to smash the smoking ban Bill through parliament? Remember how Prof. Jarvis couldn't find any reason to declare SHS more hazardous than sarin gas but then plumped for the utter, speculative garbage from one Konrad Jamrozic, who somehow made 1 + 1 = 11! If a posthumous "Dunces Cap" could be awarded then this pillock (lauded by the medical world) would certainly hit the button.
Remember how ASH never stopped bleating about businesses ready and willing to embrace this brand new smoke free world and Blair, the best political actor of all time, declaring that "millions of 'clean air' drinkers are just waiting to invade the pubs" [I'll have a pint of clean air please!]-and all the other Blairspin, Brownspin, ASHspin, CRUKspin et al. The majority of the 'great' British public simply lapped it all up-but then the clear majority of the British public didn't smoke then anyway so the kidology was oh so simple! They even provided statistical 'evidence' that smoking bans were good for business.

Shame then that the few of us that rallied against inevitable odds were, simply, verbally 'put down' or simply ignored but now it is all those Willy Wonkers in that great 'Wonker factory' (otherwise known as Westminster) that are starting to see the black hole at the end of a very short tunnel 
Suddenly it has been declared, after years of life shortening hysteria, that women who quit smoking by the age of 40 can expect to live an extra 10 years! Quite what happens if they give up when they are 41 or 39 I'm not sure but this is a considerable back-track on previous death sentences handed out to those who dared to smoke.

Passing the sentence, Mr Justice Bucknill, wearing a black cap, passes a sentence of death on a convicted murderer in the only known photograph of the death sentence being passed in an English court
Five years on and we look upon the 12,000+ businesses that have folded since the smoking ban and, more importantly, courtesy of the smoking ban. The ban that was supposed to be welcomed by businesses nationwide!  Some of the losses incurred by licensees are simply horrendous yet our government/s simply ignore them as if they don't matter. I know of one gentleman who sank his life's savings ( £170,000 ) into his dream pub worked all the hours possible and left , 3 years into the ban, penniless and claiming benefits-something he had never done throughout his life. A lady from the south remortgaged her home and sank £250,000 into her dream business. She took in all the hype thrown at the gullible British public and believed that 'they would come'. Eighteen months later and she had realised that 'they weren't coming'.      The problem was that she had also realised that she could not carry on and declared bankrupt, walking away with nothing at all. Again, the government cared not a jot as she claimed her benefits.
The signs were already there as  the government watched £254,000,000 disappear from the coffers, courtesy of lost beer taxes, in 2010 alone.
Only the other day we saw that Punch Taverns/Inns (whatever they decide to call themselves) moaning that sales were down another £30,000,000. Err, weren't they part of the 'clean air/ business/ drinkers' syndrome banded about by Blair? For a company built on the 'ponzi' scheme they have seen the 'benefits' of backing the wrong horse as their shares have plummeted from £13.78 --> £00.10p, shareholders delight I don't think!
2012 has seen beer sales fall by another  51,000,000 pints as the once faithful customers shun their former haunts in favour of home drinking. More misery for the financially beleaguered government. Do I have any sympathy for them? Absolutely none! They don't deserve any.
And now we find  a Margaret Mitchell (MSP) declaring that all is not well in her consituency as 25% of the pubs have departed since 2006! Mitchell Margaret 2 She is concerned that "the local pubs provide a space where people can meet and socialise" are closing at an unprecedented rate-well there's a thing!
CAMRA, you know who they are! They are the loony group that beseech everyone to drink 'real ales', well everyone that is except those who choose to smoke and they are also the loony group that have brought every reason for pubs closing to the fore except the smoking ban! Anyway, even this tribe of halfwits have agreed that we are now losing pubs at the rate of 18 per week-a far cry from the heady days of 56 per week and 15 more than ever was pre-ban. But at eighteen per week you have to ask the question of how much this is all costing our now skint government per week? We know we're skint when the leader of the opposition decides to inform the government of such a matter!
Do you now start to see how all the lies we were fed WERE actual lies-pure & simple. I've always said that the smoking ban was built on lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics and pure and utter junk science-I don't think I'm wrong either!
We now know that this government, through local councils, are going to wage war on the shisha communities because a certain few don't like people smoking. 
More lunacy, more bankruptcies, more personal grief but will this government care one iota(?) I doubt it. The lies & the fabricated 'evidence' is already in place with ASH so they will grab the media headlines yet again. What they won't tell you is that since 2002 a whole new science against shisha has been developed by four members of the WHO - and their work has been peer reviewed by......the same four members of the WHO. Incredible! To their chagrin we already know what lies they will come up with
But amid all this chaos and destruction of societies there is one shining light of hope as Edith Schippers has bucked the trend in no uncertain terms as Holland has refused to accede to the demands of the tobacco control freaks. She says that gruesome pictures are ridiculous and unnecessary and I have to agree as most of the smokers I know have collected 'the full set' from fag packets in the belief that when sanity returns they will be collectors items. They may well be right. Edith also says that banning cigarette vending machines will be placing a financial burden on local businesses; quite right too as in the past 35 years of drinking in pubs (excluding the last 5 of course) I've never seen 10/11/12 year olds sneaking into a pub to extract a packet of fags at the exhorbitant prices charged by such machines! You see, amidst all this ideological lunacy Holland has left the smoking matter to the people themselves as they are adults and therefore capable of making their own choices-apparently we are not!
Stivoro (the Dutch branch of ASH) have, predictably, accused dear old Edith of 
  "The Netherlands would appear to let commercial interests prevail above the interests of public health," a spokesman said.
In reality, Stivoro cannot stomach the thought of their cushy little number being snatched from under their noses. Note here that from next year Stivoro's government funding is being halved-how joyous that is! As soon as a government sees the light (ie, the imminent cost of an ideology) it reacts to save its economy and also the businesses that feed that economy-that is pure economical business sense.
Our country? well what hope is there in reality? We are shedding jobs like rose petals in an autumn breeze as we give money to Turkey and lose up to 1,500 jobs here. We happily sit back and applaud the fact that we've wasted another £9,000,000 on that silly charade called Stoptober (where I suppose another 10 million people gave up smoking for ever-well, you never know what gov't hype is around the corner!) and also dismiss the fact that another 18 pubs-as in businesses- went to the wall and that even more pain was added to our already overburdened welfare bill. The answer is simple, there is no hope for the simple reason that the silly Willy Wonkers in Westminster haven't got any bollocks-they dare not say they got it wrong, which they have by a large margin.
So, we shall simply flounder on, shedding jobs, culling businesses which could easily blossom, building an even larger & stronger unemployment queue and all the time more and more pigeons will come home to roost. We are already £1trillion in debt so what's another £4/5/6 or even 10 trillion matter so long as we eradicate the humble cigarette? Short sighted Wonkers, the lot of them! And those pigeons will still keep coming home! 


  1. Good going on pointing out the enormous "collateral damage" from your ban! You noted that the toll of 56 pubs per week closing is now down to 18, but you should add the note that this is STILL a 600% increase in closure rates over the 3 per week average in the two years before the ban.

    For some reason over here in the States the closures are more difficult to count for some reason. I think we may have more full service restaurants with a bar on the side, and they don't show the hurt as strongly after a ban, but there may be other factors as well.

    We *do* know that the bans walloped us economically. If you go to http://tinyurl/banlosses you can see what the bans did to states that instituted them during the 90s as opposed to the states that stayed Free Choice. And you can see that in just a single state, California, ban losses have probably well exceeded one hundred billion dollars.

    Quite a price tag for those "cost free" bans, eh?

    Michael J. McFadden
    Author of "Dissecting Antismokers' Brains"

  2. This is a good piece yet again,as we know the whole secondhand smoke "claim" is a Fraud. The Prohibition, Discrimination and Intolerance that is the Smoking Ban has been a complete Failure, not only to Business and Jobs but also the Taxpayers of the country that have Funded (without their consent ) these Failed anti smoking campaigns. The closures in our Pubs and Clubs will only increase as the Cold weather grips the country, it seems the only people that never Live and Learn are our State Control MPs.

  3. This is a good opinion piece, SS, one of your best.
    Your anger is backed up by facts, and any insults are justified.
    Well done.


  4. Agreed well done!


  5. Should there be another persuasive post you can share next time, I’ll be surely waiting for it.