Monday, 19 November 2012

The WHO-the disease not the cure!

For an organisation that are supposedly NOT politically motivated I sit here and wonder just what those that determine policy do actually think about because it seems to mke that this organisation has far exceeded its remit as a guide to world health and is branching out into world politics & domination!
We all know that the WHO are behind the lies, manipulations etc of the smoking ban and there is no doubt that smoking is not good for most people. Obviously those that smoke and still reach their 'three score and ten' are living proof that smoking is not the biggest pollution hazard on the planet  and those of our 10,000 centenarians that have enjoyed tobacco make a complete mockery of the bleatings of this non elected, power crazy organisation.

At last weeks .conference' in Seoul  the anti tobacco mobsters, and that is what they are, simply well dressed and articulate hoodlums, stated that 6 million people die annually because of tobacco and that of those 6 million 600,000 die, courtesy of Second Hand Smoke. They want you to believe that smokers outweigh the death toll caused by disease, starvation & putrid water in the 3rd world!*

Now the saddest thing is that having repeated this statement so many times,  they actually believe this themselves! They didn't want any opposition to whatever tripe they were going to spout throughout the week as they ordered all those 'they' considered' to be anti anti-tobacco to be removed from the venue! Open debate then!
*Now if you dig a little on Google you will find that there is plenty of information on the starving millions in Africa;ie, Act!on Aid tell us :
 ..... hunger kills 3.5 million children every year, or one every 10 seconds. Women are particularly at risk – the UN estimates that 60% of the 1 billion people currently suffering from hunger are women and girls.
Note they said CHILDREN-so child deaths due to extreme poverty equals more than 50% of the WHO's 6 million (smoker) total-and what are they doing about it?
Christian Aid claim:
More than 19 million people across west Africa are in urgent need of food aid.
What are the WHO doing about this inhumanity? And the "Library Think Quest" come out with even more startling figures!: 
In the Asian, African and Latin American countries, well over 500 million people are living in what the World Bank has called "absolute poverty"
Every year 15 million children die of hunger.
Every 3.6 seconds someone dies of hunger
The Indian subcontinent has nearly half the world's hungry people. Africa and the rest of Asia together have approximately 40%, and the remaining hungry people are found in Latin America and other parts of the world. Hunger in Global Economy 
Now you would be correct in thinking that the World Health Organisation would be extremely anxious to help these poor people, I mean to say, what does their grandiose title suggest to you?  To me it suggests that it is an organisation, funded by all countries, to improve the health of the impoverished nations of this world. Am I right though?

Water_tap : Chrome tap with a water stream. Isolated on whiteSo why aren't they getting pipelines into Africa, a bit of sanitation & clean water, a bit of irrigation for even the most modest farming. Why are they not introducing  a few sterilisation  programmes as these countries are obviously far too well populated compared to food availability? Why have the WHO not swooped down to install a one child per family rule in these countries? In fact, why have they simply allowed this uncontrolled human tragedy to continue?
Because they have "far more pressing matters to attend to"-like tobacco consumption. After following the Godber blueprint all these years and getting all the anti tobacco spinmeisters onboard they are now in a position to dictate (although not an elected governmental body) to all and sundry exactly what they think should be happening to the 'biggest killer on the planet' (a lie in itself!).Those with actual scientific knowledge and experience know the truth-which happens to be the total opposite! But they are so far down the line now that they simply cannot stop. In fact, they are totally out of control and now want to kill certain nations economies just because those nations happen to rely heavily upon growing a totally legal product-the tobacco plant.
Through the FCTC they feel that they can force governments to comply with their diktats so that tobacco plantations are slowly but surely replaced with another product; say for instance paprika, spring onions or anything else that comes to mind which would not fetch anywhere near as much revenue for the poor farmers as tobacco does. The land that supports tobacco farming so well is not guranteed to do the same for other crops. Similar applies with demand-would people buy more spring onions or oregano just because there was suddenly an abundance of such? Again, I don't think so. They would, in very short order, be neatly placed on the poverty line with all those starving millions listed above. Do the WHO care? I don't think so. And then we go from the loony to the absurd:
  • Regulating the seasons when tobacco can be grown, creating a de facto ban on growing tobacco during the peak periods of the year.
  • Limiting the land where tobacco can be grown, slashing jobs in some geographic regions that have no alternatives.
  • Expecting all countries to decrease tobacco growing in unison, an unrealistic plan that puts the most tobacco-dependent economies at risk.
Can you imagine it? Margaret Chan, who I doubt has ever even planted anything herself, dictating that tobacco can only be grown in the winter months or whenever it is most impractical just so that the industry was slowly mutilated. No concern for jobs or the welfare of the people of these nations only the mindset that tobacco must be eradicated! In 2005 the world tobacco growing map looked like this:
Top Tobacco Consuming Nations (2005)
  1. China ... 2.66 million tonnes (38% of world total 7 million tonnes)
  2. European Union ... 0.71 million tonnes (10.2%)
  3. India ... 0.52 million tonnes (7.4%)
  4. Russia ... 0.44 million tonnes (6.4%)
  5. United States ... 0.43 million tonnes (6.2%)
  6. Brazil ... 0.23 million tonnes (3.3%)
  7. Japan ... 0.18 million tonnes (2.6%)
  8. Indonesia ... 0.17 million tonnes (2.4%)
  9. Turkey ... 0.14 million tonnes (2%)
  10. Pakistan ... 0.10 million tonnes (1.4%)
MDG : Zimbawe : Curing house for grading and sorting and weighing tobacco leaves
You can add Zimbabwe & Malawi to the list as you can Venezuela for the last three named countries rely heavily on tobacco farming for their financial stability. Venezuela had the good sense to rescind their idiotic smoking ban laws within 24hours for they soon realised the damage such bans caused.
The most amazing thing about all of this is that the farmers themselves have not even been consulted, yet they are the very people that know tobacco growing inside out!
The bizarrest thing of all is that we pay the WHO $33m per annum for them to tell US that we need to ban smoking here there and everywhere,  which of course is slaughtering our economy as considerably fewer people bother going to the pubs & clubs anymore. And despite all this revenue going to an unelected body, the very same unelected body want more tobacco taxes so that THEY can garner some of the 'folding stuff'. Talk about wanting it all ways round!
Back to where we started, it seems that the WHO are no longer bothered by the starvation of millions on Africa (or anywhere else for that matter), in fact, it seems as if they have already dismissed those poor people in favour of targetting tobacco gowers, suppliers & users-much to the delight of the large pharmaceutical industries of course. Not only are they not bothered about the starving Africans plight, the WHO want to add to world misery by depriving tobacco farmers worldwide from growing that which they know best-tobacco. 
They are a seriously demented organisation, accountable to no one, and we now know that it is the WHO that are the disease. They are certainly NOT the cure!

Please sign the tobacco growers petition here.

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