Monday, 12 November 2012

It really is a crock of .... !

Tragically this week, in Seoul, South Korea, government representatives from 176 United Nations (UN) member-states will meet to discuss proposals ostensibly aimed at curbing tobacco use worldwide.I say tragically because Lord only knows what these lunatic tobacco haters will come up with! They will read Clive Bates open letter, consider the contents and then simply carry on with whatever they have already decided. For an unelected mob with no governmental powers they seem to creating havoc where-ever they tread a path with their tobacco eradication programmes.
They want to impose a tobacco tax, nothing new there then. But hang on a minute who the hell are the WHO to dictate that further taxes should be levied on smokers when much of that tax is to be directed toward.....the WHO! We already give these twerps $33m per annum, only to be pauperised as a thank you I would imagine that a certain blubbery creature by the name of Liam Donaldson
 (allow smoking.? ....or a seat at the Who?)
will be there: tobacco hater extraordinaire, the man that sold 25% of this country down the proverbial 'swannee' for his seat at the top table, the man that threw a hissy fit and threatened to resign if we were not lumbered with a total smoking ban-what joy, knowing that he will be there discussing the British smokers fate!

At present, the WHO depends on the individual UN contributions of member-states to fund its activities. If a given activity is problematic, member-states can potentially adjust their contribution amount up or down.
However, if the WHO is able to establish its own independent funding source, with its budget being funded in part by earmarked global tobacco tax funds, the accountability to which the WHO is currently subject will be diminished. That could have disastrous effects in terms of global health policy, and further jeopardize the sovereignty of individual nations.
In other words, the WHO will have achieved self funding, superpower status without accountability-and we all know full well that without accountability corruption becomes rife!
Corruption aside, well, financial corruption that is, we already know that the WHO have corrupted whatever 'scientific evidence' there may be to suit their own anti tobacco agenda and when you realise the depths of duplicity it beggars belief that governments follow these peoples very word! This little snippet tells you all you want to know about manipulations & fabrication as it seems that no matter how big a lie maybe (or how blatant) if that lie is for the purpose of "public good" then simply march on baby-lie like a 'pig in the old proverbial' and you will no doubt be knighted at some point during your career!

But how does that equate when it comes to drugs.....dangerous drugs that coerce people into leaving this totally corrupted mortal world. Yes folks, we are talking about Pfizers miracle cure for smokers, the one and only CHANTIX! It ought to have on the label, "Guaranteed to quell your cigarette cravings" in big bold letters because it does what it says..... err..... except that recipients of this 'miracle permanent cure' keep on ending up on the slab at the mortuary! My request for the exact number of lawsuits filed against Pfizer regarding Chantix et al has been refused but I am now fully aware that Pfizer are in a big, big hole. This excellent report on the DANGERS of chantix (et al) will, I'm sure, enable Pfizer to settle plenty more complainants 'out of court'. I'm sure that prosecution lawyers will make hay with this bit:

So here’s the REAL deal on Chantix: People who take this drug are EIGHT TIMES more likely to attempt or succeed at suicide or battle major depression than smokers who try any other anti-smoking treatment, according to one major analysis.

(Kills smokers cravings-completely)
Yet again we come back to the nitty gritty, and exactly why the big pharmaceuticals pushed so hard for smoking bans - ££Money££. They know full well that non smokers live longer and therefore cost the state more & more in pension payouts, housing, social welfare etc but they totally disassociate themselves from that problem as their problem is simply how to make money off the backs of others. And what a job they have done to get to where they are! One of the major players in this tangled web of lies & deceit was the then US Surgeon General, Richard Carmona who grandly stated:
"The debate is over. The science is clear: Secondhand smoke is not a mere annoyance, but a serious health hazard,"
Thanks to this lying, scheming piece of 'trailer trash' a very large percentage of 126million non smoking Americans  fled from smokers in fear of their lives and they passed laws which have cost bar owners dearly over the years. Happily I can report that Carmona lost his bid for the senate seat in Arizona. Hoorah for smokers-a small justice has been registered.
But, we now see that America is in the same financial cesspit as we are, they are grandly marching onward toward bankruptcy! What use are smoking ban laws when people have no money, no jobs, no prospects & no hope? It's no real wonder then that fifteen (yes 15) states have now filed for divorce from the 'good old United States of America' as they obviously feel they have a better chance by governing themselves. "next day update" - 47 states have now filed to divorce themselves from the present administration! Looks like a whole heap of Americans 'just ain't too happy'!
The government allows one month from the day the petition is submitted to obtain 25,000 signatures in order for the Obama administration to consider the request. Well if their government is anything like our government, any state that nears the magical 25,000 signature mark will have to face the fact that a 'ballot box was lost' and therefore not enough signatures were recorded! :) Even New York has filed to be 'out' and that is Bloombergs stompin' ground-wowee! Exciting times undeed. It looks as if the worlds greatest "Land of the Free" is not so free and is crumbling a bit. Mind you, I have to ask the question: What did prohibition produce in the 1920's? So what have the Yanks learnt form it? Not a lot it seems.
Another mindblowing fact has been revealed by the ONS insomuch that 17% of us can now expect to be centenarians-please, please leave me out of that scenario, I have absolutely no wish to be here for another 39 years after witnessing the travesties of the past 5 years! Sweet sufferin', the government are moaning now that the welfare bill is far to high so it won't be too long before you will have to work until you drop! For what factories that are left it will be like years gone by:- man outside with horse & cart shouting "Bring out yer dead". Mind you with unemployment as rife as it is there'll be plenty of live bodies to fill the nightly gaps!

line graph shows rising projected number of centenarians 
Looking at the graph, I think my kids will be working until they are 87 before the state will let them retire!
Quite amusing really how improvements in medicinal care are causing the government giant headaches in regard to welfare bills etc yet government is happy to ban smoking which, according to 'science', shortens life by up to 10 years!  With all this health lunacy you would think that we would be in the gold medal position regarding health/longevity (Life Expectany at Birth Chart) on the world stage but no, we actually only manage to sit in joint 28th-alongside Jordan (not the bird ;) ), a country that has its fair share of bullets & bombs etc. Doesn't really say much then does it. Top of the pops is little Monaco who boast 89.73 years on this planet-best not to move to Angola where 38.76 years would be deemed good!
Having brought in the smoking bans for 'public health' reasons-I know, but you have to ignore all the lies, fabrications, the manipulated statistics & the junk science because we are talking public health here- it is absolutely astounding to find that the

"public health committee is scrapped" (Pardon?)

It's true, bizarre but true.

 A Whitehall ministerial committee set up by the coalition as it pledged to tackle major problems such as obesity, alcohol abuse and growing health inequalities has been scrapped, prompting a furious response from senior doctors.The cabinet subcommittee on public health, hailed by the government as a symbol of its determination to tackle the causes of some of Britain's biggest killers, has been wound up barely two years after it was created.

Hilariously this committee was chaired by non other than everyone's 'love to hate buffoon' Mr Andrew Lansley, who I would imagine by now is wondering just how much further he can fall? In truth, what use are they? The government have all these quangos, these fake charities advising them on what to ban next so what use was the committee-certainly no more use than Lansley ever was with his gargoyle like sidekick Anne Milton!
 Anne Milton: MPs' expenses The committee, originally chaired by Andrew Lansley, was set up to 'send a powerful message that public health is the responsibility of all government departments'. Photograph: David Jones/PA  
We now have the ludicrous situation whereby more take-away foods rather than less leads to a better lifestyle-ooh, how that must hurt the anti obesity mob.
The wheel, as it always does, is turning. The day of truth is getting closer and closer, the day when these clowns are brought to book is nearing for they cannot keep justifying these bans, these restrictions on this that and the other, nor can they justify prohibition. There are far more pressing problems than somebody smoking a fag or chomping on a kebab, one of them being the nations financial survival! remember the figures here? I wonder just how much bigger they have grown since then?

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