Wednesday, 6 June 2012

An interview with a liar!

Well, well, well, isn't it amazing the things you hear on a radio show late at night? The Stephen Nolan show a couple of nights ago was a prime example of back stabbing & crying over spilled milk as Deborah Arnott complained, live on air, at the supposed death threats she and her colleagues had supposedly received from a blog post displayed on the freedom2choose blogsite (removed) and is still clearly displayed on the website - and will be displayed until a court order (or some such instrument) forces SJ to remove the article.
Deborah Arnott
Arnott claims that 'she is used to abuse (not surprising really), but this is a whole new level!' Abuse? I should think she is as she is the mouthpiece of the organisation doing their damnedest to destroy the lives & lifestyles of a quarter of the population of this country, the means by which she and her cohorts are doing such we will return to later.
A whole new level? The woman is clearly deranged. She says that the 'blog gave addresses and details of how to do it' (murder ASHites). Now I ask the simple question: who, on this earth needs to be shown how to pull a trigger? Who, in this day and age would not be able to source ASH's HQ in Shoreditch High Street from either Google or Yellow Pages? Right, so there is no great espionage going on there then! She then goes on to say that she has a 'duty of care to protect her staff''..... from what(?) an amusing piece of satirical writing or the highly toxic fumes drifting up from the busy High Street below?
Thus, she 'had to involve the police'. Wow, I'm mightily impressed with that! What, exactly did she expect PC Plod to do about a blog that was merely a reversal of an accredited journalists original 'funny' article and had, apparently, already been taken down from the website she announced it to be on? She says that she didn't pursue the complaint (or whatever it was supposed to be) as the blog had been removed. Err, incorrect Debs, it is still there - you have simply chosen to use this situation to gain public sympathy for the dastardly deeds you commit on a daily basis in your systematic persecution of the humble smoker. She (Arnott) complained about the details in the article. We've already dealt with the addresses so we'll move onto pictures. There must be 10,000 pictures of these ugly people on the internet-and before 'she' starts a lawsuit against Simple Simon let me make it crystal clear that ugly is intended as in the gruesome manner of the social destruction they are engineering! Of all the people jokingly named in the original, I find that they all have their 'mugshots' plastered all over the internet-especially Tobacco Control sections, so they are perfectly happy to be photographed for all to see, perfectly happy to be identified as destroyers of our society, perfectly happy to be recognised as 'no choice' merchants & happy to be recognised as mini dictators destroying the very fabric of our once democratic nation. They openly flaunt their want to be part of the internal terrorist organisation that has been carefully crafted since 1975.
You may wonder at the use of the words 'terrorist organisation' but when fitted to this dictionary description of the word terrorist it is exceedingly simple to identify ASH et al correctly!
Common definitions of terrorism refer only to those violent acts which are intended to create fear (terror), are perpetrated for a religious, political or, ideological goal; and deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (civilians). Some definitions now include acts of unlawful violence and war. The use of similar tactics by criminal organizations for protection rackets or to enforce a code of silence is usually not labeled terrorism though these same actions may be labeled terrorism when done by a politically motivated group.
Now what part of any of that do Arnott & cohorts NOT understand? The smoking ban has caused the alienation of not just people but whole communities. It has caused loneliness to become the biggest single killer through 'stress cardiomyopathy'. It has caused massive poverty to those who have lost their jobs, their homes, their life savings, in fact, everything they have ever worked for! The tactics? Ensure the introduction of a TOTAL smoking ban so that none of our pubs, clubs, bars etc can choose whether or not they want to allow smoking! Even the governments own agent, Prof Hilary Graham, has reported that the smoking ban has turned smokers into 'lepers', they have become 'stigmatised' and a 'despised underclass'! What she has described is exactly the way for a terrorist group to 'take out' a part of a society-"but it's only smokers"! Would this be allowed to happen against gays, the disfigured, the mentally ill, the disabled? Not on your life, there would be screams of hatred toward the organisation perpetrating such actions against those groups named, but again we are "only dealing with smokers"! Discrimination against a minority faction is illegal according to the EU diktat but apparently that rule is waived when it comes to "only smokers". WHY? 
Stephen Nolan asked a simple question: "What on earth is going on that people are getting this angry?" Well, I would think that the answer is very simple really..... people (smokers especially) are totally pissed off with the lying, cheating, bullying tactics being used by TC to ensure that the endgame is a complete ban on smoking! You certainly do not need to be a "fringe nutter that simply tags along" to be able to voice a strong objection to what is going on here. Or, perhaps if you want to simply allow ASH et al to destroy this country, unhindered, you can happily emulate the one that fiddled while it burned! Do we want a gentle game of 'ping-pong' over this rather important, emotive matter or are we going to employ the Chuckle Brothers (T' me, T' you, T' me.....) in 'ever so gentle' discussions with these people who have built up a whole army of lies & fabrications along the way, whereby the majority of MPs now think that SHS is far more dangerous than sarin gas? In a country where between 13.5/15 million people enjoy smoking (not addicted Debs, simply enjoy) there may well be the odd "fringe nutter" or two but it sometimes takes something sharp and possibly eye opening to bring some action along the way and it certainly looks as if the "Sniper the Flappers" article/blog/piss take or whatever you want to call it has done just that!
Arnott has seen the perfect opportunity to scream from the rooftops, 
'look at us, poor little 'ashites', having to do this awful job, protecting this nation under such duress, look at what we have to put up with-oh poor, poor us!' 
 Tell you what Deb's, why not play the sympathy vote for all your worth? I'm sure it will help your brown nosed compatriots within Westminster to conclude that Plain Packaging is absolutely essential and then that will be another notch on your gunbelt (love the terminology-how quaint!) and you'll be able to move onto your next target. 
You have absolutely no thought for the despair you are causing in people's lives with all this banning smoking here, there and everywhere. Nope, you simply want to drag out the process as long as possible so as to ensure your lavish lifestyle continues 'ad infinitum'. One question for you Deb's, when you get diagnosed with cancer (of some form or other), are you going to blame that cigarette you had when you were 16, or might it be that you stood within a hundred yards of a smoker,  or might it be the continuous, highly toxic air pollution from vehicles going about their daily business that has caused your cancer-for don't forget Debs, apparently a new cancer case is diagnosed every two minutes these days!
But back to some of your pre-mentioned reasons for continuing this terror campaign. You stated on the programme that 80% 'regretted smoking', but of course that response can easily be obtained by framing the question the right way - your big buddy Peter Kellner is an expert in that field and funnily enough I've asked about one hundred people (at family garden parties [not Royal ones-sorry] because they don't use the pub anymore) if they regretted taking up smoking and only three (3) said that they thought it may have been better if they hadn't..... but then said "so what".  I also asked those same people if they wanted any help 'quitting'? I was unanimously told to "F**k off".
You see Debs, that's another of your constant lies. Two thirds (ie 10 million people) do NOT want your help or anyone elses as it  happens, for the simple reason that they enjoy smoking. I know you cannot comprehend that concept at all, but they do. Think of this Debs, if so many people (66.66%) want help to quit, why are they still smoking? After all, this government has poured approximately £27bn (so far) into the anti smoking pot and so far only a few thousand have decided to quit-the majority of smokers have said 'up yours'! 
Five years on and what have you actually achieved apart from closing 12,000+  businesses, rendering 150,000 unemployed, costing the government a fortune in lost revenue and totally angering 25% of the population? Another simple answer coming up here Debs! You have achieved a standard of hatred similar to that which Hitler accrued, for you are slowly herding smokers into oblivion! You see them as having no rights when in fact they are entitled to equal rights. Non smokers are entitled to smoke-free bars in which to socialise but according to your exceedingly bigoted mob, smokers cannot be allowed to enjoy their own form of smoky ambience. Why not? 
A gentleman by the name of Steven Simons phoned in and immediately remarked on the original article on 'snipering' from Alan Dee last July and the fact that the article was dismissed by the police - as the entire article was 'tongue in cheek'. Smokers who thought otherwise were frustrated by a similar response from the editor & the PCC! So, as "Sniper the Flappers" was similarly written one can only conclude that ASH decided (2.5 months after it was actually written/posted) that this would be a marvellous propaganda tool. And, to be honest, The Guardian, The Mail & the Bath News have all so far totally misreported the story-to suit your mob! I really do begin to wonder if there is a straight 'n' true journalist left in this now miserable country of ours, I really do!
The Arnott sidestepped neatly and went on to say that 66% of smokers want to quit and need the help to quit-well, we've already dealt with that idiotic statement, they've had 5 miserable years of bullying to do that! She then stated that the ban was brought in to protect  workers, not to reduce smoking rates*-so would that be all the workers that now haven't got a job because the smoking ban closed their employment option down?
*Last month the plan was to eradicate smoking altogether! So which is it Debs?
At the end of the day this will end up a 'whole heap of nothing' but ASH have decided to use the hilarious reversal of a 'tongue in cheek' article to further their own gains-no great surprise there then. However, something that it does show very clearly is that the people, the generally pubic are only now catching on to the disgraceful tactics used by tobacco control to achieve the WHOs bidding; ie, eradicate smoking. The junk science is never ending, the media reporting is all one way and the financial costs are absolutely horrendous but so what! The beneficiaries of smoking bans (Big Pharma) have $bns to invest, after all it is in all their interests that smokers need to rely on their useless NRT products if Lansley gets his idiotic way!
This proves that 'they' now accept that we have sussed out all the lies, the trickery, the fabrications used by tobacco control to get their evil ways.
This proves that ASH are very worried that public support is now  mounting against THEM!


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  4. Thank you Phil for expressing the concerns of smokers and tolerent non-smokers who even though ASH do not concede, are the vast majority. Regards Greg Burrrows