Wednesday, 12 September 2012

As time goes by-Smokember

It is incredible that the anti smoking brigade have resorted to pinching a month of the calendar to promote their silly 'quit smoking' campaigns when, by now, it is fairly obvious that after 5 years of persecution, those who wanted to quit ..... err..... would have quit.
(read on for the explanation folks!)
So, they came up with "Stoptober" whereby each one of us was supposed to stop for 28 days-but there are sinister reasons behind such a move-and again, it's all to do with money & targets!
Rose says: (from Frank Davis's blog)
“Britain’s eight million smokers will be encouraged to kick the habit for 28 days from October 1 as part of Stoptober, the Department of Health announced.”
Gosh I’m slow -
Why only 28 days? 28 days – 4 weeks – the time it takes for a smoker to be classed as having successfully quit smoking. It’s all about targets.
And then we need to think back to just after the smoking ban was enacted:-  "Government targets fostered £90,000 NHS fraud – 2008"
“Harry Singer, 54, took advantage of the Government’s smoking cessation programme which pays doctors, pharmacists and community groups £45 for every patient they convince to give up for four weeks.”
Jailing Singer for 18-months, judge John Hillen said the antismoking scheme was “amateurish” and “cavalier” and blamed the Government’s target-driven culture.
“To pay lay people, albeit briefly trained, as stop smoking counsellors for recruiting and spending a few sessions with smokers is an astonishing way to spend public money,” said the judge.”

And then, to top even that, we have the Guardian claiming a £61,000,000 fraud going on-courtesy of this idiotic smoking ban!
“Counter-fraud specialists are investigating claims that pharmacists are stealing money from the NHS by fiddling figures on the number of people they have helped to give up smoking.
The Guardian has learned of inquiries in five primary care trusts in London into allegations that chemists have fraudulently claimed thousands of pounds, claiming cash rewards of up to £85 for each patient they help to stop smoking for at least four weeks.”
Leave us alone.
So we can clearly see what "Stoptober" is all about. It is simply another pathetic waste of tax payers money (our money) on trying, yet again, to achieve that which they have patently failed to do over the past 63 months-force all smokers to quit smoking! Set against that, thanks to good friends Chris Snowdon & Patsy Nurse, we have an antidote to this silly nonsense:
Now I have another idea, riding on the back of the anti smoking brigade..... why don't we claim the month of November all to ourselves and we'll call it Smokember!  

Now what could possibly be wrong with that I ask? The anti smoking campaign ask you to quit for 28 days, yet there are 31 days in October-so I assume they allow you to smoke for the other 3 days! We'll have November and even throw in Bonfire night where every single person ingests SHS in voluminous amounts and calls it fun!

I am greedy really so I am asking you to follow the November/Smokember campaign for the full month-yes-all 30 miserable days of having to smoke your cigarettes, pipes, shisha pipes, bongs, roll ups, in fact smoke whatever 'rocks your boat' for it is the merry month of  Smokember
I somehow don't think that the anti smoking mob will be able to claim much success, for even before this 'Stoptober' campaign gets underway it seems that they have decided that there are only 8,000,000 smokers left (the other 7 ,000,000 seem have mysteriously disappeared at the stroke of a pen!)
Now I am fairly confident that, with enough media exposure (blogs, facebook, Twitter & perhaps even a brave newspaper) we can beat the other mob hands down! After all, I'm sure that we can all be brave enough to smoke for the entire 30 days of Smokember and not just a paltry 28 days as required by 'them'! We have stamina, we have commitment, we can 'go the distance! And, better still, we won't be claiming any money from the government for lasting the entire 30 days! 

To me it is a win, win, win situation for us and a severe smack in the proverbial kisser for them!
It even occurred to me that printed T-shirts could be well in order for the month-anyone interested?


  1. Now that the government is looking at Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol, at least smokers no longer need to feel like isolated victims. They're coming for drinkers too.

    1. Absolutely correct Roger, and that is exactly what we have been saying since 'Day 1' of this prohibitionist era. The amazing thing is that they are quite happy to bankrupt the country in pursuing this ridiculous course if action and couldn't give two hoots about peoples freedoms!
      Excellent piece on minimum pricing btw Roger :)

    2. Roger: Gosh! Who saw that coming in?

  2. Right off the beam Simers, Smokember lasts two months, takes us straight in to Tabuary (likewise, stumped with March though...).

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