Monday, 3 September 2012

Anti tobacco groupies

If you look back at nearly all radio & TV reports you will find, somewhere, the shock statement of smokers dying earlier than their non smoking counterparts. It is also bandied about quite freely in 99% of  newspaper reports on smoking and health, lifestyles etc. It is not something the media ever bother to check out - but they should. 

In it's ever increasing Nazi styled approach to outlawing tobacco users there is no end to the unsubstantiated bilge emanating from the bowels of tobacco control (TC) and it is obvious why the media fail to attack any of it - revenue. Pure and simple, it's money. The government spends vast amounts of OUR money on anti smoking thus the journalists print anything & everything blindly so as to keep their wages coming in. Honest, truthful journalists are a dying breed.
The American Lung Association quite clearly state that 
" Smokers die significantly earlier than nonsmokers: 13.2 years for men and 14.5 years for women."
Now you have to ask the obvious question, "who holds the great book of deaths, where it is preordained which of us die on which date?"  Without such a directory, statements such as the above cannot possibly be made! Nobody, but nobody has a predetermined D.O.D that we know of, therefore the above conclusion is utter cobblers! Let's look at a few 'early deaths' from smoking shall we:-
(h/t to FORCES)

115 yrs young! August 28, 2006 -A story of the ex-smoker, never-drinker who was already six when the U.S. seized Puerto Rico from Spain in 1898. "I never damaged my body with liquor," said Mercado, who quit a 76-year smoking habit when he was 90. Happy birthday, Mr. Mercado del Toro!

113 yrs young! This is the case of the late John Mcmorran of Lakeland, Florida. He smoked cigars, drank beer and ate greasy food –and now he has paid the dear price for a life turned that stands as an insult to the health crusaders. John was born June 19, 1889, in a log cabin in Michigan, and he was the oldest American living – but he could have lived longer.!

 113 yrs young! 30 July 2009: People pay their last respects to Henry Allingham, a British first world war veteran who, before he died, was the world's oldest man. He has attributed his longevity to "cigarettes, whiskey & wild, wild women!"
Turin tobacco toters! In February 26, 2003 in Turin, Italy, Out of a population of 2.2 million in that city, there are 646 people whose lives will, inevitably, be cut short – shortly after they turn 100. Two of them are already 110, five are 109 and 12 are 106. Another 217 are only 100, 167 just turned 101, and 115 are 102. But that’s not all  some of them even “do” cigarettes, having indulged in the deadly habit for over 94 years.!

101 yrs young! United Kingdom morns the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother who died 30th March 2002.  The mother of Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen Mother was a bon vivant who loved horse racing, gin cocktails and.....  you guessed it.....  cigarettes.  It was the latter, the beastly coffin nails, that did her in.  She was 101 years old.

104 yrs young!  (Cut Down By Tobacco Before His Time) - Gregorio Fuentes, who skippered Ernest Hemingway's fabled fishing boat, the Pilar, for more than 20 years and is said to have been the writer's inspiration for the embattled fisherman in "The Old Man and the Sea," has died. He was 104. Fuentes died of cancer Sunday at his home in Cojimar, the quiet Cuban fishing village about 10 miles east of Havana where Hemingway used to dock the Pilar. Smoking until the end, Fuentes is sad proof that tobacco kills.

122 yrs young!!! Mme Jeanne Calment (died on August 4, 1997), who was listed as the world's oldest human whose birth date could be certified, died at 122. She had begun smoking as a young woman. At 117 she quit smoking (by that age she was just smoking two or three cigarettes per day because she was blind and was too proud to ask often for someone to light her cigarettes for her). But she resumed smoking when she was 118 because, as she said, not smoking made her miserable and she was too old to be made miserable. She also said to her doctor: "Once you've lived as long as me, only then can you tell me not to smoke." Good point!
Believe me when I say there are many, many more, too many to mention, especially as we now have 10,000 centenarians living in our country alone! You see folks, 'it was them darned 1950's wot dun it guv'!  Back then we were in the grip of a tobacco smoking epidemic when approximately 70% of the population smoked, so it is obvious that, with all that smoking & SHS going on, people would die young! Not even non smokers would survive such a battering. A nifty bit of research gives us all the answers we need:
In 1968 fourteen hundred British civil servants, all smokers, were divided into two similar groups. Half were encouraged and counselled to quit smoking. These formed the test group. The others, the control group, were left to their own devices. For ten years both groups were monitored with respect to their health and smoking status. So what were the results of the Whitehall study?They were contrary to all expectation. The quit group showed no improvement in life expectancy. Nor was there any change in the death rates due to heart disease, lung cancer, or any other cause with one exception: certain other cancers were more than twice as common in the quit group. Later, after twenty years there was still no benefit in life expectancy for the quit group.

Over the next decade the results of other similar trials appeared. It had been argued that if an improvement in one life-style factor, smoking, were of benefit, then an improvement in several - eg smoking, diet and exercise - should produce even clearer benefits. And so appeared the results of the whimsically acronymed Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial or MRFIT, with its 12,886 American subjects. Similarly, in Europe 60,881 subjects in four countries took part in the WHO Collaborative Trial. In Sweden the Goteborg study had 30,022 subjects. These were enormously expensive, wide-spread and time-consuming experiments. In all, there were 6 such trials with a total of over a hundred thousand subjects each engaged for an average of 7.4 years, a grand total of nearly 800,000 subject-years. The results of all were uniform, forthright and unequivocal: giving up smoking, even when fortified by improved diet and exercise, produced no increase in life expectancy. Nor was there any change in the death rate for heart disease or for cancer. A decade of expensive and protracted research had produced a quite unexpected result.

Amazingly, now that only 23%-25% smoke, we are being told that we are in the middle of a 'smoking pandemic' - how utterly bizarre is that? The medical profession has seen smoking rates drop by roughly2/3rds yet apparently the smoking 'disease' is now out of control, it is 'pandemically' out of control! What a load of old tosh. It's just another one of their 'buzzwords', like 'estimated' or 'probability' or 'could be' or 'likelyhood of' or 'symptomatic of' or 'prematurely' and all the other silly little words/phrases that mean absolutely nothing but, placed in the right places AND with the right timing 'could' mean something!
What this is really about is control because once 'they' (the UN, the WHO, the NWO) have proved that they can control the smokers in this and other countries, 'they' can then move onto alcohol & foodstuffs knowing that the people will not rise up in objection.
This country used to pride itself on justice and that innocent until proven guilty be the maxim-but not anymore. The 
scales are now firmly tilted against any smoke related prosecution-and the legal system has allowed itself to be corrupted by its European masters. And the journalists, too stupid to see what is really going on, simply churn out the same old anti tobacco rubbish without checking a single word of its reliability or even honesty. They are simply 'anti tobacco groupies', and one fine day they will find themselves being fucked by the state-I wonder who they will turn to for help then?


  1. Excellent point on the misuse of the word "pandemic" Phil. That sort of abuse of the meanings of ordinary words is a hallmark of the Tobacco Control Industry. "Children" is now a term applied to those in college in their early 20s, "threat" and "risk" involve things claimed to increase one's chances of dying forty years in the future by one in a thousand, and recently it was revealed that California's children are suffering from a PLAGUE! The Plague in question was...

    Tobacco Smoke Exposure! The story originally claimed 2.1 million children were being so plagued, but a week or so later, after someone with half a brain actually did some checking, it turned out they counted the same database 3 times. There were really only 800,000 "plagued."

    But what did it mean to be plagued? Were these children locked up daily with chain smoking parents in the nursery?

    Nope. It meant that they had at least one parent who smoked... EVEN IF THE PARENT NEVER SMOKED AT HOME!

    Language tricks: just one of the Antismokers' lies. See for 23 more of them.

    - MJM

  2. Exercise and healthy foods are other reasons for longer life. You forgot to note if these people include exercise and fresh foods in their diet. But, we can already tell that these people are active and probably indulging with fresh and healthier foods. Take for instance the fisherman, the first world war veteran and the late Queen. We can already tell that they're active, eating healthily and they don't drink hard liquor. These might slow down the damaging signs of tobacco smoking and thus, their longer lifespan.