Monday, 17 September 2012

Just who the hell are the WHO?

The 'WHO' are probably more dangerous than any 'Don Corleone', more vile than Charlie Manson's (Maddox'family' and probably more egotistical than any other being (with the exception of Michael Bloomberg) on this planet! They babble on about world poverty, an emerging third world, helping under-developed countries on the one hand and inform the world at large that due to their anti tobacco strategy (which I assume is to seriously reduce the number of cancer cases worldwide [yeah, righty ho then]  ) they want to stop the production of tobacco altogether!
Now I ask you this: what is the most well regarded path to prosperity? and the answer, quite simply is work; ie, a nice steady, regular income. Right, that's that sorted then. The WHO also state that they want to 'help' developing countries-so where, in all of this master plan, do they see that making the dependence of the livelyhoods of 30 million tobacco farmers worldwide  disappear to be a good thing?

Saturnino Distor, PTGA (Philippine Tobacco Growers Association) President, said the Filipino tobacco growers are going to fight for the survival of the tobacco industry, vowing to join the global protest against the proposals of WHO-FCTC.

Halle-bloody-lujah baby! At long last a serious organisation is going to stand up to these idealogical, unelected  bastards who are hell bent on destroying the pleasures of roughly 33% of the worlds population. People of all nationalities have sat back for far too long while country after country have been coerced into agreeing with the "Framework Convention on Tobacco Control" (FCTC) as if it is the absolute cure for all illness that man can contract. The WHO have created a wondrous veil of 'trying to better this world' in pursuit of actually crucifying a fair proportion of it! From humble beginnings the anti tobacco industry is now probably the biggest global business of all time!
  ( Pablo Escobar)
Now why didn't they enact this same programme with the poppy fields in their feeble attempt to eradicate the global drugs problem? The answer is quite simple: they would have been met with enormous firepower as the drug barons 'protected their investments'. You can't really see the WHO 'top table' marching into Columbia and telling the first drug baron they bumped into that they are now banning all illegal drugs can you (?) for they would simply be executed, chucked in a hole and forgotten about-and 'Mr Drugs Baron' would happily continue plying his trade.
But, with humble smokers it is a completely different kettle of fish as all smokers want is to be left alone. There has been no 'up front' confrontational war on smokers because they don't want to 'rile the natives' too much. Instead, bit by bit, smokers rights have been eroded until smokers basically have their own homes to smoke in-oh, and the street, though some imbecilic fools are objecting to even that miniscule offering! But back to the beautiful islands of the Philippines!
“Tobacco growing has been and will always be the main source of our livelihood. Our forefathers passed this to us and this is the only job we know. We will perish if the Aquino government decides to agree with the proposals,” Distor said.
Distor also urged the Philippine government to join hands with other nations in fighting the repressive proposals being pushed by WHO-FCTC. “Now is the time for governments to act and oppose these draconian measures,” Distor said.
For information purposes, destroying the tobacco plantations in the Philippines alone will render approximately 2.7million people destitute and with very little hope of re-employment. Does that sit right with you? It certainly doesn't with me! Is this the way to prosperity for under-developed countries? I don't think so. Something has got to give soon as the WHO, in all its miserable, life threatening glory is starting to become a dictator; a dictator far worse than the many singletons that have roamed this planet over the centuries! They have convinced idiots (video below for one perfect example!) that SHS is a verified killer and therefore people must be protected from this newly identified version of sarin gas: we have a prime example here in this country!
(The schoolboy in long trousers-Nick Clegg)
Clegg's speech on the need to 'protect' non smokers was pathetic and proved that he had been totally brainwashed by the anti tobacco legions. It also proved, conclusively, that he was not fit for purpose as he could not consider 25% of his possible electorate. Listening to this pathetic effort it is easy to see why the illiberal Liberals are finished as a political force in this once great democracy.
Worse is to come from the WHO as countries like Malawi depend on tobacco growing & exportation for their living. With 75% of the countries wealth relying on tobacco farming, what exactly are the WHO doing to ensure the economic stability of this country? The short answer is that they are not! They have one core issue, that of eradicating smoking/smokers. The economic cost is immaterial to them as nations like ours are donating approx £26m per annum to these jumped up  'saviours' only to be told what we can & can't allow!
It matters not to the WHO which countries survive and which prosper for they are another bunch of 'feather thine own nest' merchants (ASH/CRUK being prime examples)-why else would they ignore the 4,000 children said to be dying every day in drought ridden Africa? How much of what the WHO are spending (and directing others to spend) on anti smoking crusades; eg Stoptober, could be spent on pipelines, irrigation and providing fresh water for these people-or don't they matter? Is this the simple way for the WHO to cut world population figures, to end up with a scenario whereby only nations "WORTHY" (in their eyes) of their administrations are allowed to survive? 
If this is the case then in another 50 years, when thankfully I shall be long forgotten, the world will be a place governed totally by the medical people, in all their already proven corruptness,  with all profits made in any industry going back to the medical people. The WHO will simply be one big, legalized Mafia outfit where anyone who dares to speak out against them will quickly & silently disappear from this world.
Saturnino Distor needs to be listened to, he speaks a great deal of sense for he has realised just what a leviathon of destruction the WHO really has become! The Bulgarians are listening too! How long before other nations start listening because at the end of the day just who the hell are the WHO?

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  1. Good for the Phillipine Tobacco Farmers! It takes a lot of courage to stand up to those unelected health fascists, destroying people's livelihoods and taking away their pleasures. I really hope there's a hell for those people, for the crimes they have committed against humanity.