Monday, 21 May 2012

Sticking it to them!

hat tip to a good friend
It had to happen sooner or later, public retaliation I mean, though not quite the way I expected. However, from a little acorn doth the mighty oak grow!

A UK website has started selling stickers, which you place over the silly pictures that government has now deemed essential on all cigarette packets-even though they have to be hidden from view in supermarkets now(?!) This, naturally, has caused the health freaks to throw a wobbly and the comments are 'oh so predictable' and oh so boring' (yawn!) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Let's see, we have the charity No Smoking Day  who have urged people not to buy the stickers.  Its spokeswoman Doreen McIntyre said:  
"It is quite amusing but I think the important thing is that this is a demonstration of how disrupting these health warnings are." 

Yes it is amusing and, happily, a complete slap in the kisser to all those despicable health freaks who care not a jot for 25% of the populations freedoms of enjoyment or choice! She then says, which is hilarious 

"They are causing smokers to feel that they need to cover them up"
 Excuse me? What exactly have government passed a law telling supermarkets what they have to do now? Oh yes, cover cigarettes up, hide them behind great big sliding doors-how hypocrisy doth shine! Doreen finishes with the obvious statement of pleading:
"My advice to smokers would be don't buy these stickers. Spend your money on nicotine replacement therapies instead and give up."  
But why would smokers want to waste money on something that has a 98.4% FAILURE rate and no enjoyment factor when they can spend their money on what they want and have 100% success/enjoyment? Anyway, the stickers are far cheaper than the useless NRT!

Naturally the heavy artillery was brought into play as the 'bin Laden' of anti smoking was asked her opinion and needless to say the terrorist leader spouted the same old tripe:
"These labels do not strike me as being funny. Telling people that smoking is cool is a dangerous message. That's why people take it up" 
she said. See...even the 'bin Arnott' considers that smoking looks cool! I don't think that adorning cigarette packets with images of a child's rotted teeth, or a third world man (with no medical aid) with more tumours than you could shake a stick at, or a sown up cadaver is very funny either, but Debs the Destroyer (of our freedoms) seems exceedingly happy with 'her sorts of labels'-but then that's exactly how terrorists work-sneakily, subversively and very quietly until the final BOOM!

You see it's not a matter of smoking being seen as a cool thing to do or even the hottest thing on the planet, it's a matter of choice you stupid, stupid woman! You, Deborah bin (laden with smoker hatred) Arnott simply wish to press your prejudices on a whole nation and somehow you conned a government into believing your crap, so much so that we are the most penalised European country in terms of smoking bans-yet we still boast approximately 24% smokers! Deborah bin Arnott then finishes of with more of the usual
"Cigarettes kill 50% of users, many in middle age. It also significantly increases the risks of lung and heart disease and some people even have to have limbs cut off because of circulation problems caused by smoking. None of that is funny." 
Let me correct you here 'bin' lady, air pollution and the myriad of other toxins kill 50% of all people, many in their middle ages.

Again I ask you 'bin Arnott', why did your (rigged) SCOTH hero Jamrozik, a complete anti tobacco warrior, non smoker & fresh air fanatic die in his 'middle ages' (55yrs old) yet a free thinking man by the name of Bertrand Russell smoked his pipe for 72 happy years? (incidentally, Russell died at the 'middle age' of 98!) Did Henry Allingham die at the 'middle age' of 114 (?) after all, he blamed his longevity on  
"cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women".
What 'bin Arnott' needs to realise is that we all die sooner or later, in fact 100% of people die-sooner or later. There is no given time for 'your time' on this earth yet the medical profession have used their usual tactic of "it is estimated that.....". It is amazing just how far reaching that piece of terminology has become for the anti smoking brigade; look at my old acquaintance David Taylor (Leicester North MP)! Went on TV spouting that 'it was estimated that the smoking ban would save 40,000  lives over the next 10 years', yet, bless him, he was taking his non smoking Boxing Day constitutional after a sumptuous repast and his heart simply gave out! And to top even that, there is absolutely no way of proving that any single person has outlived  his/her 'sell by' date!

Finally we have the obligatory 'line' for the Dept of Corruption Health, 

"The Department of Health believes the new health warnings are proving effective.

Well I suppose they would believe that, as it would be sooo NOT 'PC' to say any other! But the fact remains that we have now wasted in excess of £27bn on this ludicrous, discriminatory crusade; yet still smoking prevalence hovers around the 24%-25% mark.
Despite all the dire warnings from the terrorists at Shoreditch (and their many cohorts) it is nice to see that someone has the perspicacity to lighten the smokers load with a touch of humour.

Another website dealing in fag packet stickers can be found here.
[ 20 x Funny Cigarette Packet St ] 
We are only on this planet once, despite what the health loonies decide so we are entitled to enjoy ourselves as best we can. As you all know, I am a non smoker but this vilification of smokers has now gone too far and as they always say 'actions speak louder than words', so simply buy some stickers and show this authoritarian bunch of Mental Patient's in Westminster that you openly defy this ridiculously implemented law and let your stickers be seen. In fact, why not post some to here:
Deborah bin Arnott 
First Floor,
144-145, Shoreditch High Street,
E1 6JE 
or here:
Royal College of Physicians 
11, St Andrews Place,  
Regent’s Park, 
NW1 4LE fact there are hundreds of places you could send some stickers to, you never know, it might cheer some of these dreary cretins up and illuminate the fact that there are more enjoyable pursuits than destroying one's own country from within! 

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