Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Dutch courage or just simplicity

Yet again the Dutch have decided to lead the way, much to the horror of all the anti tobacco merchants in this country. The Dutch, being a tolerant nation and not full of 'do-gooders' and 'do even better extremists' who simply want to control YOUR lifestyle have all but booted out STIVORO who happen to be the Dutch equivalent of our very own, intrusive & destructive bunch of lifestyle setters-ASH.
Just look at the names attached to this report in the Lancet: Deborah Arnott, John Britton, Luke Clancy & Robert West to name but a few, all protesting at this outrage-but why would they do this? why would they give a hoot about what the Netherlands are doing when ASH rule supreme in this idiotic, cow-towing country now ruled by the health lobby? The answer is very simple my friends - MONEY-MONEY-MONEY, it's not funny, they took our cash away (Hum along to ABBA!) They just might start wondering how much longer our government is prepared to squander £billions on a programme that will, utlimately fail & suffer the ignominy of not being able to prove it saved 1 miserable life!

Smoking Permitted Signs (SF-013)

Let us go through this  pathetic attempt by those named above to condemn the courageous Dutch government:
The Government of the Netherlands has announced that it is all but closing down its tobacco control operations. It has already weakened its existing smoke-free laws. It will reverse a previous decision to ensure that smokers who want to stop but cannot do so by themselves receive evidence-based treatment to help them. And it plans to close down the world-renowned national centre on tobacco control, STIVORO. This at a time when smoking prevalence in the Netherlands is relatively high among western countries at 27%, resulting in an estimated almost 20 000 premature deaths per year.
 "It has already weakened its existing smoke-free laws." Why? Answer, quite simply because the implementation was costing the Dutch government too much in lost revenue. They realised, unlike our brainwashed pair of 'heelers' that bars losing money, bars closing down and thousands being rendered unemployed, equalled not only a lack of incoming funds/taxes but a need to pay out benefits to those now rendered unemployed!
" It will reverse a previous decision to ensure that smokers who want to stop but cannot do so by themselves receive evidence-based treatment to help them."
Now this is truly hilarious for what 'evidence based treatment' can they possibly be babbling about? Would it be the fantastically successful NRT products that have shown a remarkable 98.4% FAILURE rate? or could it be that wonderland drug known (variously) as Chantix, Champix, Varencline & others that sends people into hallucinatory worlds of dreams & self destruction? There is only one certain method-it's called willpower!
"And it plans to close down the world-renowned national centre on tobacco control, STIVORO."

 Stivoro? World famous? in who's eyes? Only famous in the eyes of anti smoking zealots who seem to want supreme power in every country possible. As 27% of the Dutch people still prefer to smoke, even after years of oppression (ASH/Stivoro) it would seem that Stivoro are a complete waste of time & money and that a government is sick to the back teeth of funding these self styled life stylists! Halle-bloody-lujah baby, the message is finally getting through!
"...resulting in an estimated almost 20 000 premature deaths per year."
Aw bless! Resorting to the same old heart-tugger as always, but notice the word 'estimated'-used again because they cannot prove the figure quoted and nor can they differentiate between smokers deaths and/or air pollution deaths, but of course you don't see them mention air pollution do you! And then we come to the grand-daddy of them all, that word 'premature' . I will ask those that presume to know, "who holds the book of life that has it written when each of us is going to die?" Who knows, when we are born, whether we are going to live for one hundred seconds, minutes, days, months or years? now I appreciate that due to technological & medicinal advancements over the decades, people are starting to live longer-which must mean that the baby boom of the 1950's was an exceedingly healthy time to have babies! I can see certain sections of our society cringing at the very thought of that but why else would this government be 'wetting it's collective knickers' over its welfare state budgets. You see, if so many people are still alive after 60 years of non stop bullying from the health loons then it must mean that smoking aids longevity and not, as they claim, abbreviates life somewhat!
Then we get:
"...findings from the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project show that Dutch smokers are the least knowledgeable or concerned about the harms of smoking and second-hand smoke of all the 12 countries covered"


Can anyone imagine that anyone in the civilised western world could possibly be 'least knowledgeable' about the possible harms of tobacco, tobacco control, lifestyle bullying, government funded terrorist groups etc; it simply defies comprehension! They are not least knowledgeable, they just choose to ignore it all and do their own thing.
"It recognises that tobacco is lethal and addictive and that society as a whole has a responsibility to encourage and help smokers who want to stop and to prevent young people getting addicted."
The difference between the two countries is quite simple actually: the Dutch respect the rights of every one of their citizens to exercise their freedom of choice, whereas this now health beleagured miserable, killjoy government of ours doesn't! If they did, there would be smoking pubs & non smoking pubs, there would be licensees exercising their own preferences, smoking customers or/and non smoking customers. There would be money pouring INTO the treasury - not pouring out like a chicken wire'd sieve! And of course the anti tobacco loons pounce on the fact that the Dutch are now leaving their young, innocent and defenceless offspring to an almost certain life of smoking, drugs, alcohol and whatever else they can dream up-yet again ignoring the fact that all humans have the right to exercise their own freedom of choice. ASHites, worldwide only have one idea, that being 'you are free to choose, non smoking or..... err, non smoking'
And just to round things off the 'generals of the Lancet epistle' place the deaths of all future smokers on the shoulders of not only the tobacco companies but also, now, the liberal minded Dutch government! Pathetic! Pram - dummy - out of ???
Again I ask: if smoking is so bad for you why is it that we are now panicking about our welfare system in the light of all those fifties children who are now looking at claiming their well earned pensions? In fact, Denmark are in a similar position to us-almost potless! Funny how smoking bans cost countries so much money.....I wonder why?

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