Monday, 28 May 2012

Dumb & Dumber watch us sink!

It is incredible to think that 2 years ago I actually waived my growing respect for UKIP to one side and voted for Mr Dumber (on the right) as I truly believed that his party would enjoy a massive majority and repeal the worst of Labours stupidly implemented laws, after all Mr Dumber had been enjoying a gigantic 20pt lead at one stage yet, on the day, his party only just managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!

The Coalition weakens the link between voter and Government

In doing so Mr Dumber had to cosy up to Mr Dumb (on the left) and his tribe of illiberal eejits, which of course was never going to be a harmonious relationship nor a scrap of good for the general public at large!
Having watched this joint performance from Day1 I can honestly say that I now know how those trapped below decks on the Titanic felt a century ago-beyond despair.
They had no hope of salvation and nor do we for we have a government scared shitless of saying no to Brussels ....."We will ensure that the British people hold a referendum concerning entry into the EU....." we won't because it now seems that Mr Dumber and his sidekick treasurer want to be 'europhiles' for reasons best known to himself-and possibly the New World Order? One thing for sure is that most of the 'vote me in spin' has proven to be equal to Blair's spin factory-and that was no mean machine I can tell you.
 The Daily Telegraph today highlights why so many of us don't bother to vote at all anymore. It makes disturbing reading as it points to the fact that we are being governed by a party that hasn't even got a 'people majority', ie, not elected with 50% of the votes from those eligible to vote. Worse than that, according to Hansard,
 only 24%  of those polled think the way we are governed works “reasonably well”.
Now I might well be a simple soul, but to me that just screams off the page, 
"76% of those polled think the way we governed stinks!"
 and they would be right.
Mr Dumb committed political 'Hari-Kari' within weeks of stepping up to the plate as he dismissed smokers as irrelevant. The schoolboy in long trousers, an occasional puffer himself, declared, 
"one of the first principles, if you are a Liberal is that (pause) is that you (pause), in a sense, allow people to do what they want, as much as you can, so long as it doesn't harm others.........and smoking is one of those classic examples where it's not a harm free activity because it harms others around you ......"
Now of course it MAY only cause harm if those who don't wish to be involved in smoking are forced to share the same airspace but of course Mr Dumb has totally ignored the fact that all pubs & clubs should have CHOICE. Being liberal minded also means that CHOICE comes into the equation-but not according to the schoolboy in long trousers! You see, CHOICE works both ways:-
a)... a licensee has the choice to welcome smokers and ignore food 
b)... a licensee can ban smoking and cater for eaters only
c)... a licensee can simply section one room off completely for smokers and/or those that wish to enjoy a smoke filled 'good old British pub' environment.
Now wasn't that simple! You see Messrs Dumb & Dumber, you only had to implement the smallest of liberal mindedness and everyone would have been happy-apart from those poor (literally) licensees that had already been bankrupted by Blairs ignorance & Donaldson's petty tantrums.
Now the second part of Dumb & Dumber's failure is on the economic front, though I'll grant you that Blair/Brown's spendthift policies left them with little room for manoeuvre. Having watched a few thousand pubs & clubs close courtesy of the smoking ban and having watched the torrent of revenue pouring into the treasury rapidly dry up you would have to think that sane men, yes, even Dumb & Dumber would want to increase income not decrease it. By allowing more businesses to close they are only decreasing that income and to my utter amazement I find that Mr Dumber studied economics at Oxford! Now I have only experienced the 'University of Life' so I can't hope to match his awesome mathematical brilliance, but I sure as hell know what would kick start the internal economy again! I sure as hell know what will stop businesses closing (for good) too! So why does 'call me Dave', who never calls back by the way, not see the blindingly obvious and pave the way to opening the  internal 'economic growth' doors and start to claw back revenue? The answer my friends is not 'blowing in the wind', the answer is over in Brussels because they are the prats that are endorsing the WHO's "FCTC" as they see smoking as the biggest killer on the planet and are making a complete song 'n' dance about it-probably hoping that everyone will completely forget the £billions they wasted on controlling/eradicating illegal drug trafficking!
With 75% of the nation being non smokers, myself included, it makes you wonder at the intelligence factor of some of these elected representatives for basic common sense seems to evade them. Just think how much extra revenue this cash strapped government could rake in between now and Christmas by simply allowing choice-£billions! It won't make a scrap of difference to the death rates and even if it did it would suit government as they would save a fortune on welfare payments. People die when they die, not when ASH, CRUK or even the WHO say so. It is highly hypocritical to assure people that you are doing something for their own good, longevity of life when, at the same time, they are telling you they can no longer afford for you to live past retirement age so in order to ensure that a few million more don't cause a financial problem they simply put the retirement age UP! 
I have sent a very polite letter to Mr Dumb, Mr Dumber & Mr Bunter, all of whom have steadfastly either ignored my missives, refused to reply for fear of incriminating themselves or both!
Needless to say I have absolutely no time for those illiberal so-called Liberals, who wouldn't understand liberalism if Jo Grimmond rose again and smacked them in the face with a book on the subject. Jo Grimmond suffered from a rare political disease-the ability to communicate & listen!
As for the Tories led by Mr Dumber, well, it seems that he has failed on all eight (yes 8) counts with Jeff Randall and I'm afraid that I have to agree! 
The positive side of Mr Dumbers appalling performance to date is that my friend Roger Helmer has finally capitulated and deserted the Conservatives in favour of UKIP, who seem to be 'on message' with what the British people actually want:
a)... out of this diabolically restrictive European Union
b)... stop the appalling number of immigrants 'drowning' our country
c)... amend the smoking ban to allow CHOICE
Now they are only for starters, I could easily list twenty more ideas that make perfect sense but I'll bore you no more.
When this charade called the Coalition Government have disappeared, like the Titanic 100 years ago, it can only be hoped that more and more people 'see the light' and start looking at the sense & sensibility emanating from "UKIP Towers"
Labour ensured this countries economic doom. The Conservatives give £134m away because it rained somewhere & the  illiberal Liberals are now dead and buried thus can no longer be considered as the 3rd party (more like a distant arm of the Third Reich!
We can only hope & pray that we have a country left that is worth saving by the time dumb & dumber have finished brown nosing the european dictators for all I can do at this time is to watch us sink deeper & deeper into the mire!

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  1. I clicked on the link dismissed smokers but could only bring myself to watch the first few seconds where Mr Dumb, Nick Clegg talks about being a Liberal, that made me feel sick I had to switch it off.