Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Meglomaniacs heaven

We now know, indisputably, that Andrew Lansley has renounced all his previous witterings about fairness, equality, human rights & choice  as this so called 'public consultation' (that has none of the general public actually being consulted!) stumbles on until it is decided that there is 'undeniable evidence' that shows plain packaging will be the final 'cure all' of smokers-every one will give up smoking and not one single child will even look at a plain packet of cigarettes-we'll all be too bored by them! The fact that plain packaging, subject to massive court cases in Australia, is now totally irrelevant seems lost on Lansley and the health loonies as they march ever onward with their crazy lifestyle plans where we all live to be at least a centenarian. Plain packaging became irrelevant the moment the tobacco display ban was enshrined in law, but they seem not to have noticed such.
Lansley is fast becoming the king of megalomaniacs as he sees all conquering power before him and sees himself as ruler of all those beneath him thanks to the unwavering support of the anti tobacco legions who instigated this atrocity within our country. It seems we are no longer allowed choice in what we do or how we live our lives as we need to be told when to eat, when to sleep, what to eat, how to eat it, what to drink, when to drink it and how much of whatever we are enjoying......to enjoy!
The health loonies seem to think that we all want to live to be at least 100 years old and I can't figure out why? Who on earth would want to live to that age when one certainly wouldn't be fit enough to go out and do what one could do 50 years earlier. What would you be able to afford with your pension the way the cost of living is rising year after year? You would be consigned to watching TV all day long-the healthy lifestyle channel!
But back to Lansley. One has to ask the question, "what is he getting out of all this?" I blogged, somewhat tongue in cheek a couple of weeks ago, that Lansley was the most dangerous man in the country-now I am convinced that I was right! He is. There is no proof that cigarettes sold from behind closed doors reduce smoking and absolutely NONE that plain packaging will make a ha'porth of difference but our new health Fuhrer is undeterred in his quest for supreme power. A very interesting interview with Andrew Turner of API Laminates lays it all out for us, the damage liable to be caused, the unemployment liable to be caused and the ramifications of plain packaging in the future!

But as I said in a previous blog Lansley cares not a jot about what any of this might do to the economy, in fact the economy must be the furthest thing from his mind as he strives to kill this country off once and for all-and believe you me folks, that is exactly what this ludicrous health drive will do. Let's see what we can get rid of shall we? Well fags are out as they may contribute to cancer, and so might milk, coffee, tea, beef, pork, lamb, red wine & chocolate.....I mean, just how long a list is this going to be? Note here that when I pointed two of these cancer risks out to my then MP, Sir Peter Soulsby [uggh] (a complete anti tobacco warrior) a couple of years ago and asked why weren't at war with bacon & red wine etc, he flippantly replied that "we'll start the campaign tomorrow shall we, after I've finished my bacon sandwich and glass of wine!" (So much for your MP being of any use!) We obviously need to get rid of all the take-away joints for they are guilty of 'making' us 'slob out' in front of the telly and become obese, so that's Chinese, Cantonese, Indian, Mexican, Portuguese, Thai, Turkish and even some Spanish take-away food shops gone. Then there are all the Kebab shops that sell Doner, Kiofte, Lamb, Chicken, Spicy Chicken, Herbed Chicken, Burgers etc and of course we must not forget the good old mainstay-the fish 'n' chip shop. Add to the list MacDonalds, Burger king, KFC and an enormous array of pizza places, all of these will be part and parcel of our failure to meet the BMI figure as laid down by the health gestapo of this once great country. How many of such shops in London alone? A quick check over at Yell.com lists 8 such places in Islington alone - and they don't list every business! You see we have to remember that Lansley's NHS reforms are highly dubious, in fact so dubious that many Tory Mps and ex Tory MEPs doubt his proposals working at all! So a possible 60,000 businesses could be set to close simply to assuage the thirst of our health omnipotence. Think of THAT in cost terms to the country!
The government and the health lobby are well on the way to eradicating our pubs with their smoking ban and consistent taxing of alcohol and we know that the cost so far is circa £27bn-yes BILLION.....and they haven't even started on food (above) yet! It is no longer a war on tobacco, it is a war on free thinking spirits. It is an exercise in state control-but it is failing, as it was always doomed to do. In the latest report a mere 12% of Wigan smokers managed to quit completely-and that's only after a 4 week state controlled period. God forbid they should actually give us a figure after a proper 12 month period !

When you actually look at the reform proposals I think you would agree that Lansley hasn't really got a grip on reality which immediately makes me think that this new found love for hatred of all matters tobacco is simply a giant smokescreen to hide his inabilities of creating a simple but effective NHS reform.
The problem with this scenario of course is that in seeing a way of 'covering his very dubious NHS tracks, Lansley has turned himself into a Lord God of all matter health, he is in megalomaniacs heaven-and still very, very dangerous indeed.

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