Saturday, 28 April 2012

It's a rotten law, a rotten country!

Announced today that we are in a 'double dip', a recession that is, apparently approaching the disastrous proportions of the 1930's. Well, we can certainly thank the Blair/Brown years for our sad financial demise and even applaud them for our complete lack of 'gold reserves' - that we sold at probably the worst possible time and, of course, the worst possible price. But it is another piece of the jigsaw of legislation that Labour pushed through that will see the end of this country as any sort of financial power in the economic world - the Smoking Ban, the worst law implemented since the Clockmakers Tax of the 1790's which promptly saw clock production cease.
Of course the anti tobacco army have marched gloriously onward in their attempt to eradicate smoking in this country simply because 75% of the population don't smoke;ie, they had a natural 'weight advantage' to start with.
We have an indoor ban which has crucified the pubs & clubs with more than 10,000 gone since mid 2007-at God only knows what cost to a government so far up the health lobbyists backsides I'm surprised that they are still easily distinguishable from the Patel's in the corner shop!
We have the lunatic fringe now wanting plain packaging, though of course there is absolutely no point enforcing such as cigarettes now have to be hidden behind 'closed doors'-for the sake of the 'chiiildren'. The fact that kids espy thousands of gaily coloured sweet packets which lead to major dental problems  and obesity seems to have escaped such as Lansley who is on a one man mission to save the sinners smokers from themselves.
We also now have another section of the lunatic fringe wanting to ban smoking in cars, err, private property but they seem to want to ignore that fact just as they want to ignore the fact that the children are already travelling in the most toxic of all our problems. I have friends who have died from the effects of exhaust fumes but not one of my many aquaintances has succumbed to cigarette smoke!
We have yet another, more extreme set of lunatics wanting to ban smoking in parks & other open air areas-now just how are they going to manage/police that I wonder? A park is a public area, paid for (out of our taxes) by the public, for the public-so do they now want to take on the discrimination laws?
It really must be a case of getting all priorities wrong when it comes to this smoking ban and the financial state of this country for we are now in a 'double dip' recession, yet we happily start on the next £27bn in the un-winnable war against smokers.  The latest 'public figure' to come out against the ban is non other than ex Sex pistol John Lydon who simply says "Give people the choice." Now I don't see much wrong with that idea-do you?

Just think about it for a minute.
Thought about it?
Think of how many people would return to the pubs to drink, especially when non smokers had their own pubs, likewise smokers.
Think of how many jobs it would create as pubs started to become busy again.
Think of how much revenue this cash strapped government would once again start raking in-I don't seem to remember there being any form of recession pre smoke ban-do you?
Think of how much money Government would save on funding these terrorist quangos like ASH who have no regard for 25% of the population! Terrorism:- Common definitions of terrorism refer only to those violent acts which are intended to create fear (terror), are perpetrated for a religious, political or, ideological goal; and deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (civilians). Isn't it strange how ASH fit the description so nicely-it's a fair cop guv! Even stranger is the fact that government have no qualms about financially supporting this terrorism against its own people and as Dick Puddlecote says here, "It's quite a staggering sum, too. Total budget in financial year 2011/12: £468,462.06" - and that's only the Smoke Free South West mob!
Amending the smoking ban to encompass that which should always have been encompassed (CHOICE) would see this government starting to claw back £millions that have been needlessly wasted over the past 5 years. They only denied themselves £254m in 2010.....and all in the name of an ideology nurtured over the decades by a group of extremists hell bent on the destruction of this country, yet, if everyman & woman was absolutely potless smokers would still find a way to smoke-for you either smoke or you don't. All this idiotic ideology needs to stop for the sake of sanity and the sake of our rapidly failing economy for make no mistake folks the smoking ban, in all its horror, will bankrupt this country. The Labour party made one horrendous mistake by backing one of their own (Donaldson), the Coalition have made a bigger one by not amending Labour's atrocity in law-making!


  1. I'm sure many readers will have read Dick Puddlecote's article at and no mention of crusading Lansley should exclude reference to his comments when in opposition - effing hypocrite.

  2. Lansley ..I can barely dare mention his name for fear of murderous thoughts.

  3. What the smoking ban means, is that smokers no longer go to pubs. The social lives of thousands, possibly millions of people here in the UK have been affected.
    In the years leading to the UK ban ONS Surveys confirmed that 65% of those questioned preferred a choice of areas inside.
    Similarly 60% of people questioned visiting Sofia's bars and restaurants in Bulgaria think the current restrictions are enough as do 70% of those asked running Plodiv's hospitality industry. Sensible restrictions on smoking are commonplace in Bulgaria, many adult venues have ventilated smoking rooms with doors that spring shut. Clearly there are already sufficient measures in place to protect bar staff from the so called effects of shs.

    So what rights do they have to ban smoking outright inside, when no one else but smokers will be affected ??