Saturday, 21 April 2012

PM10's & No10

Isn't it truly magnificent when the media actually start releasing, in all innocence of course, the truth about our wanton pollution problems? doesn't make you feel that you have a government and a system that you can trust!

I speak of course of the marvellous revelations that pollution from cars, lorries, buses etc; even power plants kill 13,000 people per annum. With another 6,000 tacked on from EU pollutants we are getting rid of 19,000 people per year-and no one has lit a cigarette or pipe yet!
The article explains how soot particles in the air (PM10s) invade our fragile respiratory systems and slowly poisons us: Quote- "The MIT study estimated air pollution was costing at least £6 billion a year and possibly as much as £60bn. Most of the cost is generated by the cardiac and respiratory diseases caused by inhaling the minute, sooty particles from car exhausts." 
Now this takes some comprehending for we are used to having smoking related costs of £2.7bn thrown at us from every vantage point possible but air pollution figures simply drown any such numerical arguments! 'at least £6 billion a year', more than double smoking costs to the NHS! But the other end of the scale is monumental for we hear that the figure is as much as 'as much as £60bn.' Wowee! Now we are talking 22 times as much as smoking related treatments yet smoking, apparently, still remains 'one of the most preventable causes of premature deaths'. Set that against 'emissions from cars and lorries, which occur closer to where people live and work, pose a more serious risk to human health.' and one has to wonder about the enormity of the lies emanating from our 'No 10' about PM10s?  
We already know that Britain has fended off £300m in fines from the EU/SSR concerning air pollution levels yet, as usual, No 10 says nothing about such matters to the people that put them in office yet they continue to condemn those 25% of the population, including the smokers that were daft enough to vote blue!
Beginning to see the hogwash spouted by anti tobacco groups yet?
As anti tobacco war costs keep mounting (approximately £27bn so far) with results equating to nil pointes, you have to debate the sanity of those leading the charge against a legal product. Yes, I am talking about tobacco!  
After much correspondence to, and very few replies from, Irish Health Minister James Reilly wants to extend the ban to everywhere that children could be, might be, even should be but now accepts that 8 years of colossal effort and 8 years of colossal expenditure have resulted, again, in nil pointes!  infact, Irish smoking rates have increased by 2%-now that is Irish!
One has to wonder when this idiotic crusade will end for the costs, on both sides of the Atlantic are astronomical and now we have the news that Bloomberg (N York maggot mayor) & Bill Gates (worm Microsoft) are to donate $500m "to fight tobacco use in developing countries", well good luck with that then for most developing countries have totally corrupt regimes (mind you, we are getting that way ourselves!) therefore much of the £500m will simply disappear into officials pockets-or Swiss bank accounts. Apparently these people (Bloomberg/Gates) are known as philanthropists but in reality they are simply control freaks who want to attack smokers in poor countries where, quite often, the only pleasure the inhabitants have is smoking. They simply use their colossal wealth, no doubt, in part, gained from those who smoke to pursue an ideology that will never come to fruition. Why should people who enjoy a legal past-time be hounded and bullied into submission by a few anti smoking terrorists simply because they (the anti smoking terrorists) abhor the smell of smoke? 
Before the turn of the century a certain Dr Kitty Little began correlating the rise in cancer cases with the rise in industrialisation but she was largely ignored because the anti tobacco squadrons were already being put in place; ie, her research did not suit that which was already on its way for the unsuspecting smokers. But, the good doctors work was hushed up for more than just the smoking/cancer/diesel studies for she exposed the breeding grounds for all these horrible little people that seem to think they have a divine right to run ruin others lives & lifestyles. She wrote about the Illuminati and the book The Truth Shall Set You Free tells you all you need to know about what is going on, way above our heads, in this totally corrupted, power crazed world. Why do you all think that CP students (Common Purpose) have infiltrated our legal system to such an extent that any person accused of a smoking or smoking related crime has very little chance of justice being served for they are now deemed guilty as charged-even if they don't smoke.
The EU directed that smoke ban laws were to be enforced to the maximum to deter would be activist/objectors and we certainly don't need to look very far for proof of that situation! Corruption in our courts is now commonplace as witnesses are not allowed to be called, CCTV footage is deemed ignorable by Kettering magistrates & state employed 'witnesses' are deemed more credible than any 'honest Joe' off the streets! The mere fact that we know a government agent is lying through her crooked teeth seems to have no basis or make no difference in our courts of supposed law! The  smoking ban has been seen as a supreme cash cow to our financially jaundiced judicial system. but, yet again the question arises, why is this discriminatory law still in place in its original form when it is blatantly obvious that it is costing this country £billions in trade and therefore revenue? The answer is simple my friends. The anti smoking lobby have created a monster, a monster that governments have found to be highly lucrative as the legal system has been adapted to reap the benefits. A monster that can produce a never ending series of studies and reports to support its weird & wonderful claims, a monster that happily discriminates against 25% of the population without fear of contradiction simply because the brainwashing has already been done on the majority!
It is only when scientific studies such as this finally seep out that people even begin to question the validity of the spurious claims from such as ASH, CRUK etc. As an aside, did you notice that as soon as a consultation on plain packaging was announced, YouGov produced a survey stating that 62% of the population wanted plain packaging? Now how did Peter Kellner (confirmed anti tobacco loon) know that a survey was needed, who did he survey and when did the survey take place?
The whole plot stinks and nothing stinks more than the latest report on our pollution status, which is where we started out today as government ignore the possible  "£60bn of which most  of the cost  is generated by the cardiac and respiratory diseases caused by inhaling the minute, sooty particles from car exhausts." Again they use the 'premature death syndrome' as a benchmark for fear, but there is no such thing as nobody holds a dated book of lifespans and non of us know when our time is up! In fact, when you investigate the 'science of anti smoking' and listen to such as Arnott, Sandford et al spouting on about 'overwhelming evidence', the majority of it is merely a smokescreen for no one has ever yet produced that death certificate with SHS as causation of death!

Perhaps, in the light of this scientific revelation, government will refuse to produce a death certificate stating C.O.D: Air Pollution!

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