Friday, 29 November 2013

NICE ? No, just plain horrible people.

Smoking bans kill businesses-FACT!

     So we now have the people who purport to act on behalf of NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellenc) deciding what hospital policy/ies should be with regard to smoking. Since when have they been a legislative body I ask?
     These are the people who decide whether cancer sufferers live or die - ccording to cost etc. If the life extending drugs seem to cost 'too much' then they refuse to supply the necessary drugs and the patient dies earlier than would probably have been. It's easy to see where the medical world have coined the phrase "premature death" from isn't it-they've created the situation! So, in effect, the horrible people at NICE are Godlike in deciding who lives & who dies.
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     It seems that horrible, horrible NICE have now decided that all smoking on hospoital grounds be banned, patients no longer allowed outside for a NICE relaxing cigarette, staff no longer allowed to smoke on their breaks and, worst of all, this is all to be policed by staff who have to supposedly run around after smokers to inform them to stop smoking. I thought medical staff were medical staff, trained to treat people that were ill - not bullyboy style doormen/women that harrassed others because of a lifestyle chosen by them! This is one step too far. Far from helping this smoking situation NICE are simply going to cause more hospital admissions as nurses (m/f) are assaulted by smokers who are fed up of being harrassed by illegal 'doormen'/smoke wardens. Yet the answer is so simple! CHOICE.
Measures should be implemented to help patients stop smoking while they are being cared for and “preferably help them to stop for good”, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) said.
These people truly do live in a separate world to the rest of us. Why would a patient, who thoroughly enjoys smoking, want any 'implemented measures' to stop smoking? Forget all that blarney about 80% of smokers wanting to quit, that is simply another 'pie in the sky figure' from our friends at ASH. The imbeciles at NICE need to take something very basic on board here: people are either born to enjoy smoking or not-simple as that.
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 Professor Mike Kelly, director of the Centre for Public Health Excellence at Nice, described the guidance as a “culture shift” as opposed to creating a "penal culture" and said it is needed to end “the terrible spectacle of people on drips in hospital gowns smoking outside hospital entrances”. (Let them get dressed first then Mike!)
What about the terrible spectacle of patients being refused expensive drugs and left to die???
     Professor Mike Kelly is another who believes that this should be looked at as a culture shift and not  bullyboy tactic, but then he would as he wants to be seen as "being for the greater good" etc. We must also remember that a condemned man is allowed a last cigarette before execution and it seems that Mike Kelly would deny dying patients their last drag as well-what a cretin! To suggest that people be fined for smoking on hospital grounds is totally absurd and merits absolutely no consideration whatsoever. The normal set of estimated figures are banded about as usual - 80,000 estimated deaths per annum attributable to smoking & now we may have up to 5,000 pregnancies 'gone wrong' because of smoking! Hang on a minute here, does that mean they only counted the pregnant ladies that smoked or did they actually find 20,000 pregnant females and then waited until a conclusion for each one? And we must remember that SIDS was also incorporated in their silly anti smoking statistics when SIDS cannot possibly be included in any other criteria..... except SIDS statistics!
     Another interesting fact is that  NICE now declare that smokers should not receive treatment, yet 'Nai' Bevan set up the NHS FOR ALL PEOPLE, not just those who sit on the sanctimonious bench! Perhaps we shouldn't treat all those that eat mushy peas in future because their breath stinks and the gases exuded are atrocious! What do you think Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika FlagAdolf Kelly?Free Clipart Picture of a Swastika Flag 
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Bevan was a lifelong champion of social justice and the rights of working people
     Patients who smoke have every right to wander off to have a cigarette if they so desire and the HORRIBLE people at the so called NICE place have absolutely no right to say otherwise. Yet again, the nastyness of a few should see an increase in smoking! 
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  1. Oh how we deplore those vile playground bullies who pick on the most vulnerable in the playground. We have laws to discourage them.
    Oh how we praise those healthist bullies who pick on the most vulnerable in hospital. We need laws to encourage them.
    Totally bl00dy barbaric.

  2. As far as the Anti smoking lot are concerned they should take a very good look at the last picture, it sums them up perfectly, " for the greater good" yes we have heard that many times from many different people but the outcome is Always to take away other peoples Freedoms and Choices. NICE ( and I find it hard to call them that ) have overstepped their position but in doing so tell us just what they are Really about.