Saturday, 26 December 2015

A New Year, but is it a new begining?

Smoking bans kill businesses-FACT!
(the EU too!) 
(If you can't stand the truth then don't read this!)

     Well folks, we've had to put up with all Camoron's bluff and bluster regarding HIS negotiations with EU supremo's, HIS re-negotiations and even HIS re-re-ngotiations..... all of which have been totally and utterly fruitless: the EU juggernaut of self destruction is refusing to bend and will continue to non-bend. In short they are putting their might against the wants of our (supposed) Prime Minister and the will of our people! To them, we don't matter as a nation. To them, our finances & businesses do! All they want is our wealth, which of course they will keep on wasting until we are all in the same old "EU SS Titanic", doomed to sink just as surely as that super-liner of 1912 did.
Did that caMORON just ask for something?
     Apart from the financial aspects of our destruction it seems that the EU is hellbent on destroying the very fabric of our society with the introduction of 'Schengen', the so called treaty/agreement that allows complete freedom of movement between countries of anyone, anywhere and at anytime! No wonder arms dealers went on bended knee to thank the heavens for this unbelievably liberal piece of stupidity. Not only arms dealers, but child traffickers, eastern european female trafficking (into prostitution) and more, less than salubrious activities, have been welcomed to move as freely as they wish!
Where to start with the plan to stop the self destruction of this once noble country?
The un-delightful migrant camp in Calais
     Schengen? We simply DO NOT need to entertain this 'silly-arsed' Schengen for it has no purpose in our world (British way of living). Thank the Lord above that we have 22miles of water between us and 'that camp' in France for look at the brutal approach (by the migrants) to our lorry drivers refusing to carry truckloads of these people into our country. Conversely, look at the stupidity of our legal system when they find illegal immigrants in the back of any British based lorry and issue totally unwarranted fines on the company/companies involved. Same old British legal system:- "if you can fine it/them, then do so and get whatever money you can back off the people!" ( "the people" are the only one's that can get this country out of the gi-normous financial abyss we are in) more on this later.
Into Britain at any cost. 1 driver v 100 migrants!
     The establishment (by that, I mean the idiots in Westminster) seem to be totally behind mass immigration to fill the 'employment gap'. What employment gap I ask? There IS NOT an employment gap and that is a cold, hard fact folks. let's take Leicester, Nottingham &; Derby as examples [last Jan/Feb figures]:
Unemployment: (L) 10, 280....... Vacancies: 2,380
                           (N)    8,970 ...... Vacancies: 1,942
                           (D)    9,742 .....  Vacancies: 1,893
Now this seems to me that, as per usual, our dearly beloved Government is lying through its back passages to the people once again! Amazingly, in only three (3) Midlands cities  we have 28,992 unemployed persons yet there are an incredibly huge amount of  6,215 vacancies! Wowee, that's it folks, economic crisis averted, we're saved! Now expand these figures nationwide!
Something slightly wrong here folks - the figures just happen to be the wrong way round, again! And do you know why this is - nationwide? (Two clues, yep, just the 2!)
     No1: The EU interfering in everything we do-look at the fishing industry for starters! Then look at the bribery going on; ie, the Transit plant was in Southampton employing more than 500 workers but now it sits in southern Turkey after an £80m 'resettlement' loan from our ever so friendly EU.(excuse: cheaper production costs..... apart from the small matter of the £80m of course!)
     Funnily enough Nottingham also suffered in excess of 500 job losses thanks to the EU and their 'ever so aggressive' stance on smoking bans (our ban is the harshest in all of Europe!) as the much famed Imperial Tobacco cigarette factory was forced into closure courtesy of excessive taxation, increasing regulations & the fantastically monstrous growth of 'Black Market' tobacco sales! (all three reasons are courtesy of an overbearing EU body of unelected muppets-yet they cannot see the truth to save their miserable, overpaid lives!)
     The EU put methods of enforcement into action that were well beyond any reasonability, which is why two good men ended up in prison for a short while. Nick Hogan & Chris Carter both fought the absolutely stupid implementation of the smoking ban law only to end up behind bars-the establishment cared not for, in their eyes, the law had been upheld. It was the generosity of smokers nationwide to pay the necessary monies to gain their release again. I remember quite clearly the Liverpool lorry driver wrongly accused of smoking a cigarette in his cab (on his dinner break). The EHO (one vicious bitch I might add) ensured he was sacked from his job (before any court appearance I might add) and the ensuing legal proceedings cost the lorry driver more than £1,200 - and they call that justice! His biggest mistake? he believed that truth in our courts would suffice - mad fool! When Chris Minihan told me that he had defended himself I was absolutely appalled for I knew that the magistrates would take no notice of him whatsoever for what he didn't know (and millions of others didn't either) is that the EU sent through a 'silent ruling' that all EHO's are 'to be deemed more reliable/truthful than any accused'. That basically means that no matter what your defence in a court of law, the EHO's concocted story is always more reliable! 
     Here we are, 81/2  years down that particular road, and we seem to have lost 15,000 pubs, clubs, Bingo Halls etc - simply because of an extremely poorly implemented smoking ban. That, in turn, creates 200,000+ unemployed persons that have very little chance of being employed elsewhere-as the required jobs market is continually shrinking! Amazingly the government keep on telling us that the the unemployment figures are shrinking, which must surely mean that job vacancies are increasing!
     Redcar, already a largely unemployed town in the NE saw its colossus close a few weeks ago with the loss of 1,700 jobs, condemning the town to the graveyard of mass unemployment. Strangely enough, only the week before, our leading 'caretakers' had visited foriegn parts and signed deals with China:-
"The closure of the plant follows chancellor George Osborne’s visit to China last week. The steel industry has blamed the dumping of cheap steel from China partly for the near-halving of the price of steel in the past year."
Oh well, just another one gone!
     You seen how it works yet? 1,700 jobs gone 'here', 500 jobs lost 'there', another 500 over 'that way', 150 lost 'down that way' etc etc and you can easily see that WE DO NOT NEED 20,000 immigrants to 'do the jobs the British people won't', because the jobs just aren't there! (Another 'working' statement employed by the government, just like the idiotic 'premature death' cobblers!) In truth, when scouring through all the distorted figures & plethora of paperwork that categorizes various forms of unemployment etc, we find that we have approximately 5,000,000 unemployed in this country - so why the bloody hell do the government think we need to take in thousands of migrants-95% of whom will simply add to the unemployment figures, abuse their hosts & wreck everything around them!
Invasion - not migration!
     No 2: The second part of the downfall of this once great nation is the influx of migrants (most of whom are fit young men) of whom the majority are Muslims. Now I have no preferences for any religion but it strikes me that most of the worlds problems are being caused by these fanatical Muslims, who seem to think that "their time has come". We can only take it, from their actions thus far, that 'their time' equals world domination!  Even Archbishop Welby has seen the light and stated that Islam is trying to eradicate Christianity! We even had one Australian idiot so brainwashed that he now has a 6 yr prison sentence to contend with for 'giving his 12 yr old daughter away' in some form of paedophilic, Islamic wedding ceremony!
What is behind that clothing? man, woman, child...or simply a  terrorist?
They (Islam) have followed a very clever & duplicitous path for they have amassed hordes in each of the countries they have settled in, asking only for small changes, bit by bit, so as to allow them to reside 'as they would'. It has been a magnificent 'salami slicing' piece of work as they now have Sharia courts in most Western countries, violent activasts & hate preachers in all! The paris shootings should have alerted all that have eyes..... but no, we still have idiots in Westminster who believe that we should assist ISIS by allowing 20,000 migrants into this country 'on humanitarian grounds'! If a mere 2% are Islam fanatics then we have imported 400 complete fruitcakes that believe that if they wipe out 'infidels' (non Islam believers) they will be going to a place where 72 virgins await them! Now I would have thought that with their cult (not religion) believing that it was OK to 'take child brides' from the age of 6yrs upward it simply proved that Islam is nothing more than a satanic, paedophilic cult that has no place in our modernistic Western World-and there certainly won't be 72 virgins left! They have never been a democracy and never will be, especially when statements like this emanate from the lips of those who rule - Iyad Madani, secretary-general of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), has said that "freedom of the press and expression is an important issue as it expresses the heartbeat of citizens and their concerns, but such freedom of expression as a way to offend religions and their symbols, is totally unacceptable." (in other words, freedom of speech is bang ok UNLESS it offends any muslim!
It appears that Somalia, another nation enjoying great poverty & war, has now declared itself a Muslim State where Christianity is virtually forbidden! Director General of Somalia's Ministry of Religious Affairs, Sheikh Mohamed Khayrow, warned that security forces would break-up any gatherings held in the capital Mogadishu. He said: 
"All events related to Christmas and New Year celebrations are contrary to Islamic culture, which could damage aqidah (faith) of the Muslim community. There should be no activity at all." 
     Apparently, they think exactly the opposite to us and attack everything Westernised, showing that they simply want to reduce everything to rubble and the way of living 2,000 years ago! (Look at Syria present day!!!) However, strangely enough, they are not adverse to employing all the Western technology (computers, emails, guns, explosives etc) to annihilate the 'infidels'! We have Imams stating that it is now worse to wish our friends & families "Merry Christmas" than to murder someone! Unbelievably, whilst on the subject of 'White Christmas' we have a bunch of totally 'dumbed down' students who have willingly signed a petition to ban the famous Bing Crosby song because it only states white-no other colours and may, therefore, be offensive to those who are not perfectly white! (It was a complete 'send up' but they still willingly signed!!!) Probably includes the little green men from Mars too! How can the youth of today be so criminally stooooooopid? I suppose that the song "Black is Black" by Los Bravos (1967) should now have multicoloured versions of the original version so as NOT to upset some 'wilting flower'! Where does the lunacy end I ask, and, more worryingly, it is these students that may possibly end up in government-God forbid! Incidentally, Irving Berlin, who wrote the song, had no affinities with Christmas at all, no religious meanings or anything like that-it was simply a song to remind American servicemen of home! 
Do we need another one of these I ask?
     Even more ridiculous is the fact that Darius Rucker sang "White Christmas" at New York's tree lighting ceremony and caused a 'social media outrage' - just how stooooopid are people becoming? But back to our own problems.....
      We have gangs of Muslims roaming the streets attacking our girls & women because 'they' think that our females are not dressed appropriately. Women are nothing to them so slapping them, punching them, beating the sh*t out of them is nothing to concern themselves with. FGM is rife in this country yet what do we do about it? Nothing, for we are frightened to death of being accused of racism!! We have areas where our police have to ask permission to patrol the streets - totally unbelievable but true!
     We need a government that has balls (and I don't mean Ed Balls either!), a government that can simply say the the EU monsters in Brussels, "Sorry, but we are no longer interested in watching poverty loom large, we are no longer interested in Schengen which invites terrorism into our country, we are no longer interested in migrants as we haven't got any jobs for them,. We are no longer able to support incoming migrants and the twenty family members that will surely follow. 
     We have a world renowned NHS which is crumbling at its very foundations because we are giving money away to God only knows how many countries (one of which simply refurbishes its palace!). We are full to bursting point with 65,000,000 people already ensconced on this tiny island. Our welfare system is facing financial ruin because so many people have the audacity to live beyond retirement age (was 65!) - the influx of migrants strains this already overstretched facet to bursting point. We no cannot afford to be giving away £60,000,000 per day to an undemocratic organisation that wouldn't know democracy if it jumped up and smacked them in the face. We certainly don't need to be 'ruled' by a bunch of power crazy lunatics who seem to want to destroy the very fabric of this country as they have a good number on the continent; ie Spain = bankrupt, Italy = bankrupt, Greece = penniless, Portugal = bankrupt, Britain = bankrupt (your gov't just hasn't told the people the truth yet!), Eire = bankrupt, Croatia = bankrupt before/when they entered the EU, France = teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and so on! The latest newspaper poll shows a staggering 91% wanting OUT/LEAVE, so what is the caMORON wasting more time doing?
Should the UK remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?
  • Remain 9% 2,450 votes
  •   Leave 91% 24,122 votes
Now what is your opinion?

     We have one great advantage over the rest of Europe..... 22 miles of water between us & them and if there was ever a time we needed that 22 miles of water folks..... THIS IS IT! Of course the other bonus ball from the channel is the much cheaper tobacco purchases on the other side of it!
     Can 2016 be a new beginning? Can CaMORON and his Cabinet, Front bench, Back bench  & acolytes see the light and get us out of this EU toilet, close the doors on this migration problem and the marauding hordes of women hating (except when they want sex) sub-humans? We don't need the EU to trade for they will trade with us anyway, in fact trade with the EU diminished by 18% last year!
Vote to leave the EU, it is a quagmire of lies & deceits that will, ultimately, totally & utterly bankrupt this country. THEY ONLY WANT GB FOR ITS WEALTH, they always have and nothing is ever going to change that! 
Be warned!


  1. Britain was once a Proud nation but government after government have turned this Country into a dangerous mess, the issues you have mentioned in this article are to blame.

    Government have turned the word PRIDE into a Dirty word in this Country by more than one reason.

  2. The situation is likely to get worse before it gets better and countries like France putting border controls in place now is all too little too late.With mass immigration and lax border controls comes increased terrorist threat. Our crumbling Nhs can't seem to stop wasting money and it needs to get its priorities right spending almost £2bn on health tourists including over stayers and illegal immigrants that will never contribute to it, whilst many that have contributed for years face a twelve month wait for their operations.The Tories will continue to run it into the ground until it is no longer sustainable in its current form. Cameron is fast becoming a laughing stock where the EU is concerned; he is achieving nothing in terms of political bargaining but his visits do make it clear that brexit is the only way to return powers to this country.