Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Some simple truths for British people

The EU destroys all it touches/interferes with!
     Slight change of tack today folks as we look at the diminishing prosperity of this country and the idiot we have in charge of said diminishing prosperity.
     I think that a good 70% of the population can now clearly see why we need to be out of the EU. It is simply a leviathon of financial destruction that sucks in whole countries and just spits out the remnants, appeasing only those who sit in power collecting immense wages & expenses as each week rumbles slowly by.
Do we need to be in this 'Krakatoa organisation' (?) I don't think so..... in fact, I know we don't! Sadly, our unillustrious apology of a leader, the caMORON, believes the opposite. Even sadder is the miserable, weather beaten face of Jeremy Corben (Labour's new prehistoric Messiah) ALSO believes that we should succumb to the idiocities of EU rule! Incidentally, 'the new messiah' has just sacked his Shadow Europe minister (Pat McFadden) for making the point of 'refusing to blame the Paris attacks on the West'. I think we all now know that Corben may as well wear a burqa on a daily basis! It also proves that we trust none of Lib/Lab/Con - how sad.
The common sense of the people is all we have left.
(not quite sure where 'up, up,up' becomes DOWN!)
     What has the EU achieved lately, apart from spending a fortune on discussing the merits of candles? Not a lot by all accounts except bankrupting country after country and flooding the western world with ignorant, nomadic & animalistic peoples from the eastern nations. Note here that Japan said NO! Japan says "look after your own people first". Very clever those little Japanese peoples! They have realised that the NWO (New World Order) are totally wrong in their thinking that populations must integrate and it is easy to see why they are wrong. Let's dive into the dark abyss shall we and let's see how far we get with TRUTH before some 'poor, sensitive darling' gets a tad upset, let's give you the real news from around europe!
     Let's get one thing abundantly clear from the very start shall we..... the BBC News, ITV News, Ch4 News & Ch5 News are NOT our trusty truthful friends in all this - they only tell us what they are 'allowed' to tell us. A quick for instance would be that the internet petition to ban Donald Trump from this country quickly hit the 400,000 mark was featured on all news stations but the OTHER internet petition backing Donald Trump (which reached a similar figure incidentally) was never mentioned! So, we know we are dealing with bias on an unprecedented scale-and further proof is easy to come by.
The EU, in its (non) infinite wisdom decreed that the Schengen agreement should be enacted, thus all borders opened, leaving millions of third world itinerants to head toward the west where there wasn't war and where there was a promise of non existent jobs. Note, there were also an abundance of benefits that could be claimed too! Now I wonder what the lure really was?
     When this exodus started we were treated to appallingly doctored photographs of dead children on a beach (on all news channels), tales of hundreds of migrants fleeing from ISIS etc only to drown somewhere in the 'Med' as they thought that 300 people would travel safely in an 8ft rubber dingy. We were treated to pictures of columns of migrants stomping their way to 'freedom'-amazingly many of these columns were mainly made up of rather large, extremely healthy, fit young men which can only mean that the women & children were left behind to fight whomever the men were running away from! The exodus from these impoverished countries quickly turned into an invasion of the west from the east - and it is an invasion that cannot be coped with..... as we shall see.
George-Soros-SC Open borders??? oh dear me! Angela Merkel has obviously been threatened with a long, slow torturous death by the likes of George Soros who uses flimsy pretexts for inviting the Muslim fraternity to take over the world (which they had already promised  to do centuries ago). Billionaire investor Soros is a firm backer of transnational bodies such as the European Union, and his Open Society Foundation (OSF) provides assistance for pro-migration activists. He is well-known for his support for “progressive” causes such as the Centre for American Progress, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama - I think we all now know where Obama stands in this Muslim based terrorism - because, apparently, it's not certain to be a Muslim based atrocity (even though proven that it is)! Sad to say, Soros is well past his 'sell-by' date but he has plenty of supporters so this lunacy will continue.
     The simple truth is that east cannot cohabit with the west, they are two totally opposite cultures. Christianity does not teach that its 'leader' condones taking a 6-9 yr old wife - for that, in Christian values equals paedophilia, a most serious offence against humankind. Nor does Christianity condone two, three or even four wives  because Christian values uphold monogomy.
     When it comes to law & order Western civilisation respects peoples rights to a fair & just trial, whereas Islamic law is simply brutal: public beheadings (even on trumped up charges), severe whippings/lashings (again for the most innocuous of charges), public stoning to death - with the public doing the stoning! Islamic law has no tolerance for gay couples as death by skydiving is now the norm for Islam 'justice'. This is no justice, this is rule by fear..... total & utter fear! 
     The slave market is still vibrant in eastern countries and punishments for 'bad slaves' are horrific. Even smoking has now been declared 'haram' with smokers being beheaded! Non of this complies in any way, shape or form with western cultures yet a geriatric idiot such as Soros believes that integration of societies/cultures will work: there is no fool like an old fool.
 caMORON has sent 15 Syrian families to the Isle of Bute (NW Scotland) where residency has diminished to a mere 6,000 and there is no work-now aren't these imported people going to a be a complete bonus to our economy! (NOT). This will occur multiple times in this country as our job sector continues to shrink, the population grows and the Welfare Bill reaches catastrophic proportions.
     By flooding the western world with these misguided, brainwashed sand dwellers it is easy to see what the NWO actually want - a war between east & west - a genocide! The west have a combined armoury so big it is virtually impossible to destroy yet thanks to many legal & illegal arms deals the east (especially ISIS) have enough arms to cause no little amount of mayhem. By opening borders to the west the NWO spread the evil of Islam to all parts of the western world with fools like Angela Merkel seemingly easy to convince that this is exactly what the world needs! Merkel is so deeply into this idiotic situation that she has now begged Mark Zuckerberg (facebook) to remove (ie, censor) all anti migrant posts on the website. Now doesn't this sound very much as if freedom of choice, freedom of speech/thought are being controlled? (Just like our news stations-who also receive bundles of money from the EU).
     Now let's look at what the news stations won't tell you shall we - and this is why we most certainly don't need these people!

Germany: Colgne Central Station turned into a war zone..... ! females grabbed, assaulted & raped. police can't cope..... !
Germany Stuttgart & Cologne suffer the same fate as 'non-whites' go on the rampage.....!

Norway: Police lose control of Oslo suburb to eastern invaders..... !

Greek  Tourism slaughtered by migrant influx..... !

Turkey:  Gov't funding/supporting ISIS - and Camoron wants Turkey in the EU..... !

Sharia law is rife in Britain..... !

Britain: Islam Converts murder a British soldier - in Woolwich, London..... !

France Cafe/nightclub slaughter..... !

Sweden Becomes the rape capital of the world..... !

France Unemployment rockets to 3.2million..... !

Germany: See massive influx of 1million  migrants..... !

Italy: Bans the burqa..... !

France: Bans the burqa..... ! 

 Denmark: Forced to close border with Germany..... !

Portugal: Declares bankruptcy..... ! 

The list is endless but we now come to some much better news folks!:- 

Poland::Has declared NO MORE migrants & EU flag removed..... !

Hungary: Declare the need for borders to be fenced off.....!

Austria: Citizens buy out all guns to protect against  muslims..... !

Slovakia: Country bans muslims as it has no mosques..... !

Austria Father brutally beats his sons rapist..... !
..... and there is a whole heap more folks!

     If anyone can still be in favour of voting YES in the forthcoming, no doubt crooked, referendum then they must be stark raving mad for there are no benefits to staying in this corrupt, self styled non democratic organisation. We will be a country that gives everything to these people for they always seem to be angry or upset about something or other, they simply do not want to integrate, they do not want any part of our culture but they do want us to switch to their so called religious beliefs. 

They have no regard for our womenfolk, seeing them only as sex objects, no less scorn. They have no part in our world!
... oh boy, did they scoff at Enoch back in the day!!!

     They fully believe that 'us whiteys' are simply infidels that should be exterminated as we do not follow the path of  Muhammad and the ridiculous edicts listed above. The EU are hell bent on destroying everything we have for they will not relinquish their hold on a doomed project-rather, they would sacrifice 28 nations than lose face.
     We need to be out of this despotic situation asap, we need to save our country £55-£60m per day and we need to stem this tide of human dross that is set to take over this country. We have what we have, we simply do not need anymore!

If you don't want to be ruled by this then vote OUT - LEAVE the tainted EU !

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