Monday, 25 January 2016

New World Order or just Lunacy?

EU/Smoking bans cost Britain jobs - FACT!

     Amazingly, after all the denials, all the 'hoo-ing & haa-ing' and slagging off of such as David Icke for his proclamations, we have Angela Merkel, the self styled 'Hitleress' of Europe, informing Vladimir Putin that he needs to 'join the New World Order, before it's too late"! Some statement that is for this ogress to come out with, especially against one of the strongest nations in the world.
Merkel warns Putin to join the New World Order before its too late
"Listen bitch, you're mine!
  In Merkel's corner we have 20+ states, all clinging together like frightened sheep, praying for salvation from the Big Bad Wolf of poverty - which has to happen eventually my friends for the EU is simply unsustainable!
     The one little chink in their armoury is the fact that Britain or shall I say the majority of Britain are turning away from the EU as it becomes more & more apparent that all 'they' (EU) want is our wealth - something I have stated from the off. They couldn't really care less about this tiny island 'off the mainland' but the wealth that this island creates IS SOMETHING that bothers them greatly! Look at Eire: look at what happened there folks. They (EU) rejected the NO vote, held another election, got a YES vote and suddenly became engulfed in the EU..... only to be bailed out some 6 months later with an astonishing near £80bn 'loan' from the EU & IMF! How on earth are this small, basically irrelevant nation (no offence intended of course) ever going to repay this ridiculous amount of money? This was merely an exercise (using the banks) for the EU to grab another country and add to their list of compliants. It doesn't matter how big the conglomerate becomes it simply cannot survive economically-and that is a fact! It's now a fact that London, the capital of this once great country has been over-run by 3rd world immigrants and is now a 'non-white' majority!
     People like George Soros are of no use to people like me & you: and that is another fact. In fact, the less we hear of globalists like him and genocidal idiots like Bill Gates the better off the western world will always be. After all, do we need open paedophilia such as disgusting old man & his child bride? Soros declared that all borders should be opened, thus releasing millions of 'sand dwellers' to the ways of the west (something they simply cannot cope with) & Gates has declared that America should take in 1 million muslims..... WHY? Gates obviously isn't bothered that San Bernadino took place or that ordinary American lives were needlessly taken by muslim lunatics. He obviously doesn't see that bringing hordes of muslims into this CHRISTIAN country creates idiotic problems like this! For once, our courts settled the matter correctly.
     Did you know that we have a similar idiot in this country? His name is Corbyn. He's that geriatric, brain dead person that came from absolute obscurity to win the party leadership a few months ago and has done nothing since his arrival except try to destroy this country further than already managed by others. Corbyn wants to 'open our doors' to "hundreds of thousands of refugees" after traipsing round a refugee camp a couple of days ago. The man is a raving lunatic for we cannot even balance the books in this country with the amount of people in it never mind adding (say) 500,000 more dole-ites to the equation! What Corbyn fails to tell the people is that these so called poverty stricken refugees are burning clothes & food and it was also found that the majority of camp dwellers did not even need to be there! There has also be  a hue & cry about parentless children being inducted into the UK as a matter of priority - err what about our children in need? Question: If these children are parentless, then how did they manage to get to one of the camps so many hundreds of miles from their original homes? Remember this too folks, if the children become domiciled here and suddenly start 'finding' members of their own families here, there & everywhere, we cannot stop the family members coming to Britain. So, as is the way, 1 single immigrant will end up accruing a further 15-20 people living in this country and at least 75% will be receiving benefits! That, on top of what we already dole out to unproductive muslims.

Velko Turnovo - too cold to smoke outside!
     Back on more sensible track we find, from reports coming out of Bulgaria, that the smoking ban is being ignored in many parts these days as people don't really fancy standing outside in -12C nor 'doing without' their fag & coffee..... so they are smoking in the cafes & bars again: how refreshing that truly is as it shows that a country has far more serious problems than people smoking!
     Interestingly during an A&E programme on the TV the other night, an elderly lady had a fall which damaged her Achilles tendon. One of the first questions asked was "Do you smoke?" (it's OK, I wondered what that had to do with said Achilles tendon too!) "Oh yes" she says quite happily, "I still manage about 15 fags a day-keeps me going it does". The Dr smiled somewhat wryly and asked her how long she'd been smoking..... the conversation ended abruptly when she clearly stated 67 yrs! Sixty seven years and still going strong-can't fault her one little bit! 
100 years young and celebrating the way she chooses to!

     Now this truth brings us directly to a BFL (big fat lie) "WalletHub" report that smoking costs a smoker $1.6m over a lifetime..... now it would be very interesting to know just how many ordinary Americans workers actually earned $1.6m in a lifetime - which would mean that they spent every dollar/cent on tobacco products Full report here.! British people would be on an equivalent £1.26m per lifetime and if they smoke 1 pack per day (£8 per pack) they would spend £56 per week = £2,912.00 per annum x 40years (don't forget that smokers supposedly die much, much earlier [???]) = £116,480.00. Now isn't that a little short of the £1.26m ($1.6m) that this warped organisation are trying to sell you? And, just to point out the obvious again, isn't it everyone's freedom of choice as to whether they smoke or not smoke?
     Meanwhile, back in the land of the free spirited people (England), we find that the Treasury is still counting the cost of the silly tobacco laws imposed 8 years ago. Figures finally (and probably reluctantly) released show that  HM Revenue & Customs estimate that in 2010/11 non-UK duty paid consumption (NUKDP) accounted for up to 19% of the cigarettes and 50% of the HRT smoked in the UK. I'd love to know what the 'estimation' is now as it seems that you can buy fags/tobacco on almost every other street corner these days . Congratulations to the government of the time (Blairs) for creating such a massive void in Treasury coffers..... it can only get worse! And this brings us rather neatly back to the very beginning of our blog - the waste of space EU who wanted the tobacco laws enforced in every way possible - non convictions were not allowed! EU-NWO = Lunacy!

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  1. If they have to exaggerate the figures, then it proves they have no argument.