Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Down and almost OUT!

The Smoking ban & EU cost this country jobs!- FACT

     I would imagine that todays announcement comes as no great surprise to anyoine who owns a modicum of common sense: Mr caMORON will not be going head-2-head with Farage, Nuttall (or anyone else for that matter) with regard to the IN/OUT campaign - referendum supposedly in June of this year. It is obvious that caMORON cannot win when it comes to a truthful confrontation so he is ducking out in favour of a 'controlled' "Question Time" style programme where he simply takes on questions from the audience - and we all know just how biased that will be! Whatever happens, the broadcasting company (whichever it may be) will only allow questions that will show 'the caMORON' in a positive light. So we now know already that the referendum vote is rigged.
Not to be repeated? David Cameron, pictured during 2015 election debate, is reportedly ready to refuse TV debates during the referendum campaign  
     Dear old Boris has been 'U-turned' again with promises of power, as has, in all probability, Michael Gove as caMORON tries to steady his extremely wobbly ship! Personally I don't think it's ministerial powers that have swayed them, I think it's more to do with the 'pension for life' guaranteed AFTER having filled a Cabinet/ministerial position-or two-or three! Out of interest (self interest in this case) just cast a watchful over Mr Blairs costings to this country SINCE he left office!
     Did you receive one of those silly "Stay In" comic things through the post perchance? Mine was full of lies about UKIP and their policies/statements/desires etc - which I objected quite strongly to-so I wasted a 2nd Class stamp and returned it to No10 Downing Street..... may I suggest that many more of you do the same as it just might create an awareness in the otherwise blinkered caMORON.
     On to Tobacco related news, quite hilarious some of it, and we find that 11 (yes eleven) local councils in the Sth West region are to axe all "QUIT"/'Smoke Free' services in a cost cutting exercise as the councils have been ordered to save money by Government. You see folks, nearly eight (8) years ago it was stated that no cost could equate to saving but one smoker from 'drowning in his own filthy habit' or killing all around them with their "highly dangerous SHS", but now it seems that even one penny is far too much to spend on those who don't, who bully those who do. In fact those that were trying to denormalise, leperise & stigmatise smokers are soon to find themselves on the scrapheap of life - the dole! Isn't that hilarious? They (the anti smoking staff) thought they were on a financial carousel for life but have suddenly found that the wheels have come off-just like all those publicans who saw their businesses go from profitable to non-existent: can we shed a tear for them (?) - not on your nelly mate! Nice list of soon to be defunct offices here - all funded by the public purse. I wonder how some of these poor 'little darlings' will cope when 'signing on' next to a smoker who is doing exactly the same (signing on), unbeknowing that the non smoker THEY are standing next to put them out of a job a few years ago? Ducking stool comes to mind. Happiness prevails, for as this writer stated from the very start the economic costs of this ridiculous rule will be its very downfall - after all, how can any country sacrifice £1/2bn every single month simply to suppress a freedom of choice.
     More news to be ecstatic about as it seems that Chicago, famed for its Gangster Era, a time that roughly spans from 1919 until 1933 when Prohibition was repealed, has suddenly found that smoking bans are very, very expensive! We have an idiot in the mayoral seat who thinks that drastically raising taxes on tobacco will solve a deeply in debt cities finances when in fact it will only exacerbate an already serious street crime situation! Of course, the other side of the coin is that sales of illegal tobacco products, already flourishing 1920's style, are further improving for those happy to smuggle in the products necessary to keep a large number of smokers happy.
     Meanwhile, despite all the efforts of the smoker-hater brigade we find Batuli Lamichhane, who was born in March 1903 ( and took up smoking when she was 17 ) has reached the grand old age of 112 - despite smoking for 95 years! She even claims that smoking 30 a day has kept her healthy-well, something certainly has!
Smoking, staying calm & staying active keeps Batuli going strong!
     Meanwhile over in France COMMON SENSE is prevailing in light of the terrorist attacks as school kids are being allowed to smoke on site; ie, not outside the school grounds where they can be converted to Islam or simply snipered  by some Islamic nutter. You see, smoking,and/or the possible dangers of, simply pale into insignificance when faced with realism! Realism being the fact that these days it is very easy to find yourself being shot at.
     Back over here, well in Wales at any rate, prisoners are now allowed (again) to smoke in their cells - and quite right too! As being in prison constitutes being 'home' there was never a reason for any type of smoking ban in any prison..... until the government paid lobby groups ASH/FRESH/Smoke Free Sth West et al) incited the POA (Prison Officers Association) so much that they took the matter as far as they could-and prisoners felt the full force of the Anti Smoking brigade.
     Over in Aussieland Philip Morris have unloaded their massive Moorabbin complex, having already moved the production side over to its Korean factory. No doubt such as Simon Chapman will be delighted that they have gone but it begs the question (yet again) of just how many jobs have been lost?
People are stupid enough to ask ridiculous questions like, "why do you bother getting the boat over to (eg) Belgium". You only have to look at the difference in prices to see why!

Belgium 1KG of Golden Virginia = €180.00 (£140.58p)

  Britain 1KG of Golden Virginia = £371.60p - no brainer really! Vote LEAVE and sort this crap out!

 Golden Virginia Hand Rolling Tobacco (50g)


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  1. As we know Cameron is a traitor to the country and getting rid of him and the EU is a must. Good news on the anti smoker front, the quicker they are made unemployed the better, they have cost this country billions whilst treating smokers with discrimination and giving they no equality at all. Time for reform.