Monday, 14 March 2016

Camoron wins the T.U.R.D award of the year

Smoking Bans & EU KILL businesses - FACT!
     You may well wonder what this fantastically name award is all about - we'll tell you good people out there. The ACRONYM turd stands for:

     You see folks, we now have a leader (so called) that has no interest in what the British people (nor the Queen) want but is more interested in what he can gain for himself in a totally corrupt European Union. It was obvious that Blair had designs on the EU Presidency and it would seem that Camoron thinks similarly! if not and if he considered only the needs of the people of this country, why would he:

  • a)... be blocking high profile people (his own ministers) from any gov't information relation, or possibly relating to, the EU?
  • b)... be blocking BBC members from airing their views?
  • c)... be granting himself (STAY campaign) £millions more than the LEAVE campaign?
  • d)... would the price of socks be affected when we leave?
  • e)... be forcing a fear campaign on British people?                                        
Love Europe

     In fact there are a host of questions that need to be asked - and not only about our involvement with the EU. For instance, since the T.U.R.Dmeister came to power the so called cull of quangos has never been mentioned (much to the delight of ASH et al) and even supplied "Kids Company" (Charity) with £millions to ensure the charities solvency only to find that Camila Batmanghelidjh had a remarkable gift for spending it! Investigations are now underway-now there's a thing! [All part of winning the T.U.R.D award]
.....and it gets longer & longer folks!
      We also find that Camoron took over government with a £1.32tr deficit, declaring that 'Austere measures' needed to be taken - which have resulted in us now being almost £1.75tr in debt (to someone???) Let's not forget that during this 'austerity' MPs have had two pay rises-proving that not all of us need to be quite so austere! It seems that no matter what the problem here, we can applaud those who create them with pay rises and still keep bunging £55,000,000 per day (£33m net) over to Brussels - it appears that they have applauded his T.U.R.D award as they try to bribe & threaten this country into a STAY vote.`Needless to say, for all those dimwits who believe us to be 'better off' remaining in the EU I cannot stress enough the fact that all Merkel & her band of brigands want is our wealth. After all, Germany is bankrupt, France is severely down & out, Portugal is 'potless', Italy is striving to remain solvent, Greece has already been sacrificed, Cyprus has been 'skimmed', Eire (double voted) is now skint again with no hope of growing enough spuds to enable solvency within the next century! The Baltic states never had enough solvency to begin with and now, to top all the EU's miseries up, the Danes have seen sense and are demanding a referendum of their own! All in all it seems to this writer that the EU is nothing more than a financial toilet - which gives great credence to Camoron winning the T.U.R.D Award for 2016!
     Away from the financial disasters that arrive on a daily basis it seems that, despite prodigious efforts of the media not to report sexual atrocities throughout europe, migrants are running riot with our western women - who it seems are asking for sexual favours simply by the way they dress! There are far too many cases to report but safe to say that Sweden is now the rape capital of the western world. The small town of Östersund has fared particularly badly as it seems that 10yr girls are fair game for these barbaric heathens that have no morals whatsoever. Even women wearing trousers/slacks have not been immune to these itinerant predators. Police are seemingly powerless against these marauding gangs

Influx: Östersund, where the string of sex attacks have occurred, is located in central Sweden (illustrated), 350 miles north west of Stockholm, and has a population of just 44,000
 and have now advised people NOT to go out at night - in their own town/s! What a disgrace this is but Merkel & Co are adamant that this migrant invasion is the way forward. Forward to what we ask? These are not 'refugees' from a war torn country, these are economic migrants from the third world, that definitely have a third world mentality for they simply destroy everything that gets in their way - including the people! Norway. Denmark. Finland. Germany. Italy. France. Spain. Austria. Great Britain. Belgium. - how many more examples of the culural differences do you need?  Their culture is completely different to ours yet Merkel & Co have declared that 'we will educate these people and accept them into our lives'. Dream on baby, dream on because these people are never, ever going to integrate with western ways - for one simple reason - they are Muslims and Muslims answer only to one thing: the Quran. And THAT has absolutely nothing to do with manners, morals and/or ethics that rule the roost in the western world as its basic message seems to be 'kill the infidel'! In the light of all this absolute uncertainty we find that 400,000 holidays to Turkey (Camoron is eager to get Turkey into the EU - again, it is no wonder he won the 2016 T.U.R.D  award!) have been cancelled by British holiday goers-that tells you its own story methinks! Yet another horrendous cost to British businesses.
     Further proof, if you lefty nutjobs wanted more proof comes in the form of "Pippa", a 33 yr old women who decided to hitchhike to Isreal to prove that Muslims are indeed a well mannered, respectful mob..... she was raped & murdered in Turkey..... where 99.5% of the population happen to be Muslim!
     Interestingly German voters have their chance to get rid of this evil bitch (Merkel) before she totally destroys a proud nation. Germany has absolutely no answer to this migrant crisis (and crisis it truly is) so to get rid of her (Merkel) is in all Germans interest! we will watch with interest.
     More interestingly the Czechs have declared that they will be following us OUT of this stinking midden known as the EU! Good for them, they also have common sense.
     Back to normality (well almost) the anti-smoking brigade over here are up in arms because the "PSB" (prisons smoking ban) has been overturned by the court of appeal - common sense has prevailed at long last! As true science has already declared SHS to be harmless there is NO PROBLEM with non-smoking inmates sharing the air with smoking inmates!
Charlie the Smoking Chimp, seen here taking a puff from a cigarette at his South African zoo, has died aged 52
     Sadly we have to report the death of "Charlie the Chimp", a lifelong smoker, who died at the grand old age of 52 - from NATURAL CAUSES! Our smoking chimp lived for a decade longer than normal so his fags must have revved his system up a bit so I'm not quite sure what the Arnott (comparative photo below) will make of that!
     Over in America another little place [Casper] has reversed its smoking ban because businesses are going broke-something quite a few did here/still are doing here! The WHO, in its infinite wisdom, realised thast with smoker prevalence being so high in many arab countries, set about getting FATWA'S dished out denouncing smoking as a sin, thus creating immense penalties for being caught smoking. Of course ISIS have gone one step further by beheading those caught smoking! Do you see what ASH have created with their fervour for a non-smoking nation - guilt by association is inevitable and therefore every smoker killed in any such fashion is simply more blood on their money grabbing hands. How does it feel 'Debs' to have thousands of young lives curtailed by the sword because of YOUR intolerance of a persons freedom of choice?
Even Darling Debs needs a fag to cope with the stress!
     'They' have suddenly realised that people are taking less notice of their idiotically expensive war on smokers..... and they are concerned! Fancy that folks, all those people suddenly sticking two fingers up to ASH, CRUK, FRESH and all those other insipid, intrusive anti-smoking organisations. The joyous news from last month was the closure of Smoke Free Sth West (due to council funding cuts) and I'm afraid that after a whole heap of FOI's, polite letter requests etc sent, we sit here with no facts or figures as none have been forthcoming - especially on the question of "how many people will now be made redundant because councils can no longer afford the lavish wages and will now have to join the dole queues alongside all those publicans the law put out of business?" I really cannot understand why they couldn't tell me how many people were employed by SFSW, I really can't - perhaps they didn't actually know! What we do know however, is that although tough laws on smoking have been passed you can still smoke in  the Brussels parliament buildings!
     I think, seriously folks, that all the above has fully qualified Mr David Camoron, 'beloved' leader of our country, who lies to anyone that will listen to him, to receive our prestigious award - the "T.U.R.D Award of 2016" because if he keeps doing what he's doing, he'll soon disappear up his own backside-with his socks!
 Love Europe 
& save your country!


  1. It is clear to all that Cameron's idea of loyalty lies with the failed EU, events across the EU have proven just what a Failure it is, yet Cameron waves the EU flag. The EU has one thing in common with the Smoking Ban, they are Both Failures. Time for them both to Go.

  2. So it now seems the Tories say they want to " save " the Pub Industry, it is very simple, reform the Smoking Ban to allow Businesses Choice, they should be allowed the choice to have Smoking customers in their Pubs or not