Friday, 22 April 2016

I'm fearful of the fear factor!

Smoking Bans & the EU kill Businesses - FACT!

     Well folks, a while since Simple Simon took to blogging but we've been sat sitting, watching the unbelievable amount of bilge emanating from No10 and other pro-EU domiciles..... some of it you simply couldn't make up. Lefty loons abound!
Socks & gloves will cost more, we will ***LOSE jobs*** (???), we will be poorer, workers could lose Holiday Pay and a whole host of other claptrap designed to put the fear of the Almighty into the average 'Joe' that takes very little notice of politics & politicians. Amazingly the BBC seem to be fully in favour of staying IN the EU - but then they do get a considerable amount of money from them to be totally biased! Despite the obvious bias there are people out there that do see through all the blarney and our friends in Sweden have announced that if WE pull OUT of the EU they will be following suit! Oh dear me, that WILL upset the muppet: aka mein herren Merkel - that's the wench that has sold her country (Germany) down the river to people like Soros & NWO!
     ***JOBS***: apparently, 3,000,000 jobs are linked to the EU - now I wonder where they could be, have been, may have been or even if they ever were because from where I'm sitting the EU is costing us jobs hand over fist!
TRANSIT shuts shop & moves to Turkey (€80m EU loan!)
TATA  say ta-ta as they lose £1m per day, Redcar becomes a ghost town, Port Talbot to follow suit! And there are many more smaller closures that we don't hear about, such as Imperial Tobacco factories in Nottingham & Bristol shut down - but it's just another near one thousand jobs gone, never to be replaced!
Anyone espied the European youth unemployment figures lately? YES ? NO ?
FRANCE: 35% *
EIRE: 22.2%
GREECE: 52.4% *
ITALY: 44.2% *
SPAIN: 53.2% *
CYPRUS: 31.7%
( * denotes an all-time high)
     Not a pretty picture is it folks! The point here is simply that IF we vote to stay in this enormous political fiasco/failure, then we will be doomed to an existence of poverty not seen since the Jarrow marchers protest of 1936 - country is going the same way 80 years later!

We donate (nett) £33,000,00 per day
to this evergreedy leviathon known as the EU yet we see our NHS suffering from despicable cutbacks. We see the Doctors fighting for fairer hours & wages against a government that is happy to donate £12bn per annum in 'Foriegn Aid" (mainly to countries that don't need it) and also sell of chunks of our NHS to private individuals (Branson for one!) so as to onload their annual expenditure on people's medical care. The more this government delves into our lives the poorer we steadily become, which brings me quite neatly to the next major atrocity happening to this country - immigration, for immigration causes more poverty.
     We had a situation recently whereby the residents of a local 3.5acre retirement site were under threat of eviction and all static homes demolished if a new buyer for the land could not be found. After approaching our local MEP (Roger Helmer) for help we approached the local borough council, who turned out to be unhelpful at best, bordering on apathy/uselessness! Thankfully a buyer was found, the homes saved & 60 perfectly good 'static'  homes remain intact, lived in and enjoyed. I mention this, not for any personal merit but for the fact that Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council who basically washed their grubby little mitts of the whole affair asap, suddenly found homes for 2 Syrian families  of up to 5 people per home. Not to be outdone, our local Leicester Council has now declared that 'we' will be taking in 'up to 200 Syrian people'..... my question is very simple "WHY". We are already a ghetto-ised  multicultural city, thanks to years of being ruled by a Labour dominated council (mostly asian I might add) who have gone out of their way to ensure that 'born n bred' British whites are now a minority (48.2% at the last count!) Where are we going to put these people for we have a dire shortage of housing yet it seems that these nomadic souls will certainly take preference over our own homeless! Of course they will have no money nor jobs but they will be able to 'sign-on' as JobSeekers even though the majority will be unable to hold a conversation in English (makes a mockery of JobSeekers straight away methinks!) and our government will hand out 'resettlement money' so that these people can buy furniture, clothes, utensils etc but none of this will detract from the fact that it simply means more & more Muslims pouring into this country from anywhere/everywhere in the world - and that cannot be good for any nation! Don't get me wrong here for I am not anti 'ALL' muslims but I find it inconceivable that such a weak minded leader as we have, can enytertain a notion of a united europe that is leaking terrorism/terrorists faster than a punctured oildrum! The few fanatics are seriously giving the rest of their so called 'faith' a very dirty name indeed!
Sweden: Muslim rapes woman lying on broken glass 
This is what is coming ladies........ !

     Strange how the worlds media is almost bound to a code of silence when it comes to the outrageous number of sexual assaults/rapes that have suddenly started occurring in our Western World - just as hundreds of thousands of these uneducated, uncultured, animalistic people gain access to the 'new world'. Sweden is now the new "Rape Capital" of the world with Swedish Police stating that they are simply unable to cope with the sheer number of sexual assaults by these people. Sweden is now to deport 80,000 muslims, Finland doing the same with another 20,000 & Norway deported 824 muslims with 'known ties' and saw their crime rate drop by 31%! That tells you all you need to know folks. And what do our ludicrous 'powers that be' declare??? "We must take 20,000 refugees in". This of course is all part of the EU diktat whereby we suddenly have no borders; ie, freedom of movement - rather a shame that freedom of speech isn't seen the same way!
     However, things are nowhere as simple as one would think as any utterance AGAINST our country being further invaded by these people (muslims) is now frowned upon as Islamaphobia/Islamaphobic, which basically means that we, the indigenous people of this country, have no say in the matter of the being of our country. If we are stupid and beleive all of Camoron's (& cronies) crap and vote to stay in this stinking political midden then this country will be awash with towers. turrets & minarets - not to mention that infernal row which summons their brainwashed worshippers to prayer. The biggest worry of course is that these people simply do NOT respect our laws and try to sneak their barbaric laws into our system at every opportunity - and OUR idiotic judicial system allows this to happen.
     Interestingly Glasgow Police issued a warning to would be  'Islamaphobic' writers on facebook under the ":Communications Act" -

Glasgow Police have threatened social media users

Now let's have a little think about this shall we, and then we'll see just how absurd this threat . They use the word THINK, so we will too
T.... Truth, the truth cannot be denied in any court of this land (or so we like to think!)
H... Halal, do we need to conform to this barbaric way of killing livestock? I don't think so! The RSPCA certainly don't think so!
I...  Illegal-well most of their customs ARE illegal in the western world; ie rape/stoning/beheadings/crucifixions etc etc!
N... Necessary? No, it is not necessary to flood our small nation with sand dwellers, we simply don't have the room for them!
K... Kind? they are simply not of our kind as they believe in child marriages (paedophilia), killing a wife who does not please (and that can mean anything), they wish to behead the infidel (that's me, you an a dog named blue btw!), they are happy to strap bombs to children in the name of Allah for as they said themselves, "we can always make more".  
Apparently these areas don't exist..... except they DO!
If Glasgow plod wish to travel south to waste an interview over my wordage then they only have to ring for an appointment and I will inform them of 'truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth' about this invasion and destruction of this country.
     I have always been taught to use my manners, use hygene, try to accept people for what they are but this is something else my friends! The way Camoron is so hell bent on REMAIN-ing in the EU worries me greatly for it seems that he knows no boundaries in the  'lying dept' to ensure that people are fearful of LEAVEing the EU. I was born in a country that valued freedom of choice, speech & expression but I sure as hell won't be dying in that same country! And such is Camoron's prowess with fear that "I'm fearful of the fear factor!"


  1. The person who says, up in the top, that smoking should be perceived as injuring others or the others who breath in smoke, has managed for his children and his successors to have legislation against smoking. Does he think that that is fair too? I think that his intention was worse than mine.

  2. David Cameron will Not stand up for the British public and his messages of fear he sends out is as weak as he is, the public can now see that the only option this Country has is a vote to leave the failed EU asap. As for the smoking ban, Cameron had the chance to reform the ban in favour of Real choice for all, both for businesses and the public but once again he showed us just how weak a PM he is, the quicker he is gone the better this Country will be.


  3. There is no doubt that we need a strong and fair immigration policy. I do get a bit queezy however when you generalise about people and their religious beliefs. The extremists are a loud and effective minority that should not be welcome in any land, but I think the majority of most religions are peace loving and believe in the brotherhood of man. Yes, keep the vermin out and keep numbers down, but don't tar every person belonging to any religion with the same brush