Friday, 14 February 2014

Milibands misery

Smoking Bans KILL businesses-FACT!

I really do understand why Ed Miliband looks so miserable after Labours landslide victory in the Wythenshawe & Sale by-election yesterday.
Happiness does NOT appear to be a cigar called Wythenshawe!
Quote Miliband: Ed Miliband: "We saw a Labour party expanding and growing its support". Now just how does he work that out?

Let's sneak back to the 2010 election shall we?


Paul Goggins   Labour                    17,987            44.1%
Janet Clowes  Conservative            10,412            25.6%
Martin Eakins LibDem                    9,107            22.3%
Bernard Todd  BNP                         1.572              3.9%
Chris Cassidy  UKIP                        1,405              3.4%             
Turnout 54.3%

      Easy to see that Wythenshawe & Sale is just another one of those "dress a monkey in red & people will vote for it" constituencies. Yet again the people in the north have proven that there are still certain areas so unbelievably steeped in the old Labour values, even though Labour has thrown all its working class values out of the window, that they will vote Labour no matter what. Rather sad isn't it!
      Now lets have a look at yesterdays results-nothing remarkable you might think, but you would be very, very wrong!

Mike Kane                          (Labour): 13,261
John Bickley                       (UKIP): 4,301
Reverend Daniel Critchlow (Conservatives): 3,479
Mary Di Mauro                   (Lib Dem): 1,176
Nigel Woodcock                  (Green Party): 748
Eddy O'Sullivan                    (BNP): 708                

Turnout 28%

Easy to see some rather dramatic changes here as the turnout was very poor at 28% (54.3%, 2010 Gen Election) which clearly shows that people cannot be bothered with elections, politicians, Westminster etc these days. Labour, naturally, maintained their stranglehold on the constituency (would not have expected any other) but have a 'butchers' at the rest of the result if you please!
      No wonder Camoron wasn't overly chuffed at the result as his share of the vote plummeted to a mere 3,479 from the heady number of 10,412 in 2010. Approximately a 60% drop!
Now look at the UKIP vote and you will see that they have increased from 1,405 votes to 4,301 - and with only slightly more than half the 2010 voters voting this time! That is a massive percentage increase and as newsworthy as the Tories abysmal decline. Put simply, this means that the Tories have shot their bolt in the north, the extremely ilLiberal-unDemocrats lost their deposit (again) and the silly, waste of space BNP mob saw their support more than halved. So, on that basis,  and other by-elections around the country last year, it would seem that the Tories are now under severe pressure and this writer cannot see them winning a clear majority at the next general Election. In fact, this writer cannot see them winning the next general Election!If we look at what they have achieved (admittedly with the onerous burden of Cleggs mob on their backs) we don't actually see a lot.

"Roll back Labours most unpopular laws?" - That'll be a NO then!
Get britain out of the financial crisis left by Labour?" - That'll be another NO then!

"Give the people the referendum they demand and richly desire?" - That'll be another NO then!

     How does he (Camoron) bounce back from this disastrous 3 out of 3? He doesn't. He simply moves out of Downing street next year and sticks his sweaty paw out for his PM's pension-let's hope he doesn't become a centenarian or he'll bankrupt the welfare state on his own!
     What can we hope for? This is the $64,000 question unfortunately for if Cameron is deposed then all we will get is moronic Miliband (another who has never had a proper job) and the imbeciles that skint this country in the first place! What can we hope for? It's simple really folks. UKIP are on the up and the ilLib-unDems are most certainly on the 'down' as yet again they lost their deposit yesterday-they must be getting a bit sick of doing their dough so easily. Clegg is a prime suspect for the chop as well as Camoron. The news, and the obvious news at that, is that more & more people are seeing sense and listening to Common Sense. This swings more & more people to actually thinking about voting for the only party that wants to WORK FOR THIS COUNTRY. And what is wrong with that idea for we have defended these shores through two World Wars yet we now have politicians giving bits of everything away every single time that Brussels say they should. UKIP want us out of the EU disaster. UKIP want the immigration door shut. UKIP also want to save the NHS - that's enough reason itself to vote for the new kids on the block, who happen to be celebrating their 20th anniversary!
     We need to get some UKIP MPs into Westminster and I ventured a dozen of such a year ago. Rather hopeful I know but now I firmly believe that a dozen purple rosetted MPs is a real possibilty-the people are waking up at long last. 
You know it makes sense!



  1. Couldn't agree more, our country and its people are being destroyed and given away by the criminal liblabcon trick. Time for our citizens to stand up and protect our people and country. Only UKIP will give you this opportunity. B7

  2. Another good piece that tells it how it is. If people are too blind to see just what our Country is being turned into thanks to the Cons/Lab/ Unlibs then it is time for them to wake-up, If they like Dictatorships like North Korea, all they have to do is keep voting for the 3 Failed parties, if they want their country to have Freedom to Choose how you live and for All to be treated with Equality and Fairness then there is Only one Choice and that is UKIP. The Country has Nothing to lose but Everything to Gain.

  3. What you say makes so much sense. UKIP are visionary, honest and they say what the vast majority of us surely believe. I think the sad fact is that they will only remain so why they don't have the resposbility to deliver what is right, as a Government. They will then become one of the big boys and be powerless to deliver.
    They need to have a much larger voice in parliament. then they could become the conscience of government.