Wednesday, 5 February 2014

ASH, Bannatyne-same old crap!


 Smoking bans KILL businesses-FACT!
     One should never be surprised at the depths people are prepared to plummet to maintain their so called 'public face of healthy desires' - having witnessed 61/2 years of lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & junk science to create an ideology I'm not!
     Nick Clegg, the soon to be 'has been' of the ilLib-unDems has happened to voice his concerns over banning smoking in cars as ilLiberal-and so he should do as a supposed "LibDem". This is a complete turnaround from what he said 4 years ago when spearheading this pathetic coalition government as he dismissed the cries from the smoking fraternity for leniency. Perhaps he has at last realised the colossal damage caused by the SB as we march ever deeper into debt.
     Needless to say, the usual 'maggots of TC' have crawled out of the woodwork, this time in the grotesque shape of the child depriver Duncan Bannatyne who has blasted Clegg for his liberalism! He twittered:

Duncan Bannatyne         @DuncanBannatyne
You should be utterly ashamed of yourself @nick_clegg In a position of power but failing to protect babies & children from smoke inhalation...
 nick clegg
...... this from the man who is quite happy to be transported everywhere in gas guzzling motor vehicles that "fail to protect babies & children from smoke inhalation"
Bannatyne-failing to protect babies & children from smoke inhalation!
     The hypocrisy of the man is simply unbelievable, but then what else would you expect from someone who used to smoke but now enjoys the plaudits from those at Tobacco control?
His big buddies, ASH, have also shown their true colours as the general public finally begin to realise the truth surrounding smoking bans as they now openly tell great big fat porkies (lies) so as to censor that which they do not want to be told..... and all the time, this country becomes poorer & poorer. ASH should, in all honesty be disbanded and the head honcho's charged with treason for they are slowly destroying this once great nation. This response to ASH particularly caught my eye-see what you think. It must be terrible for all those little ASHites & CRUKites, knowing that we now know that all their lies & deceits are appearing from all corners, that they brainwashed 400+ MPs in the first place with their carefully laid out plans of deception. Are fraud & deception a not criminal offences?
     Australia Holland have finally seen the light (or rather the costs) and are disbanding their formats of ASH-and about time too and one of the worlds toughest & most heartless regimes,   Bhutan, is now doing a complete 'U-Turn' on it's tobacco/smoking control programme. And remember, this is the country that sentenced a monk to 3yrs imprisonment for having tobacco about his person.
     Anyone possessing illegal tobacco products can be jailed for three to five yearsIt is farcical that the same old problem has occurred in Bhutan as has here, Ireland and other tax happy states around the world-smuggled tobacco products.
 In a majority resolution on Monday (3 February 2014), the house said ban on import and sale of tobacco products must end to control the black market.
     Bhutan takes U-turn on tobacco import and saleIt really is priceless that a small, basically ineffectual country like Bhutan can suffer the financial terrors of smuggled tobacco goods but it absolutely typifies the self made holocaust created by the World Health Organisation and all their little offshoots-ASH, CRUK, FRESH et al. Educate the people-that is one thing but to try to bully them into submission is a completely different matter.  Bullying creates anger, which leads to rebellion which ultimtely leads to civil unrest. How can a teenager be sent to war but can't buy cigarettes-how sublimely crazy is that?
     How crazy is that the smoking ban is still the cause of beatings, sexual attacks, rapes and even murders, yet we supposedly live in a civilised society. yet again the blame lays squarely at the feet of Tobacco Control as a local woman was assaulted in the quiet little village of Shepshed as she had gone outside, after a meal, to enjoy a cigarette. How do such as Arnott, Duffy et al sleep at night knowing that they have caused this disgraceful situation-time & time again?
     You know that the house of cards is falling when reports like this start to appear in the media-and shame on the media for even printing such utter gibberish! 


     Can the lunacy become any more retarded I ask? Do these so called scientifically minded idiots think that we are the most gullible people on the planet? Perhaps, had I smoked at my grandmothers funeral, she would have come back to tell me why she didn't bother to leave me any of her fortune-who knows? It seems that through a bit of cigarette smoke absolutely anything is possible these days! And as the 'great debate' rages, doctors have now confirmed that e-cigs do actually contribute greatly toward smoking cessation - about time common sense prevailed methinks!

Ronnie Wood with an e-cigarette at a major Damien Hirst exhibition at The Tate Modern, London 
Ronnie Wood takes to e-cigs!
     Talking of common sense I see that there is still very little of that emanating from Westminster as we now see the figures that show the 'jolly old bedroom tax' is now costsing more to administrate than it actually gains - nice one IDS: you plonker! Sure you shouldn't be living in Peckham perchance?
It seems that 'common sense' IS gaining momentum as more 7 more people are starting to entertain UKIP - and why not? I haven't seen much 'crackpottery' from them thus far, which, set against the continuos barrage of bilge from the coalition, is extremely encouraging.
Indeed, we do NOT need anymore immigrants in this country "to fill those jobs" (pardon?-2.42m unemployed with only 181,000 vacancies so I don't really see the argument here!)
 The NHS is being slowly stripped and we find that Leicester City Hospital Trust needs to 'borrow' a mere £40,000,000 to keep going yet we waste £1/2bn each month on silly & illiberal smoking  bans. 
      nigel farage       What is even more ridiculous is the fact that we simply cannot afford our booming, elderly welfare bills yet we are encouraging people to live longer and be mostly miserable-no bloody thank you! I should think that Camerons   'Happy Scale' has been scrapped by now as most people seem to be pretty despondent when it comes to the future of this country. However, there is an answer to all those miseries folks..... and it comes in the shape of the Euro Elections this year. Anyone who votes in any Labour MEP needs to be dunked in the nearest duckpond for stupidity as 'the Millepede' has already nailed his pro-euro flag to the mast. Anyone who wastes a vote for any LibDem MEP should go to the guillotine for they have virtually lost their heads in the first place and the Libdems are now simply a dysfunctional rabble. As for the Tories, well, what can one say? They lie, they promise, they twist, they turn and then dish out the same promises again ahead of the next EU elections! They are a shambles whereas at least the gentleman known as Nigel Farage has clearly stated that UKIP's objective is to remove this country from the greedy clutches of the EU. Hoorah for common sense I say and that common sense was brought nicely to the surface when Tory stalwart Roger Helmer decided that everything he believed in tallied exactly with what UKIP stand for - hence his welcomed defection to UKIP. To me, being somewhat of a simpleton, that move in itself should signify to the masses that perhaps reconsidering your voting patterns may well be a wise move!

Roger Helmer 
More will follow Roger's wise move to UKIP as this country sinks ever lower.

One doesn't have to be Einstein to see that a dramatic change is needed in this country but who amongst us have the balls to stand up and say so? It's not just ASH/Bannatyne that come out with the same old crap you know!


  1. ASH and Bannatyne, What a failed double act, in more ways than one. It comes to something when this Countries Government even lags behind Bhutan when it comes to U-turns on tobacco control and getting rid of Pointless laws and policies, still, it does seem like the Cons/Lab/ Undems prefer closed down Businesses and Discrimination, but as we know the Public are Finally Waking-Up to their False claims and lies, which brings me back to ASH and Bannatyne, what a double act.

  2. Vote for the good Men and Women at UKIP -- get your Country back and enjoy a smoke in the snug

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