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Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Smoking bans kill Businesses-FACT!

     Politicians are people that you tend to vote in on the public face they present prior to elections. For instance, people tired of a Conservative government that had sat for four terms (1979-1992) then, naturally, turned to the Labour party for some sort of inspiration. The inspiration was one Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, son of a barrister and someone who had also studied law. Not surprising that he 'got off' lightly after being charged with "importunity in a public toilet with another male", appearing at Bow Street Magistrates court under his two middle names - so nobody knew who he actually was! (he was a liar!) His elder brother (Blair has one elder brother, Sir William Blair), a High Court judge, and his legal friends ensured that his conviction was minimalized and also, at the time, kept heavily under wraps.
     The Blair journey continued in the ascendancy as he was gifted the newly  created 'safe' seat of Sedgefield; ie, hard core Labour, where you could dress a baboon in red and it would become an MP. He enveloped the Trimdon Cinstituency Labour Club in his climb to the top, often stating how important such venues were to the working (and non working) classes. Two years after the smoking ban Trimdon Club closed its doors for good as most of the clientele (smokers) refused to enter that which they could no longer enjoy.
One should never shat on own's own doorstep!
      Sadly, there are too many constituencies akin to Sedgefield which is why Labour (& Blair) sauntered to victory in Sedgefield in the 1983 elections and he was on his way to Westminster. Blair's election literature in the 1983 UK general election endorsed left-wing policies that Labour advocated in the early 1980s. He called for Britain to leave the EEC, though he had told his selection conference that he personally favoured continuing membership. (he was again a liar!)
     In his maiden speech in the House of Commons on 6 July 1983, Blair stated, 
"I am a socialist not through reading a textbook that has caught my intellectual fancy, nor through unthinking tradition, but because I believe that, at its best, socialism corresponds most closely to an existence that is both rational and moral. It stands for cooperation, not confrontation; for fellowship, not fear. It stands for equality."
                                (he was, again, a liar!)
     Let's take the smoking ban for instance. It is neither rational nor moral for there is no danger from SHS, despite the ravings of anti smoking mobs, hell bent on trousering small fortunes from a government that has unwittingly signed its health allegiance to the World Health Organisation. Not very 'socialist' then. 
As for cooperation and not confrontation, well, I cannot think of a law that discriminates against 25% of the population that is LESS confrontational than this one! Again, not very socialist then!
Fellowship not fear! Priceless, for again this law portrays the opposite of the word fellowship as EHOs (the newly created scourge of the earth) are sent out willy-nilly to capture and prosecute any business flouting/reported to have been flouting this extremely discriminatory law. 
Our entire legal system has been corrupted by this law and the indoctrinations of the EU in punishments to be handed out for any & every smoking offence. It matters not that the prosecuted may be innocent-they must be 'found guilty'. And the best has been saved until last: EQUALITY.
     Where, in any format of this ridiculous smoking ban and Labours defining legacy, is there any form of equality? There isn't, simple as that. Smokers were banished to the outdoors regardless of the weather. Businesses were stripped of their customer base within months of the laws enactment and people were rapidly rendered unemployed and told that they needed to learn new skills as so many of their work environments were closing-ridiculous state of affairs. Some simply committed suicide as their worlds collapsed. 

     "There are millions of 'clean air' drinkers just waiting to invade the pubs" chanted Blair (he was, again, a liar!) as now, we have in excess of 13,200 venues closed and are still losing at the rate of 26 per week.
     Blair was also very much with George Bush  (not sure whether he was 'importuning' with him though?) and decided that there must be Weapons of Mass Destruction aimed at Britain for he couldn't wait to wage a  war (that can't be won) on Iraq, Afghanistan etc.
                                            (he was, again, a liar!)
The assassins
      In his first six years in office Blair ordered British troops into battle five times, more than any other prime minister in British history. This included Iraq in both 1998 and 2003; Kosovo (1999); Sierra Leone (2000) and Afghanistan (2001).
Says it all really!
     So we know plenty about B-liar Blair/Brown and the move away from the old Labour party that "was for the working classes", but are no more. What about the Conservatives who hold present tenure of Downing Street?
     Well, we know that Cameron is an out and out liar before we even start digging-in fact, there is no need to dig really as it all appeared within the first few weeks of power. One of Cameron's pledges in the run up to the election was to overturn some of the ridiculous laws that Blair had introduced during his 'ten years of terror' on the British public. Of course there was a government website where hundreds of suggestions for repeal were made but one area received an inordinate amount of suggestions/requests-the repeal or, more to the point, an amendment of the smoking ban.
     Cameron didn't want to answer that so he put Clegg in the spotlight and Clegg immediately proved himself to be totally unqualified to answer the question put to him by Alex Stevenson - (he lied). We have always known that SHS isn't toxic (unlike exhaust fumes) but Clegg simply said (on the subject of drugs) that he would be guided by the science - so what was he guided by when it came to SHS as their was no credible science?
Cameron, like Blair, arrived in the form of the very safe Conservative seat of Witney (Oxfordshire) - another area where a baboon dressed, this time in blue, would become an MP!
     But, back to the repeal asking website of 2010 - when the Tories almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. The top website answer was completely ignored and the funding of the malicious, hateful, spiteful anti-smoking battalions continued with the smoking ban costing approximately £1/2bn per month-whilst the NHS is being slowly cash starved at the same time. There is however, a rebellion going on in the Conservative party for the promise of an EU referendum was somehow forgotten  (he was, again, a liar!) and more than 80 MPs now agreed that the smoking ban should be amended. Cameron has so far ignored their claims & concerns. Clegg, having proved himself an out and out liar (he wants to be in the EU-must be the lure of the wages methinks), has virtually destroyed credibility of the ilLib-unDems during this term in office as they have proven themselves to be totally ineffectual-as well as liars, philanderers & unable to stand up to public scrutiny!
     But for Cameron the sword of Damocles dangles directly above his napper as more than 80% of the people want a referendum and now, only 34% would vote to stay in  the EU. Cameron promised, Cameron failed to deliver - (he was, again, a liar!)
The sword of Damocles hangs over Cameron
     Enter the 'new kids on the block' - and it is the new kids that are making the most noise, not to mention upsetting the so called "Big 3" parties as they rampage (in the nicest possible way of course) through the streets, the villages, the towns & cities of this once fair land of ours. (I say 'fair' as in terms of equal rights etc). It is no coincidence that as the lies, distortions & fabrications have gathered pace from Westminster so has the urge of many to leave their inherited (handed down through the family voting trends) political alliance and turn to the party that, so far, has talked common sense.
     Stuart Wheeler, a tremendously well educated & successful businessman was not a well-known figure nationally until he donated £5m to the Conservative Party during the 2001 election campaign. However, he was incensed by Camerons stance on the referendum issue and on 28 March 2009, he donated £100,000 to the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) after criticising David Cameron's stance towards the Lisbon treaty and the European Union. He said, "If they kick me out I will understand. I will be very sorry about it but it won't alter my stance." The following day he was expelled from the Conservative Party. (Just goes to show how bright some of these tories really are I suppose!) 
  In 2011 Wheeler was appointed treasurer of UKIP to spearhead fundraising in advance of the 2014 European elections. His appointment was seen as a massive blow to the Conservatives because of his network of contacts. Party leader Nigel Farage said the move would enable the party to "raise serious money" as a lack of funds was "holding them back".
UKIP have never budged from the 'out of EU' declaration and because of that UKIP has won over many, many converts. Nigel Farage is an honest sort of bloke, very personable, very charismatic and speaks with a passion of what he believes in-Cameron, Clegg & Miliband fail miserably on all three counts. At the last round of local elections UKIP procured in excess of 150 council seats-people were taking notice. Labour, Conservative, LibDems ?... they all lost key figures in the local elections and they also found many councillors 'crossing the floor' to join UKIP! And of course the biggest single blow to the Conservatives was that doyen of truth and honesty walking across the floor to join UKIP, Mr Roger Helmer: MEP. A tory member for more years than I care to remember, Roger typified the disallusionment spreading in the three main parties. Mind you, I unintentionally insult UKIP in saying that, as THEY ARE the third largest party these days-and hopefully they will soon become the second largest!
     Nigel Farage is just as much at home in the pub as he is addressing a conference, he is a "people's man". He doesn't speak with forked tongue as many politicians do. He doesn't stand up and produce a load of verbal 'gobble-de-gook' so that few know what he is actually on about, but above all else he believes that Brtain is on the verge of destruction, self destruction,
which is exactly what Barry McGuire sang about in 1965 - have a listen here folks. Plenty of truth in this song I can tell you, especially with idiots like BND wanting East German police on our streets - to guard us from eastern european robbers & thieves!
     Nigel Farage is also exceedingly happy to sit (or stand) with a pint in one hand and a cigarette in the other as he discusses policies of any type and doesn't see why we are subject to losing so many businesses over a law that he says (quite rightly) is "silly and illiberal". (One important factor is that Mr Farage has actually had a job-yes, he has worked and earned his weekly corn, none of the other htree have a clue what work actually is!) You see folks, the sad but horrible truth is that the smoking ban law is totally silly and is totally illiberal, as SHS (the supposed reasoning behind it all) is now scientifically proven to be harmless, unlike all the junk science that was used to smash this law through parliamentary process in the first place. Blair knew this and Cameron knows it now - they are both liars and have both led this country up the garden path. It was this sort of sensationalistic rubbish that charmed the pants of 400+ MPs! How could anyone in their mright mind even contemplate such a ridiculous notion-unless they were being paid equally ridiculous amounts to produce such results as required!
     It is time for this country to ignore the 'old guard' for the 'old guard' have tied this country up in knots over one thing or another. How absurd is it that we donate $33m (approx) every year to the WHO only for them to come up with a health proposal based on lies, fabrications, doctored statistics & junk science that will, ultimately, bankrupt this country yet allow 4,000 people per day to die in Africa etc(?) - it's ludicrous. Smoking bars similar to the old style snugs is the simple answer and then everyone will be happy for one thing is for sure folks: the cancer rates keep on rising despite smoking bans & so called smoking 'quit courses' so we ARE truly being led up the garden path by pathological liars! Throat cancer cases alone have increased by 600% over the past decade and seven of those years have supposedly been tremendously successful 'quit smoking years'!
UKIP stand for truth, honesty & integrity - it doesn't seem as if the other three parties do anymore!


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  1. " more than 80 MPs now agreed that the smoking ban should be amended. "

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