Friday, 10 January 2014

Always follow the money and you 'll always find..... !

Smoking bans KILL businesses - FACT!

     Never has the saying "follow the money" been as true as it is these days with, seemingly, all and sundry trying to get on the 'gravy train'. Just look at the pillocks Kinnocks for starters--> There they are, the pair of them, him being a European Commissioner (of something or other) and dear Glynnis being an MEP, copping a nice fat wage plus, of course, expenses and next year when she hits 65 next month, the analysis states she is entitled to another from Brussels with an estimated annual value of £48,000. I've never earned £48,000 in a year in my life yet she is going to trouser that as a mere pension! Just shows you that there are some serious flaws in the EU bucket of filth! No wonder the pillocks Kinnocks want us to stay in the EU, it would be a disaster (financially) for them (and many others) if they didn't! A joint income of £185,000 per year is not bad for retirees!
 Kinnocks have six state pensions worth £185,000 per year, says think tank
 Retiring with amounts (yearly) most people can only dream of!
     Another one feathering his already well stuffed nest is Peter Mandelson who now, a year after stating we need to be out of the EU, is cosying up to the Cameroon and urging him to ignore the people and stay in! Ignore the people??? Who the hell does this faggot think voted him (mistakenly) into office in the first place? Oh yes, it was the people! It's easy to see why the EU is so favoured by many-they are all copping bundles of wedge from this upside down, topsy turvy band of lunatics who think that democracy runs only second to tyranny.   y. The fact that the EU is falling apart is really of no consequence to us, here, on this island that we have successfully defended for centuries. The fact is that, thanks to Blair & his band of muppets, we are now the dumping ground for all nations. How many people do government think this island can cater for? We already have 65million people here - and that doesn't include the immigrants that government have no idea of where they might be! Cameron almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory at the last election, promising reform after reform..... but what has he reformed that is of any use to this country and its economy? We'll see shall we.........
The Bulls Head, High Lane, Stockport finally admitted defeat this week and announced on its facebook page that it will be closing its doors for the last time this weekend. Sad but true as yet another of our great watering holes dies the death of so many since July 2007. I am assured by a local resident that the 'Bull' was a great place to be a few years ago but the smoking ban took the customers away and the place has never recovered from such a mighty blow! This article from a rewnowned media source hits the nail smack bang on the head-although not necessarily in the right order:-

Cheap supermarket alcohol that encourages cash-strapped consumers to drink at home, the six-year-old ban on smoking in U.K. bars and restaurants, and high property prices add further reasons for the publicans to cry in their beer.
     Now they have almost got it right, but they seem to forget that prior to the smoking ban, although licensees knew they were being ripped off  they weren't overly bothered because punters were drinking, punters were smoking, punters were playing the cash machines etc etc-in other words they were taking plenty of money! Since the ban however, the story has been completely different as pub after pub has closed its doors to those who gave the licensees a living. Yes, pubco's were ripping licensses off but it took the smoking ban to bring that fact to public & government attention.        My local pub is a prime example: pre ban, turning over £11,000-£13,000 per week was no problem. Now??? Lucky if the place takes £3,000 per week, which has at least allowed the licensee to barter and get a fair rental system in place-considerably reduced at that.   How Sir Richard Everard must now be regretting begging the government to introduce the smoking ban! Everards are looking for mugs tenants to take over some of their pubs-good luck with that then I say!
One of the 'wonderful offers' happens to be the Barley Mow on Granby Street in Leicester City Centre. It is such a wonderful opportunity that Everards no longer advertise rentals or any other financial details on the website, so you now have to 'enter the lions den' to see how much you are going to be ripped off for! Interestingly we held our very first Leicester 'anti smoking ban' meeting here as we filled the upstairs of the pub, much to Kim's delight as it was a saturday and there was already a dearth of customers downstairs! Roger Helmer & Derek Clarke, both true libertarians and both non smokers, spoke at the meeting. Kim got out of the Barley Mow as fast as she possible could for she took heed of the dire warnings from that meeting.  Interestingly, our almost self appointed 'elected' Mayor used to use the Barley Mow for his midday snacks, yet since the smoking ban he has not been sighted in the place-and he hates smoking with a passion.
No doubt, and much to Soulsby's chagrin, the latest reports show an INCREASE in smokers worldwide-now there's a thing, eh folks! Same old story as ever..... try and hide the sweeties and people will go out of their way to find them and try them; politicians never learn and probably never will. Soulsby was our MP (much to many people's disgust) but resigned as soon as it became clear that the path was exceedingly well oiled for him to walk straight into the mayoral position-and cop for a pay rise within months of his appointment! Follow the money you see folks-hop from one gravy train to another, possibly better gravy train!
 Amanda Sandford of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) said: "As the overall number of smokers worldwide is still rising, this study shows how important it is for all countries to implement a range of tobacco control measures to curb the terrible toll of tobacco-related illness and death.
     Let's just imagine that everyone gives up smoking (worldwide), what the hell are each nations governments going to do to cover the rapidly ageing populations welfare needs? Secondly, where is the £11bn (this country only) going to be reclaimed from that smokers happily contribute each year to the treasury? Thirdly, with smoking rates having nose-dived since the sixties why have cancer rates rocketed-and will continue to rocket?    Amanda Sandford talks utter crap as she knows as well as I do that this country certainly can't be doing with doubling it's retired contingent-government are moaning now about having in excess of 10,000 centenarians!Of course you know why she spouts such utter bilge: send in an FOI and ask how much wages she is stuffing into her bulging bank account every month by demonising smokers-who pay the exhorbitant tobacco tax to pay this bitch! Follow the money folks!!! Cameron is doing nothing to appease 25% of his populace and will find more of this happening this year!
Obit Phil Everly
 Phil Everly (left) is no longer with us-but their music will never die!
Sadly, last week we had to say goodbye to the younger (Phil) of the Everly Brothers who finally gave way to COPD in hospital (enjoy the links folks). The pair were said to be the most influential singer/songwriters as we dragged ourselves, post war, out of the Big Band era and into what turned out to be the golden years of pop music. Unbelievably, in a comments section of some rag or other (I really wish I had kept the link!) I saw a string of anti smoking zealots almost laughing at Phil's demise caused by COPD-which in their tiny minds was obviously caused by smoking! When I checked back later to see if anymore nasty minded little amoebic brained creatures had joined in the 'fun' the page had disappeared. Just shows that there are no depths to which these intolerant, miserable, killjoy people will not stoop. Phil Everly was a lifetime smoker but even at the age of 74 smoking was blamed for his death-74 years of age for God's sake! (He had a lot longer life than this unfortunate non smoking teenager!) One thing is for sure folks, he had one hell of a life and there are very few of us who wouldn't crave for the life he and his brother had together-even though they oft quarrelled! Rest in peace Phil, ignore the squealing of the 'stuck pigs'.
     Despite all the seeming doom & gloom above we have got to finish on a delirious note, for one of the most ludicrous proposals ever has been rejected by the House of Lords!

The Government has suffered a massive defeat over plans to outlaw ‘annoying’ behaviour which could have outlawed noisy children, carol singers and nudists.
'Outlawed' in this case means to serve "Injunctions" on people for doing something that someone else might not like! So, as depicted above, kids call round at Halloween and you can't stand the interruptions of the little face painted demons on your doorstep-you call plod.  They have a duty of public service thus have to follow the complaint through-can you see where this is going folks? You suddenly have 5 yr olds with ridiculous injunctions against them! It is utterly bizarre that any MP should actually propose such a bill/law. Can you imagine just how many injunctions would be issued in only one week?
Nudists groups warned parks and beaches could be out of bounds for naturists under the new laws aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour
Injunctions could be imposed on anyone causing 'nuisance or annoyance'
     What has happened to tolerance and forgiveness in this country? I'll tell you what happened to it if you like: it all started slip-sliding away from July 1st, 2007 when the anti smoking zealots got their evil way and pubs lost 68% of their customer base. Now we have anti alcohol, anti sugar, anti noise, anti protest, anti everything thanks to one particular intolerant, well funded, tribe of eejits. And whilst mentioning the 'titled mob' have a look at this for sheer lunatic asylum membership application status!
A backbench Conservative MP, Sir Richard Grealey-Symes (who doesn't appear in/on any lists of current MPs) , has warned of an ‘e-cancer timebomb’ if something is not done about the latest menace of e-cigarettes.
Yet another titled imbecile, (maybe in a position of power if we can locate him(!) ) talks rubbish as we find that e-cigs are now going to cause an "e-cig cancer timebomb" - you really couldn't make this stuff up if you tried. 
Now we seem to have a pretend MP here who represents a constituency that no-one has ever heard of, voted in by an invisible electorate that have never heard of him! It seems that far from being a "Tory Backbencher" the most honourable Sir Richard Grealey-Symes is no more than a lazy, homeless parkbencher who has been invented to supposedly add weight to the anti e-cig brigade, commonly known as Big Pharma! 
 Sheer proof that they are gutted that they don't have the control they wanted over smokers as providers of this wonderful invention!
The greatest invention to ween smokers off the evil weed and this (seemingly fictitious) geriatric numpty declared a cancer timebomb-perhaps a timebomb ought to be strapped to this fool (or his inventor!. Dear oh dear, whatever next, cancer causing lightning perhaps?  Thunderbolts of cancer from the skies? No doubt by joining the anti e-cig brigade this 74 yr old misguided (invented) fool will be drawing  a 'nice earner' from Big Pharma whilst thinking up some more equally ludicrous ideas. I've got one Sir Richard..... what about complaining about the sulphur on the matches you no longer need to 'light' an e-cig.
     One thing for certain folks and that is while Lib/Lab/Con sit in power, this country will slide even further down the road of intolerance and dictatorship-it's not too difficult to rectify this matter in 2015!

Everyday the choice becomes easier to make!


  1. Vote UKIP for National Survival --- Vote Liblabcon for rule by an unelected faceless quisling from a European backwater.

  2. I remember the meeting in Leicester very well Phil, in the upstairs room, they still haven't managed to shut us up and never will.

  3. It was a good meeting Sean and you are right the fools cannot argue the truth or keep us quite, but what a cost this country has paid for the Failed Anti's campaigns.

  4. Sean, when Kim realised that she took more money from the anti smoking ban meeting that she did 'ordinary' customers, she called me in for a chat as she had heard plenty at that meeting. When fully explaining what was certain to happen to the pub industry she made immediate moves to get out. I wish I'd copied the Everards page from their website describing "the wonderful opportunities this pub holds for new tenants"- I would have offered then approx 1/10th of the asked for rent! They still get a few in now but the place has lost all its atmosphere, its vibrancy-basically, its another dead end boozer with no prospects anymore! As I said above, Sir Richard Everard must be really proud of the letter he wrote-I really must show it to him one fine day ;)

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