Thursday, 2 January 2014

... and the T.U.R.D award for 2013 goes to...!

Smoking bans KILL businesses-FACT!

     Yes folks it that time of year again where we wish all our friends, followers and fellow anti-prohibition warriors a happy New Year. It is also 'that' time of the year when we dish out the T.U.R.D award for 2013 to the most deserving cretin on the planet. This year it was an easy job to sort out the winner, in fact there was a severe dearth of runners as no one could match up to this mans despicable actions over the past twelve months (and a lot more I might add!).T.U.R.D of course is simply the acronym for Tyrant Undermining Rights & Democracy and can only be awarded to a person who chooses to use his/her power to the detriment of his/her fellow man - and our winner has excelled in this field I can assure you! Step up to the rostrom please Mr Michael Bloomberg, for your time has come to be crowned "King TURD" of 2013-let's look at some of your inglorious achievements shall we?
Do I give a shit? Nope... not one tiny little bit actually!
 dog poop photo: Poop P5152656.jpg
     This is a man that gave up smoking donkeys years ago but then decided, that by using his political muscle and his not inconsiderable fortune, that everyone else who smoked would be worried, frightened, bullied, stigtmatised & financially penalised up to the hilt so that they would find the righteous non smoking path. Smokers rights held no fear for this miserable specimen of humanity for as far as he was concerned smokers should have no rights! It also now seems that those trying to quit smoking also have no rights as, prior to his stepping down from office, he signed the anti e-cig law into force! Unbelievable really. What our T.U.R.D of the year has done is ensured that his successor has one hell of a job to 'unsign' this Bill. 
     As Bloomberg retired from public duty on monday night (tfft I say!) protestors 'lit up' in City Hall in defiance of the man's reign of terror.  on smokers. A fitting end to this dictators reign but as yet no reports have 'filtered through concerning his demise from the SHS that was created for those few seconds! Just look at the list of things banned during his administration: (Thanks to DP)

* Overruled/appealed ban
** Suggested/voluntary ban
You have to remember that Bloomberg is the man that promised $1/2bn to 'fight' smoking in Russia & the far east whilst 33%(+) of his Bronx residents lived below the poverty line. Doesn't say much for the mans caring side for his fellow man does it! t!     Also, whilst bars & clubs see their profits drop like a lead balloon we find that, in order to help New Yorks pollution/health problems, the number of yellow cabs driving around has risen to from 10,000 to  approximately 13,000.    All those exhausts spreading all that pollution & causing so much unhealthiness in the city-disgraceful behaviour really when you compare one cigarette with one taxi cab!
                                Compared to all these exhausts a cigarette rates as zero danger!
     Of course the downside of this T.U.R.D's fanaticism is that ordinary 'dumbass' people have been sucked in (no pun intended) by all the hype and are now filing lawsuits against neighbours because the neighbour smokes, and 'that' smoke is invading their airspace.   Lunacy, total lunacy and to my mind there can be only one winner with this-the lawyers, for cigarette smoke wanders lazily upward, not to the left or the right to purposely annoy a neighbour.   Mind you, some crazy americans have now decided that SHS can burrow its way through solid concrete. Just shows you what a carefully orchestrated hate campaign can achieve!
     The good news of course is that the chief, award winning, T.U.R.D has now gone and it remains to be seen what his successor does.  YES ?   NO
     Over here, more trouble is brewing as Punch Taverns/Inns have decided that yet another restructuring is to take place. When share prices have plummetted from £13.68 --> £00.07p what is there left to restructure? On top of that it seems that it (Punch) posted a 68 per cent (68%) drop in annual pre-tax profits. [Great idea backing up the smoking ban you idiots-people are still smoking & drinking-but not in your pubs it seems!] It seems that although 'micro-breweries', that produce 'traditional beers', are rapidly rising in popularity the number of pubs is still diminishing! Now there's a thing folks. My good friend Inez Ward points out quite vehemently that the pubco 'tied' system was errantly wrong well before the smoking ban came in  but one has to realise that many licensees already knew they were being 'ripped off' by their pubco but to compensate for that, they had an abundance of customers-probably 68% more than they have now.
  Data supplied by licensees pegging a keg of Fosters beer at £84.99 on the wholesale market but £150.22  at the pubco price -- a 77 percent markup.
Enterprise Inns Plc, Monkspath Hall Road, Solihull 

     Inez, forced out of her own pub, has now seen off Giles Thorley (who trousered plenty of dosh) and also Ted Tuppen, who staunchly refused to accept that the tied system was anything but fair. I admire Inez greatly for her tenacity in this matter but the 'tied' situation would have rumbled on for decades had the smoking ban not been brought into law. It has risen to prominence now because Ministers want to accept any reason for the great British pub's demise EXCEPT the smoking ban-which cleared out 68% of the pubs regular customers in one hit!
Add to this the simple fact that people are now used to buying a can or ten and staying at home, or their friends home, and you can see where the British Pub is going-down the pan! Congratulations to the Blair administration for bowing and scraping to the World Health Organisation.  Whilst we mention this totally corrupt body that seems answerable to no one, their latest act of lunacy is to want to ban Cinnamon  Yes... Cinnamon if you please! Apparently, if cinnamon is injested in great quantities it can be harmful to the body-OMG, please tell me something that ISN'T if over indulged in!!! Of course the Danes have gone up the wall about this situation-and I don't blame them in the slightest.
Cinnamon rolls
 The Danes favoured cinnamon pastries-banned by the WHO
Now this brings up a rather interesting situation for I distinctly remember reading a report whereby the WHO wished to eradicate a nations tobacco plantations and substitute growing 'paprika'  instead-regardless of the fact that the world markets priced paprika at a considerably lower price than tobacco, which of course would have crippled that countries economy. Now that we find out that spices are dangerous to the human body so what are the WHO going to advise we grow next? As per normal, the so called clever clogs in Geneva have not thought this programme of prohibition through at all and are now finding that all their lies & fabrications are returning to bite them on the old 'aristotle': serves them right of course.
But, the smoking ban is not the only matter that the good citizens of this country should be worried about for, unbelievably, a muslim cleric has now sanctified the raping of non muslim women! At the moment this is aimed at non muslims in Syria, but how long will it be before some bucket brained crackpot declares this 'fatwa' to be equally justified in this country? And it will happen, you can trust me on that.
     Salafi Sheikh Yasir al-‘Ajlawni, a Jordanian of origin who earlier lived in Damascus, Syria for 17 years, posted a YouTube video last week where he said he was preparing to issue a “legitimate fatwa” making it legal (in the eyes of Islam) for those Muslims fighting to topple secular president Bashar Assad and install Sharia law to “capture and have sex with” all non-Sunni women, specifically naming Assad’s own sect, the Alawites, as well as the Druze and several others, in short, all non-Sunnis and non-Muslims.
In other words folks, muslims have the 'divine right' (according to their clerics) to take what they want, where they want & when they want - isn't this a return to the troglodyte era? The problem being of course that the muslim fanatics simply want to ensure that theirprogeny far outnumber ours and that they can 'take over' through sheer weight of numbers. Think I'm wrong here? Check out some of the muslim preachers websites etc. Tower Hamlets (dubbed "The Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets.") is already being singled out for experimentation with sharia law-I kid you not! What are our MPs more worried about? a whiff of smoke in a cafe or a pub, or finding the £1/2bn each month to keep funding all these quit smoking organisations that are failing miserably to do just that!
And just to top this all up, the Spaniards, destitute as the country is, have refused top allow any smoking areas within a newly proposed "Las Vegas" style casino complex.
The $30 billion project, dubbed EuroVegas by CEO Sheldon Adelson, was supposed to feature 12 hotels, six casinos, three golf courses, a convention center and a large retail space, which would have created as many as 250,000 jobs.
Of course, we all know that Spain, with its disastrous employmernt record (26.7% and increasing daily I might add) can ill afford to snub such an investment but they have and this shows you the poweer accrued by the health lobby over the past 50 years. Remember this as you lay on your deathbed folks. There were no jobs, therefore no income. There were no state funded hospitals anymore as they had been 'murdered' by accountants and people only had homes because their parents/grandparents had left them to their next of kin. We may well end up living in absolute poverty but that won't matter as people were banned from smoking so that (supposedly) they could all live longer-in abject misery. The 'medical' term "premature death" (of which, of course, there is no such thing) had been long forgotten as smoking had been attacked and they ignored the fact that poverty was the new killer!
Only then will these imbeciles who feel they have to dictate every one elses lives, actually sit down and wonder at where it all went wrong. Would any of them like to start thinking about their actions now-before it is too late or there simply won't be enough T.U.R.D awards to go round!


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