Friday, 6 July 2012

Walloon in panteloons!

 A hilarious tale of how to deal with a nosey EHO has come in from Belgium where it seems that not all factions of society are as weak kneed as us Brits!
It seems that an Inspector from the Dept of Health randomly chose to monitor smoking compliance in the Cafe de la Poste but got considerably more than he bargained for  as the customers, mostly Hells Angels promptly overwhelmed the EHO and removed his clothing (except for his pants) and transported him deep into a nearby forest where he was dumped. Apparently he found his way to an old cottage where he availed himself of a horse blanket and then made his way to a police station where he reported the crime. I can only assume that assault was one of the crimes and embarrassing a government official without his consent might be the other!
The public prosecutor of Charleroi condemned this  aggression and intimidation of a public official and asks anyone who witnessed the incident to contact the police. Err... that'll be no one then!
Now wouldn't it be marvellous if there were a few more prankish reactions to these mini Hitlers in this country? I can think of a female EHO in the Liverpool area who purposely cost a man his job (& £1,200) because she refused to tell the truth in court and a magistrate who heard the case and basically refused to hear the full story from the accused. Now wouldn't it be a splendid occasion if these two fearless upholders of the law were paraded around the streets of Liverpool in only their undergarments so that people could mock and jeer at the slime-ball way they choose to earn a living-ensuring that others suffer!
I can think of another in Leicester who happily instigates prosecutions but tells blatant 'porkies' in order to add baseless, spurious charges to the list. Another that should be paraded mercilessly until pilloried and used as target practice for rotten, stinking fruit & veg chucking.
Or, what about the total scumbag in Kettering that ensured a 66 year old man was prosecuted for dropping his cigarette end on the floor, whilst sitting in his car waiting for his wife, when he didn't even smoke-and the corrupt magistrate that denied the gentleman the use of local CCTV footage which would have proved his innocence? Now there's a pair for public castigation if ever there was. Or, we could move further south to the place of the lawmakers, London, where EHO in some boroughs rampage the streets to gain convictions yet others virtually ignore minor infractions.
It won't happen in this country for the simple reason that we have now become a nation that revels (for the most part) in the misery of others-especially when it comes to smoking related offences, or non smoking offences as some cases most certainly are. 
It is incredible that some non smokers have informed the authorities that smoking is taking place in their local pub but then moan their narky little socks off when they find the licensee has been slaughtered by the courts and their local pub is shut! 
In this country, should you deem to argue with the authorities, especially in their little 'palaces' (courts) you receive greater penalties than if merely subservient & obedient. Truth & justice have very little room in our legal system anymore for our courts have merely become houses of financial invention, places where you are financially penalised according to your means. They are no longer places where 'they' have to prove your guilt, oh no, you have to prove your innocence !
We now have secret trials and judgements as Roger Hayes found out to his cost the other day. Arrested at 9.30 am he was later sourced in Liverpool gaol under a blanket of secrecy. No public court appearance, no legal representation, no nothing. The magistrate ordered him be imprisoned for 21 days for non payment of Council Tax. These are frightening times for with the advent of secret court hearings, people will simply disappear from our streets only to be found in some prison or other some days later by worried and stressed families. Sounds like Russia not so long ago does this!

(Ljubianka Prison)
So when are the people going to stand up and be counted in this country, when are we going to take a leaf out of the Belgian book of prankster justice and publicly humiliate some of these pond life creatures that masquerade as human beings?

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  1. We do have similar here but it would seem our little anti-smoking Hitlers are a little more wary than their Belgian counterparts. The MC club l've mentioned before has never had a visit. As for informers ... l don't think anyone would be that suicidal and even if they were the council wallahs would ignore it.

    The Belgian anti- smoking officer has also seemingly learnt the lesson ... l note he hasn't actually accused anyone specifically.