Saturday, 25 June 2016

It was MORE than the week that was!

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Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket....... !
Now the EU cannot take away our jobs, our homes or our country!
     Well folks the greatest British political deed has been done, by the people for the people of this country as the LEAVE campaign were victorious by 52%-48%, a slightly slimmer margin than my previously predicted 56/44 split. Ladbrokes, I am very pleased to say, got it completely wrong and I hope that they paid Nigel Farage £3,500 in cash and NOT a cheque-for he paid by means of cash. I had this very argument with them several years ago over some nice  returns due and they simply could not understand why I WOULDN'T ACCEPT their cheque! However, that aside, we now have a situation whereby Juncker and his cronies have 'viel Ei auf verlegen Gesichter' (much egg on embarrassed faces) as their final threat was that if we voted 'OUT' there would be no second chances from them! Well halle-bloody-lujah baby, we don't want any second chances from a corrupted organisation that wants every penny it can get from this country. 
     Now we are out we have no need to pay this £642,000,000, so called 'fine' for poor accounting, to the EU when the EU itself hasn't self accounted for the past 20 years! No need to keep ploughing £31m (nett) per day into a sinking ship, no need to see our fishing industries decimated-oh yes, there's plenty more of this! The beauty of this situation is that Juncker has been left with no option but to
'order' Britain to invoke Article 50 with the utmost speed! Jolly-dee I say!
     Now you might be wondering about the change of lead picture? Let me explain folks: we are that falling star as we have departed the disgustingly corrupt & deceitful EU, but we are not falling, we are simply independent again - and that'll do me folks!
     Strangely enough, despite all the threats of extinction, Germany have immediately declared their wish to continue trading with us!..... as do the USA & Canada..... and the rest will follow.
Germany will now also have to pay in an extra €2.4bn per annum as we will no longer be bunging wedge across the sea!

     File:Flag of the United Kingdom.svgBritain was brave, the people decided and now we have another 5 nations declaring their intentions to possibly depart this abysmally stoic, but sinking ship! Fraxit,  Nexit, Austric, Fintic and Hungit could all leave. Now we know that Marine Le Pen is hell bent on deserting ship and I think that her party will succeed in next years French elections as they are gaining more & more support from people sick to death of dictatorship. And anyway France has been holding urgent talks to try and rescue their own financial woes! Finland are exporting naughty muslims by the bucketful, the Dutch are overwhelmingly up for a referendum, Austria have sold out of shotguns as the migrant invasion threatens their very safety and Hungary, the land of the Magyar have never been too impressed with hordes of economic migrants tramping around europe!
Hungary sensibly seals off its borders !
     Now here's an interesting point folks! Our MPs might need to take note of this little fact as well because if we are no longer ruled by the despotic EU, we no longer need to abide by their silly refugee criteria, so Leicester City Council, Coventry City Council & many other councils now have no need to ignore their own homeless people so as to house these itinerants marching all around europe! We are a small island that already holds approximately 65,111,143, a 0.61 % increase on the 2015 figure, so why do we need anymore unemployed sand dwellers scrounging off the state benefit system? 
     I'll ask you all one simple question: " if there was war of some kind going on in this country, would everyone start marching to another country half way around the world?" I don't think so. I think we'd 'tool-up' and fight the enemy to protect our lands whereas people like Soros, NWO & Bilderbergs like to quietly 'sponsor' a conflict so as to create just the situation we have now! Now why is it that these people aren't fighting to save their own homes, countries & way of life? Why is it that these people all seem to sport the latest mobile phones, Nike trainers and seemingly have an abundance of 'goods' to waste as they tramp across Europe? They are not poor homeless refugees at all, they are well catered for economic refugess looking for less impoverished places to live.
'Refugees' leave a trail of rubbish as they leave camp (Bapska) in Serbia!
     Now we are no longer under the rule of the EU we can have our own legal system back in place, we have no need for the silly '€' nor to have to rely on common sense to hopefully emerge from some idiotic court in Brussels (or wherever) to deport the thousands of foreign criminals we have accumulated. Our country = Our rules and if you don't like what's on the table then bugger off and eat elsewhere!
     Juncker wants us gone asap, well that can't come quick enough for me for I remember when people in this country were a very happy bunch - oh yes, the 60's wasn't simply all about the Beatles, Stones & mini skirts! They were exciting times when freedom of speech was never questioned, tolerance was unequivocal and  kids were allowed to be kids! You could play in the 'mud and the blood and the beer'. You could go 'scrumping' and get a thick ear from your local bobby, probably another one when you got home cos' your dad already knew - even though there were no mobile phones! And then, about the time Ted Heath signed us into the EEC we started to hear from those godforsaken 'Do-gooders'..... who ended up as 'Do-badders', they have ruined this country for now I am just simply amazed that we haven't got an instruction manual from H&S on how to get out of bed!
     I never thought, after being born into a totally democratic society that I would also die in one..... but it now begins to look as if I might well be and that's why last week was MORE than the week that was!


  1. Yes the future looks very good indeed, the public have voted and it is now time for us all to make OUR Country Great again. The EU is falling apart (as it should) so Britain has made the right Choice.

  2. We have to work to keep the leave vote now, already the left want another referendum, so i propose we start a new campaign for the Brexiters to get behind, and that's CUT the VAT. Now we have voted to leave the EU we no longer need to pay them 1/5th of our VAT so we should cut it; helping every person and our economy.