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This is the the week that was!

Refendum special, 
how to avoid poverty for generations to come!

     It is this week, Thursday 23rd to be precise, that the good, the bad & the ugly go to the polling stations to cast their vote for either REMAIN in the EU or LEAVE the EU. Don't let anyone you know fail to vote in the most important 'election' in our modern history!
     There are reasons to be in (I might think of one or two by Christmas) and, converseley, there are reasons to LEAVE the EU (I'll only jot a few down so as to keep it interesting!)
     Those that relish the power of a 'new world' (order anyone?) claim that a federal state of europe is an absolute must: indeed, people like George Soros are happy to fund such an enterprise such is their misguided belief. Anyone who dares to object is vilified beyond belief, belittled and every effort made to bring some form of legal retribution about that persons head - yet those who follow the constant 'BS' (bullshit for those unaware) are rewarded with great office, great powers & no little wealth by a group of unelected people in an unelected 'partliament!
     It is said that 800,000 jobs depend on the EU - what absolute rubbish. We may have 800,000 jobs in this country that have some link to goods exported abroad but that certainly does not mean that those 800,000 RELY on the EU-they don't. Big numbers frighten people, therefore 800,000 is a perfectly reasonable 'big number' to throw into the ring. Now I would be more concerned about the jobs that the EU are costing British people in this country; eg,
a)... Ford Transit plant in Southampton loses 800 workforce as EU 'support' a plant move to southern Turkey with an €80m loan - where do the 800 find other jobs I ask?
b)... Redcar Steelworks close down, loses 1,700 jobs as we buy cheaper steel from China: Business minister Anna Soubry (who really needs to return to reading the news not making it!) said: “Despite everyone’s recent efforts to help SSI this is very sad news and a big blow for the workforce and their families ..." basically this means that Redcar will become a ghost-town, an unemployment hotspot, a place with no future!
c)... Port Talbot steelworks closed down as EU ask Camoron NOT to fund any revival. Nic Dakin, Labour MP for Scunthorpe, challenged Cameron about the UK’s position in prime minister’s questions, accusing him of failing to stand up for the British steel industry.The steel industry could shed 15,000 jobs (all inclusive) because of EU tariffs/interventions.
d)... Tobacco giants Imperial Tobacco forced out of Britain courtesy of EU ruling on 'Tobacco Control' (courtesy of ASH/WHO) as Nottingham [800 jobs (total)] & Bristol [500 jobs] closed as Imperial Tobacco simply move to Poland as a much cheaper 'plant' option. Two cities losing one of their largest employers courtesy of EU interventions. Apparently you can still smoke in the EU building in Brussels due to the stress levels of work! The EU has wasted €m's on smoking laws yet an amazingly similar amount of people continue to smoke..... because they enjoy smoking!
     Four plain & simple situations where EU intervention, in one form or another, has caused massive job losses - and the 'cream on the cake', as far as the hysteria over possible job losses are concerned, is here, in a full report by the IEA (the Institute for Economic Affairs) beautifully crafted by Ryan Bourne.
     And then we move onto LAW.  Oh my Lordy me, we have unearthed a leviathon of nonsensical edicts. Would you believe that 64.7% of our laws & regulations come from Brussels? Well folks, they certainly do. Remember the 'metric martyr' (Steve Thoburn) who objected to metric weights being used to sell his fruit & veg (?), he died at the age of 39 fighting this bureaucratic nonsense-the constant stress of the legal absurdities caused him to have a heart attack! Did the EU care at all? Not one iota for they had declared that we must go metric. Strange though that our horse racing distances remain at 5 furlongs, a mile and 11/2 miles etc!
The EU are not a body for democracy, something (until the last 20 years) this country has prided itself on, and Frederick Forsyth  explains just how this unelected body of people are stealing this country bit by bit. Wasn't it Hitler that stated that by stealing people's rights by an imperceptible piece at a time..... ?
Keep wheeling them in until we simply can't cope:
Oh dear me, we're already at saturation point!

     Sadly, like Corbyn (who was always against the EU), my own MP is a firm believer in the EU and Leicester is a staunch Labour hotbed. He recently (last monday actually) created an editorial for the Leicester Mercury as to why we need to stay in this idiotic, bankrupt EU. I think that from the comments section alone you will soon see that the mood in this city is changing for the better. In London we have, sadly, a new muslim Mayor who is already putting his 'muslim foot' down by declaring his intentions to ban what we consider totally inoffensive advertising. Excuse me but this is Britain not some sand dwellers principality! Anyone forgotten Luftur Rahman yet I wonder? Sadiq  Khan has also already thrown the race card in the ring by declaring that their are "too many white men working on London's underground services"! Isn't that a pure and simple race-hate crime? Where are plod when needed?
     I'll be interested to know our MPs feelings about our future when the LEAVE vote is victorious - I still have this 56%LEAVE v 44%REMAIN figure in my head for some reason! Leicester City council attempted to corrupt the cities vote by declaring "This council is firmly in the REMAIN camp" - there was no apparent right of reply as the deputy mayor & council ignored all attempts to bring about a public debate on the matter.
 The face of white genocide   v   the face of Save Britain

     Indeed, Rory Palmer (like Clegg: another schoolboy in long trousers) declared that the city was £3m better off for being in the EU! Perhaps he could also explain that if this be the case, why do we have 26,000 children living below the poverty line in this city? (His own words no less)
     Sadly the refendum has been tarnished by the most unfortunate death of  REMAIN MP, Jo Cox who was interfering in an argument between two men, one of whom stabbed & shot her to death, a lamentable situation indeed. The man in question, immediately arrested, had serious mental problems and did NOT shout anything political whatsoever, though some have tried to link the event to an 'anti-LEAVE' campaign, which basically shows just how low some of our politicians (and society) are prepared to stoop. But, one has to wonder at the morals/ethics of the now single husband as he straight away used his wife's death as a political platform - as did Maria Eagle (MP) who soon deleted her 'tweet' ( when a few facts became known. Today a very interesting blog has appeared which puts Jo Cox's love affair with the EU in a completely different light, a sordid tale of 'White Helmets' & Syrian conflicts. Indeed her husband Brendan Cox is tweeting out a Go Fund Me link to his wife’s ‘favourite causes’ and one of those is 'White Helmets'. Do NOT be fooled by her demise, this is NOT a charity by any stretch of the imagination. Add to this iunsavourynews that husband Brendan was accused of 'misdeeds' during his regn at the 'Save the Children' charity (he soon vacated his position by the way) and you can easily see that all is not quite as rosey in the Cox's garden as was first painted by the media. And let's not forget that on Thursday evening, the day that Jo Cox was murdered, reporting restrictions were lifted on the fact that a 13-man strong Muslim paedophile ring in Halifax was being sentenced to a total of more than 150 years at Leeds Crown Court.These being the people she (and the remain camp) want to invade this country by way of open borders of course!
Interesting to note that the day before her death, Brendan was out 'sailing on the Thames' trying to demean Nigel Farage's attempts to support our beleagured fishermen, many of whom are now out of work courtesy of EU regulations. Are these the sort of people we need dictating what we can and can't do in & around our own country? I don't think so. Geldorf threatened to take in four (4) Syrian families a few months ago-doesn't seem to have followed those words up as yet!
£££ Blatantly clear that this 'rat' has more money than brains! £££
     Very unsurprising that Baroness Warsi today decided to swap sides (although this muslim peeress has never been in the LEAVE camp)  to the REMAIN camp - I could never understand how this woman could ever have been in the LEAVE camp except as a 'Camoron mole' for she wants more and more non white immigrants in the country. Farcically we now have some of the top bods in the Labour REMAIN camp declaring that they have left home to join the LEAVE team-you see folks, it is never too late to see the light!
     It is incredible that in a world where the powers that be are cajoling all people to integrate with all others we find muslim extremists now calling for all 'gay people' to be executed via being ejected from the top of high buildings-how very integrational of these people who simply want to take over the world. Similarly, over in America, we have a loonytoons Imam who supports the stoning of women! Funnily enough  we have the REMAIN camp very much wanting open door immigration which means that more & more of these Sharia law bashing people are going to flood our country. Those that are already here are demanding ridiculous things from our government 'because this or that offends them' and yet we have an organisation that wants even more of these people here! Unbelievable really.

      A powerful German European Union (EU) MEP has branded the Brexit campaign a pack of “lies” and British voters “idiotic”. Now there's a thing: he must be very worried about his own country's financial stability to be worried about this little country opting out.   Even better is this gem: GERMANY has issued a stark warning to Britain telling the nation " there will be no second chances if people vote to leave the European Union on June 23". That's it then folks..... we've been threatend with banishment my Herr Merkels band of corsairs & brigands. Hallelujah baby, we will be free. Are we scared ??? Not a jot sir, not a jot, for what can Germany do to us if we do LEAVE? - absolutely nothing! In actual fact we will be some £31m per day BETTER OFF..... just think what our NHS could do with all that money!

Any further nudges needed to vote LEAVE are here:-

Greece = Poverty stricken courtesy of EU

Portugal = almost bankrupt

Spain =  almost bankrupt

Italy = almost bankrupt

France = on its last, spindly financial legs

Germany = banks seem to have 'lost' €14bn ..... in the past 3 months!

Eire = bankrupt after an €80m bailout

..... add youth unemployment at record highs all over europe and we have a very sad state of affairs that many of our blinkered MPs feel we need to join. The important question is this: "If there was a referendum on Thursday to JOIN the EU would you vote YES PLEASE?" I don't think so!

Voting for the REMAIN camp on Thursday is a bit like voting to jump onboard the Titanic when it's only halfway down. Please use your brains and look at the simple facts before you and remember one important fact..... it's your kids & grandkids that will be suffering from this despotic governance from Brussels. This week will always be remembered as the week that was!

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