Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Camoron waffle loses - AGAIN!

Smoking Bans & EU KILL businesses - FACT

     Last night (Tuesday 7th June) saw the long awaited public debate between the man of  TRUTH (Farage) & our PM of little or no repute (Camoron). Sandwiches at the ready, flask of coffee to hand and BOOM - off we go, it's showtime! Except it wasn't as Julie Etchingham (who turned out to be virtually useless) introduced Nigel Farage as the first "to answer questions from the audience"..... it turned out that Camoron refused a head-to-head and was to enjoy his version of 'Hancock's Half Hour' after Farage!
     Now we know that the BBC is woefully biased, but last night we found out that ITV are not a lot different in that respect as a certain lady was catapulted into the limelight to tackle Farage about racism, references to migrant sexual assaults across europe etc
Imriel Morgan-the plant - a black Triffid!
     This non white bi-atch deliberately tried to paint Farage as a racist and anti-black vote catcher, but of course she fell flat on her 'Huff-Post snout' as she was educated on the truth of the matter by the 'master of truth'. The Archbishop of Canterbury (Welby) was dragged into the discourse but 'he' was soundly put in his place too by the 'master of truth' as Welby had not read the entire article, only the headlines! Now I know for a fact that what Farage stated was and is the absolute truth because I have kept a continuous record of every reported sexual assualt, every reported rape, every reported crime against women that these uncultured, subhuman migrants have afforded our western women and I emailed the whole lot to UKIP HQ yesterday morning thinking that some imbecile would raise the subject ). The reason why? Simply to prove to the entire world that they are not compatable with the ways of the western world. They have no regard for their women, they follow a neanderthal concept whereby 9 yr olds can be married off to 70yr old geriatrics simply to boost their numbers through inter-breeding. They are happy to beat their wives, behead them, hang them, accuse them of any crime they feel possessed to - they have no regard for them at all - and now they are expecting US to tolerate THEIR subhuman laws!  Anyway, this stupid woman was quickly put in her place by Farage as he 'hit her' with fact after fact - way to go kiddo
     Whilst on the subject of this migrant invasion it would be prudent to note that Farage quickly put the new mayor of Londonistan in his place the other day as Sadiq Khan tried to defend the burka! More interesting is the fact that File:Flag of Latvia.svgLatvia have also banned the burka even though they only have three women that actually wear the garment! Obviously the Latvian government have far more sense than ours and can immediately espy the threats that could lay behind this 'religious' face covering - wake up Camoron please! Bizarrely the Scots have outdone the lot by declaring they want to introduce the niquab so as to attract more muslims to the force! So, if burglars dress the same who is going to be able to determine between cops & robbers. I would refuse to be arrested by anything that found it necessary to hide its 'fizhog' behind a bit of cloth! Perhaps they need this option for the 12 families now sited on the island of Bute - where there is no work to be had, so there might be plenty of crime! Scotlands answer to moving toward Sharia Law methinks!
     Camoron came on for the second half and literally blustered his way through 23 minutes of "I thinks", "I am pretty sure that's", "I am fairly confident that", etc: in other words, through careful use of vocabulary he avoided any direct promises, assertions and/or situations which he could not later retract. He truly is a waste of space and, after once being totally anti EU, I can only wonder at what "gold, frankincense & myrrh" he has been promised by his EU masters to get this country to remain? He is, without doubt, the traitor within!
     Onto other news and by now most of the western world will be aware that the World Health Organisation is falling apart at the seams as hints of corruption, fraud & incompetence smack them squarely on the chin! And where was Margaret Chan whilst this hullabaloo was raised (?) - NATURALLY SHE WAS AT THE TOBACCO CONFERENCE IN MOSCOW blathering on about the marvellous (non) effects of plain packaging! It seems that smoking bans are beginning to become tiresome for many places; ie, China who are reversing their initially super tough anti smoking laws and now plans to grant exemptions to restaurants, bars, hotels and airports-(funnily enough they are all businesses that will suffer greatly from such bans)! Port Arthur (Aus) no longer sports its comprehensive smoking ban as the local council listened to it inhabitants and realised that smoking bans smash businesses! The reasons for the ban..... "second hand smoke can be annoying and deadly." [Firstly, SHS is certainly no more annoying that vehicular exhaust fumes which are deadly & Secondly, SHS fumes are NOT deadly]. So the ban was enacted on a lie yet again! Congratulations to the council for seeing the truth at last.

Suleman Khonat: "The war on smokers is a war on freedom" makes a very interesting read indeed as he points out the terrible affect on small retailers.

     New Orleans: Harrah's Casino have reported a mere $35,000,000 loss in its 1st year of smoke free! 'Slots' lost out bigtime with a 17% drop so the state of Louisiana is not going to be too chuffed with such a dramatic drop in revenue to state coffers. After seeking information from Louisiana, no one can confirm to me that the smoking ban has saved any one particular life so it would seem that these bans are ridiculously futile in practice!

     Tasmania: Smoking amongst young Tasmanians aged 15 to 24 rose by about 6.7% in three years! Now how could this possibly be when the world is awash with anti-tobacco literature & threats of instant deaths etc? the answer is quite simple actually for, by creating this anti tobacco monster, the anti tobacco mobsters have themselves brought smoking to the attention of the very young who will always try the 'forbidden fruits'!

The world of food is now in severe trouble as nicotine has been found in our foodstuffs: for instance, 22lbs of 'eggplant' has been found to hold the equivalent of 1 (one) cigarette! The humble but juicy tomato, the cauliflower & the good old 'spud' are all guilty so what are we to do I ask? Oh woe is the world, the world is doomed and we must report this atrocity to Margaret Chan, Arnott & Duffy immediately lest we digest a whole 'veggie styled cigarette'. This is what happens when people's human rights of choice are interfered with, no one knows just how deep the cut is and when you get a meeting of minds like last nights NON debate it is easy to see which side of the coin has been corrupted and which side hasn't. If last night proved anything it showed that Julie Etchingham couldn't control a 'marbles match' and Camoron couldn't lay straight in bed!

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