Sunday, 29 May 2016

A little nudge for the brainless brigade!

for your own health & sanity

     We wake up this morning to find that the Camoron has actually admitted the truth for once, that being that Britain CAN exist outside of that goatskin bag full of pirates & renegades known as the Beaurocrats of Brussels (BoB); ie, the EU! Yes indeedy, our lying, cheating, coniving PM has finally run out of ridiculous arguments (socks, gas, air fares, etc) to frighten the British people into submission in order that they vote, like the sheep he thinks we are, to stay in this shambolic self styled superpower! Of course there are still plenty of sheep in this country - and not all grazing on our pastures green unfortunately as many of them happen to be bi-pods... with very limited intelligence too! Apparently we could now lose our pets, just how ludicrous can this get I ask? Camoron knows he will be lucky to keep his position when he loses this vote. Win/Win to me that is! For instance Alan Johnson (an ex-postman then senior minister!!!) stated that being out of the EU would see us never hosting the Olympics again - poor sad little man:- perhaps he would care to remember 1966? No EU for us, hosted the World Cup, won the World Cup..... and 40 years later half the players medals were up for sale due to poverty in this country!
     On the other side of the Commons we have another complete buffoon by the name of Corbyn, a man that likens to a little old gnarled Norwegian troll, who once vilified the EU now champions the IN campaign - truly amazing what high wages and a prominent position can do for a persons 'status' & state of mind! Put simply, this country CAN survive without the likes of Juncker & Co and will be well rid of the whole caboodle.
  The EU is in a state of no little financial turmoil, meaning that this giant, corrupt and all overpowering leviathon of control is totally bankrupt, potless, skint, penniless, gas out, on its uppers and literally on its death bed - yet they continue to create nonsense laws, treaties & clauses designed to nick a little bit more power from this country at every step. Hitler declared that every tiny, almost imperceptible salami slice meant that the people (rank & file) did not see their freedoms being eroded-sadly he was right but some people are so stupid that they fail to see what is happening. One complete idiot declared that we would be better off IN the EU simply because mobile phone 'roaming' charges would be cheaper-how simple that young ladies life really must be if that is all she has to worry about!
A brace of  born liars & con men!
     Apart from all the injustices that are being heaped upon this country at the moment we have to consider the impact of the ridiculous 'open borders' policy being enacted as we speak/type. 
"I will cut immigration to tens of thousands" spouted the Camoron pre-election, vote for me and you will see!" OK Dave, we voted and look at the result you muppet - 330,000 immigrants if you please and more coming daily. 330,000 immigrants means that this government needs to build another 'Leicester' to accomodate them all - can't see that happening..... can you? Open borders mean that all & sundry can simply turn up and declare that they wasnt a better life..... presumably at the expense of ours.
            Two men who speak the truth about what is going on!
     The main problem of all this 'nation moving' is that a very high percentage of these people are of the muslim persuasion and it is blatantly obvious that the majority of these nomadic muslim souls have absolutely no idea of how the Western World works and thus demand that our world be rampantly modified to accept their world-except that it really means that they (muslims) simply want to take over our way of life and convert all 'infidels' to follow Allah. I am not a racist as I am a great believer in 'live & let live'. My working life entailed fitting many a kitchen/bathroom for Asian people, many of them muslims but none ever tried to convert "the pinkyman" to observe Allah - but what is coming now is a totally different breed. They are a breed that are happy to be unhappy about something or other, no matter what it is. They are a breed of fanatic that is happy to 'patrol' our English streets and declare Sharia Law, something that should have no meaning in this country for as Boris Johnson so delicately put it "Sharia Law in the UK is absolutely unacceptable". Well said Boris - now why isn't he our PM?
     So my friends, Romans & fellow countryfolk, open your ears, open your minds and see what is coming for what it is for this country:
REMAIN = disaster & poverty. Governance from across the water. Idiotic laws that will change our ways for ever. Open borders that will swamp this country with a 'faith' that has little bearing on human kindness. Crime rates that will soar far beyond the imaginable. A baby boom that will easily outnumber my era (the 50's) and will not be white names that top the leader board folks! Prisons will be the absolute breeding grounds for radicalisation! Pork will disappear from our menus-the bacon butty will GO!

LEAVE = we get to rule our own country. We don't need the EU to trade-we have the rest of the world. We can regain our powers and deport foreign criminals. We can reset our own Bill of Human Rights. We can make our own laws. We will regain our fishing industries. Farmers will be a hell of a lot better off again. We can stop giving £33,000,000 every day to the thieves in Brussels. We will no longer face ridiculous sanctions & fines (another £1.7bn at Xmas) from a corrupt organisation that has no actual accounts of its own dealing for the past 20 years. We can close our borders and stop this mass migration of human misery that will, eventually, bring our entire system to a standstill. We can invest & rebuild our wonderful NHS. We should easily be able to sidestep WWIII that has been promised by Camoron and we should be able to keep our hoovers too! We can hopefully create jobs for the indigenous people here-the majoruty of muslims don't work anyway! We can save our education system from going under by saving £millions in hiring translators. We can begin to ease our own housing crisis instead of making it worse by housing these migrants. Why did our pensions age suddenly rise? Work it out, it's easy, the welfare system simply cannot cope with more people! Soon, no one will be allowed to retire until they are 80..... or dead. Simply look at the youth unemployment figures in Eire, Spain, Greece, Italy etc and you can easily see what the EU has done for itself. Remember this folks, they NEED US but:
 Urgent update: Camoron has now teamed up with Sadiq Khan to convince Londonistan that they MUST vote REMAIN -  just how much more pathetic can Camoron get?



  1. What a terrible mess our Politian's have made of Our Country. We have a split and dysfunctional Conservative party that only tell us Lies and the opposition Labour party who are also split and dysfunctional. We must have another Election asap and get rid of the first past the post system in order to give more of the electorate some representation in our parliament. As we have seen both Labour and Conservative have created the serious problems we have in Britain today. The only vote we can give on the Failed EU is OUT and get control over Our Country again.


  2. On the fence again Phil HaHa A breath of fresh air though I would not go near Donald Trump and I think Boris is a political animal saying the things to gain personal status rather than out of political belief.