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Are we bowing to Islam already?

The EU, with all its corruptness & fraudulent ways, is making one last desperate bid to woo the people of Britain. DO NOT be fooled by this giant swampfish that wants to rule every aspect of YOUR lives!

How much is that doggy in the (EU) window?

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      I think the short answer to that is "YES, through the EU we certainly are"! and I think it is absolutely cowardly that we be doing so. I know that 'the powers that be' still have this idiotic notion that multiculturalism is the greatest thing since sliced bread (certainly Soros, Blair, Soulsby and a few other cranks do) but in actual fact it was never possible for it to work and never will work. There is one simple reason for that: the vast majority of these migrants are muslim and they simply don't want to integrate, they simply want to take over the world and live in the misery & poverty that they seem to enjoy 'back home', not to mention the destruction they cause when offered the helping hand! Let's have a little peek at what they think SHOULD BE OCCURRING in a world ruled by them shall we! 
     Democracy is a no go as 'they' simply want Sharia Law, a form of barbarianism that has no place in a cultured society. Only days ago a lunatic muslim gunned down 50 people in a gay nightclub & injured 53 more simply because he "saw 2 men kissing" in Orlando, Florida [welcome to the new liberalised world]. What sort of mentality is that I ask? We in the west have accepted homosexuality as an 'everyday norm', we have passed laws forbidding people to ostracise, abuse, assault these people simply because they are different to what most still consider normal, yet the muslim faith declares that all gay people should be sentenced to death! Indeed, they are certainly not averse to chucking the odd dozen or so living souls from the top of 4 storey buildings to a certain death. In excess of 100 now.
ISIS have murdered a man by throwing him off the top of a high roof in Iraq after he was accused of being homosexual 
Man accused of being gay-not proven, just accused!
     The terrible thing is that people like Soros, Blair, Soulsby know exactly what these fanatical people are capable of yet still welcome them into this country with open arms! (You might ask who Soulsby might be? He is, sadly, the 'elected mayor' (of Leicester) that swears by multiculturalism and is now the proud overseer of a city that has a minority of 'born 'n' bred' British whites-which it certainly wasn't when I landed here in 1971! How proud would YOU be of such an achievement?) Multiculturalism simply doesn't work as many immigrants simply don't want to integrate and there are certainly areas in Leicester where one would not venture after dark if one was white! Soulsby, with his side-kick Rory Palmer (like Clegg, a schoolboy in long trousers) want to 'welcome' some 200 Syrian 'refugees' to Leicester..... and this brings up several interesting points, as I have pointed out to our local paper-though I very much doubt they will print anything!: I list here for your common sense observations:-
Let me try and explain something to the dimwitted of our city & our nation for some people seem to feel that WE are an ENDLESS source of finance for the world's problems! According to official figures (FOI etc), January 2015 saw Leicester City have 10,236 unemployed persons. A further FOI noted that the city had 2,034 vacancies -can anyone do simple maths I ask? This means, of course, that the city already had/has an overflow of unemployed to the tune of approximately 8,000 souls so why in God's name do idiots in power welcome 100, 200, 300, whatever the number, of Syrian refugees? (I have since learned that Nottingham & Derby 'boast' similar figures). The obvious questions are: a)... Who pays for these people to be housed? b)... who pays these people's utility bills? c)... who pays for these people to be fed each week? d)... who pays for these people to be clothed? e)... who pays these people's Council Tax? etc etc. The answer is very simple my friends, We, the British people do! Yet we don't do any of this for our homeless people, many of whom simply die on the streets of whichever town/city they inhabit. Do you not find it somewhat insulting that we have ex-servicemen sleeping rough because our politicians feel the need to look after 'the world' rather than our own? We have politicians & councillors that are more interested in 'looking good/looking the part' in the eyes of the world than 'practical people' who care for their constituents - and then I wonder why they never want to debate this whole crazy IN/OUT EU situation but simply sit back and declare that "the council has decided.......". They are an absolute disgrace & we have to get OUT of this giant financial cesspit on the 23rd June because they seem to think that we are an endless source of FINANCIAL AID ! ..... 
     The burning question of course is that since Camoron declared that we are accepting 20,000 SYRIAN refugees, all refugees have suddenly become Syrian as they have no passports or identity apart from a name (lost in the terrors of escape etc)! Of course this plays right into the hands of ISIS as they can freely spread their fanatics around the western world just as they fancy. I'm actually amazed that the Euro football championships haven't been bombed yet for if ISIS can execute 13 young lads for having the temerity to watch a football match then there is no end to their barbaric & murderous ways. And we must not forget that ISIS have already expressed their displeasure with France already.
     It is clearly stated in some quarters that the 'loony left' have sided with Islam over gay people of their own kind - and I don't think those saying such a far wrong. After all, we allow same gender marriages now (for some weird reason of freedom of choice/expression etc or simply equal rights) but then we also want to allow '20,000,000' muslim, gay hating loons into this rather small island of ours (if the EU had their evil way). Why would we want to allow such an invasion, for that's what it is, when we cannot cope with what we already have here?
A tri-partate of pure loathing for this country-would you vote for this?
     HMP Gartree, a couple of miles up the road from here is a maximium security prison that now houses a considerable number of 'hard core' muslim terrorists. You might say that this is good but it isn't because there are so many of them in there now that they occupy an entire wing of the prison - and basically terrorise any non muslim into becoming a muslim. In short, they are using one of our toughest gaols to spread their evil words and are indoctrinating our very own people. The muslim loons have basically set up a prison within a prison and use Sharia law to command obedience: English prisoners there are refusing to be transferred to this wing.
     Belgium are also playing right into the hands of these Islamists as they seek to lower the age of sexual consent to a mere 13 yrs of age - so they basically want to legalise paedophilia! Oh dear me, is it no wonder that millions of young, rabid, hormone infested young men are migrating to the west to enjoy that which western governments are laying out before them! A child of 13 yrs is 

child marriages in mioddle east
40 yr old Yemeni kills his 8yr old 'bride' on their wedding night
exactly that - A CHILD - so how can any western society condone sex with a minor (?) it just beggars belief. It seems that these people are just as happy sodomising goats so how are they ever going to fit into a civilised western society? Should there not be an immediate death sentence for having sexual relations with a poor, dumb animal?
     All of this points to the only course of action the people of this country can possibly take..... and that is that on June 23rd, 2016, Britain HAS to vote to LEAVE the EU- and we need to have a conclusive margin of victory so that even Camoron cannot rig the vote! ( I can't state categorically, obviously, but I'm pretty damned sure that he will have some legerdemain planned if the vote looks like going against him!) I am still going for a 56% - 44% vote in favour of LEAVE despite pathetic attempts to derail Nigel Farage by ITV.

     Now then folks, I have been reading a booklet by "intercessorsforbritain", a Christian faith organisation who clearly lay out the EU, its formation, its creeping, grasping tentacles and everything else that is wrong with it. The booklet ( A Christian Perspective on the European Union and the Referendum ) shows you just how the EU, through little treaties here and there, small, indefinable changes to this, that & t'other simply remove a nations individual status and claims it as part of the superstate it is building. It also points to the taxations on 'nations' which 'nations' can do nothing about, the destruction of national & cultural boundaries and identities in history (remember that the 'holocaust' now seemingly never happened???) You really do need to read this booklet (here) because you will then know that you have to vote LEAVE to save your country, your lifestyle, your heritage, your way of living, your religion, in fact, your very being! Vote wisely my friends.

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