Monday, 4 July 2016

Wet, Wet, Wet-the tap drippeth again!

UPDATE: Nigel Farage has resigned form UKIP leadership!
     The EU have suddenly and completely proven as to why 17.4m British people saw the light and voted LEAVE as yet another completely idiotic 'law' is rolled out stating that is now illegal to say:-

  "Drinking Water Prevents Dehydration"

     Have you ever, in your entire lifetime, heard such an utterly stupid statement as that? Suddenly, the giver of all life is no longer the reliever of all thirsts as the EU have decided that yet another idiotic law can be formed by mindless & brainless bureaucrats who obviously have nothing better to do. Strangely enough NHS health guidelines state clearly that "drinking water helps avoid dehydration, and that Britons should drink at least 1.2 litres per day." Florence Nightingale would be turning in her grave at such imbecility.


     Is it any wonder then that the British LEAVE vote has sparked similar outcries in eight (8) other countries? It is now blatantly obvious to me that we (Britain) were the 'eye-candy' in all this EU solidarity BS over the past months/years and now that the British people have  stood up to be counted (literally) other nations have seen the light at the end of 'the euro tunnel' - it is diminishing rapidly. The EU is a completely failed experiment in human control and should now be scrapped altogether as a project. I dread to think what the total cost has been but then we'll never know that as the EU is so great & grand that it has never held itself accountable to produce any accounts of its own! One thing that is for sure, now that Britain are out, all the other paying members are going to have to 'stump up' another £350m per week between them ..... and that is going to be one hell of an ask when you look at the Greek financial situation! France is bankrupt and Marine le Pen is very confident that her party will win next years elections - and if so, they will withdraw from the EU SS Titanic asap - now where will that leave poor old Hitlers daughter, Angela Merkel I wonder? At the end of a rope maybe?


Just what are our kids being taught in our schools these days?

     The pathetic nature of the REMAIN camp has shone through with amazingly brilliant stupidity as marches have been taking place in London declaring that DEMOCRACY will prevail and that we will rejoin the EU! Err, excuse me but DEMOCRACY has already prevailed as 17.4m people voted OUT - a clear majority of 1.2m people said "shove it"! That is democracy at its finest-people voting in a FREE vote - no 'guns to heads' as in the so called 'free vote' on the smoking ban some years ago! The financial strain on Germany is so great that a major bank is about to go bust - the Deustche Bank is teetering on the brink as we speak! Can the IMF afford to bail them out? can the EU survive the Deustche Bank collapse? Who cares just as long as we are out of this stinking midden known as the EU. For all those who still wish to vote REMAIN, well, I wish you a happy but misguided life because you obviously have no idea of what you have been saved from! 

     A simple lesson for dummies: think about this. Bankrupt the country, pauperise the people, keep everyone (except the 'elite') in abject poverty and have them begging for scraps - then you have the control over the people that the EU always wanted. Implement a police state backed up by a 'federal Army' and you have a complete dictatorship - job done. Just one problem in all of this - Britain found its voice and said NO! (and yet we see idiots in the streets protesting that they WANT this!)

Another despot has risen from the ashes as Nicola Sturgeon has declared that she wants an independent Scotland within the EU - have you ever heard anything so stupid & ill informed? The EU doesn't do INDEPENDENT Mrs Krankie, you could never be independent & in the EU for God's sake. I feel exceedingly sorry for Scotland for having a brainless bimbo like this as your leader has to be a terrible burden to bear. Anyway, eight member states have now told 'Mrs Krankie' to go forth & multiply instead of making silly representations.

Nicola Sturgeon will travel to Brussels on Wednesday 

Nowhere to run baby, nowhere to hide!
As we finish this rather victorious blog I can only leave you with the words of one great man, the man who has spent his political life railing AGAINST the EU - the speech of St Nigel the Great! 
LEAVE ??? We've LEFT!!!
and they don't want us back !!!


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  1. Cannot agree with you more Phil. Did you see your the old relic Blair said go again as people can change their minds? Go that way and we would have a general election after every by election lost by the ruling party. That's Blair's democracy. Daft innit?