Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The money is running out!

Smoking bans KILL businesses - FACT

     Not unexpectedly, especially after Smoke Free SW declared  a complete lack of funding from their local councils due to austerity measures, they declared that they 'business' was to cease. Business I hear you ask? Yes, a business for they turned anti smoking into a complete business..... funded by you, me, & the family down the road as our taxes were used AGAINST all those who choose/chose to smoke. We had no say in it, it just happened as the most ridiculous law since the 'Clockmakers Tax' was invented (1790's). Had there have been an element of choice then it would have been a completely different story but the simple fact was that our government, responding to the desparate pleas from ASH, simply banned all forms of smoking indoors simply because, unlike the rest of europe, they just couldn't be bothered to thrash a modicum of a fair deal for all.
     Through a campaign of lies & distortions, the despicable creature known as Deborah Arnott managed to convince our (mostly) idiot MPs that SHS was more dangerous than sarin gas - which really does make you wonder how so many people are still alive in this (or any other) country? Indeed, Ronald Bayer of the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health stated, found that many of the common claims against smoking really have little evidence to back them up.
“I discovered the evidence was really weak. The evidence of harm to non-smokers on the beach or in a park from someone smoking is virtually non-existent. The evidence that fish and birds are dying because of cigarette butts is virtually non-existent. And even the evidence that seeing someone in a park or beach will encourage kids to smoke is extremely weak,” Bayer said.
     And there you have it folks, the simple truth that although under the guise of health it has nothing much to do with health. Now you may well think that I am some sort of madman saying that but have a simple look at the facts:
          1... 'They' cannot name one person that has died courtesy of SHS
          2... Cancer rates have increased not decreased
          3... The  percentage decrease in smoking rates has been minimal over the past 9 years
          4... 80% of lung cancers occur in NON smokers
          5... 'They' cannot prove that smoking bans have increased the longevity of one single life

     All the hype, all the lies, all the fabrications, all the scary rhetoric and all the manipulated statistics were just a load of baloney. Departments were created, at great public expense, mainly to create a great fear of dying in those that smoked and endless sources of funding were thrown at the project of scaremongering on a major scale. We even had Dr Douglas Noble declaring that sticking the exhaust pipe of your car on the inside would be safer than SH - he never took me up on my challenge sadly, but then I suppose that he immediately realised the complete stupidity of his words. Sth Korea went for the smoking bans too, and increasing the cost of cigarettes by 80%+..... but it all went in reverse somehow as more people than ever started smoking! Australia went for it bigtime-plain packaging I mean - but their southern hemisphere buddies (N Zealand) have suddenly realised the exhorbitant costs of all this stupidity and closed off ALL funding to the anti tobacco mobsters! Needless to say they are CLAIMING ALL SORTS OF SUCCESSES but the truth is, and always has been, THAT SMOKING RATES HAVE BEEN STEADILY DECLINING SINCE THE LATE 1950's! (Oh the beauty of all those who sat in judgement of others now sitting smugly..... unemployed!
 The Smokefree Coalition is also willing to take much of the credit for the Government’s commitment to becoming a smokefree nation by 2025.
I seriously hope that I am around to bear testament that this idiotic statement proves to be just that-idiotic! I often wonder why all these anti tobacco organisations fail to 'stand up and be counted' when it comes to the small matter ofr counterfiet tobacco products being freely available on the streets of much of the western world? Indeed they do plenty of moaning about it but THEY caused it all by interfering in the first place-and I love it!  ASH, government & local councils waste £millions on trying to curb illegal tobacco sales when, if they had kept their interfering noses out, there would never have been a problem! Big Government = Big Cock up-end of. So what if people choose to smoke, what business is it of anyone elses? Of course they now use 'the cheeeldren' but that stupid argument falls flat on its face as, thanks to the baby boom of the 50's, we now have an overload of elderly people-all claiming pensions and draining the economy. We have in excess of 10,000 centenarians and more are fast approaching. Amazing how these people, many of whom have smoked, have had the audacity to live so long really. 
Ailsa Rutter from FRESH - Smoke-free North East
Alison Rutter-50% chance of cancer-amazing!

     I said from the very start of this ridiculous sanction on 22% of the population that it will fail economically and it will, simply because we cannot afford to waste £1/2bn every single month on begging people to stop smoking. The likes of Arnott, Duffy, Bauld, Rutter et al (recently awarded some gong or other by the WHO) will all suffer a proscribed 50% chance of getting some form of cancer or other (just the same as the rest of us mere mortals) so it will be interesting to see which 2 of the 4 it will be. I will then send the lucky recipients a smokers award for all their years of lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & junk science used in their years of suckling the publice teat.

     I recently saw a sign in a hospital that stated, "There is NO safe level of alcohol". We knew it was coming but good luck to them for there are so many studies proving that a glass of wine per day is perfectly OK therefore the entire statement is simply laughable.      
     The public stood for being divided once, they won't stand for it again. And anyway, as N Zealand have found out, once the money runs out they suddenly realise that there are far more important things in a country to worry about than people having a fag or three - and people will never give up their favoured tipple!

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