Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The never ending corruption

     I've been waiting for this to be broadcast by the BBC for they love anything anti democratic, favouring the 'leftie Luvvies'..... and with the anti smoking war they have had a field day.

Tobacco firms lose plain packaging appeal


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     Not exactly 'Plain' are they!!!

     As I fully expected the case, brought by British American Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco and Japan Tobacco International was dismissed by the court and the reasons for the dismissal don't really matter because the High Court would have relied on any old (cobblers) reason to dismiss that which the equally corrupt World Health Organisation wished to enforce.  

The government has said it means a generation will "grow up smoke-free"

     Of course we know this is what the government spokesperson has quoted because that is all they can quote - as instructed by ASH et al. We all know that it does not mean that a generation will grow up smoke free because every generation has its smokers just the same as it has its non-smokers - it's called Freedom of Choice!

     I have just, happily, got all the answers to my FOI's sent into Leicester City Council and the results really are astounding as it beggars belief that any council looking to cut back and save vital funds for important services (like hospitals, OAP care centres etc) can merrily waste such a large amount of money: let me quote you.....

A request for costs: "Funding for all Stop Smoking Services (Leicester City only) 2016-2017 = £972,000"

A request about NRT costs: "Cost of NRT (annual) & included in the above figure                           = £320,000" (an eye watering figure when we know for a fact that NRT has a 98.4% FAILURE rate)

A request for quitting numbers @ 1 month, 3 months, 6 months & 12 months:"Successful quitters using only a 4 week cycle = 1,920 (they have no figures whatsoever on how many of the 1,920 took up smoking again, nor how many used 'Vapes' or used both, consequently the figures provided are basically useless and have no validity. Has one person quit completely or have all 1,920?)

When asked the question of exactly how many lives they had actually saved through this expenditure of £972,000:  the answer came back, "very sorry but we don't hold any such data".

     So my friends, the simple question is, "why are Leicester City Council continuing with this useless programme when there are so many other far more important projects to be funding (as mentioned above). Note that the councils dealing with Smoke-Free Sth West have seen the light and pulled the plug on their 'waste of space' anti-tobacco funding as they face the reality of an ageing population needing more social care etc. After all, just how many more Pubs & Clubs will close before governments realise that the lost revenue is too colossal to bear?

Image result for pictures of closed pubsImage result for pictures of closed pubsImage result for pictures of closed pubs

     Thankfully the good -people of this country are finally seeing the light as the monumental upheaval of the Brexit vote caused. The 'Remain' camp never envisaged any form of defeat as they literally thought the British people too dumb to realise what was going on - hahahahahahahahaha you prize plonkers, 'me an' loads of Rodneys mates 'ad it all sussed my son, kushti!'

     Funny isn't it, I met my new MP (who says "I'm on your side" [???] ) soon after his unsurprising electoral success, and I pleasantly warned him against being 'sucked into the Westmonster bubble' but sure enough, despite being all in favour of Pubs & Working Men's Clubs surviving he likes to vote with any anti-smoking measure as it may have an effect on 'the cheeeeeeeeldren' in future years I haven't seen him make any moves toward banning motor vehicles and the filth they spew out that intoxicates every single person as yet!

(Look mummy, 3 weeks old and smoking already!)

     Happily the UKIP party, now under the leadership of Paul Nuttall are all in favour of changing the ridiculous law so as to allow smoking rooms in pubs..... and by God sir, pubs & clubs need that change as more & more 'go to the wall'.

     Also, happily, the Labour party are digging an ever bigger hole for themselves with the electorate as they demand that more immigrants come into this already overflowing nation and also get priority over our own kids in the schools! Excuse me but WHY?

"Wheel 'em in by the bucketful" say Labour!

      We have a massive social housing deficit... so they are on about re-introducing the old 1950's style pre-fabs, is that progression or what???

Homeless man dies behind a B'ham pub-sleeping routgh!

     We have a massive, estimated 100,000+ homeless (London had 940 people sleeping on the streets on one night in autumn 2015). Set against this is a mere (sic) £1.4bn donated to India who are buying submarines & Bullet trains no less! Anyone see anything wrong with this? I certainly do.

     We have a massive population crisis but we keep on bringing more & more immigrants in..... to do the jobs that aren't their and they aren't qualified to do? And now, in their infinite wisdom, we are transporting children into this country from all four corners of the refugee world! We ONLY have 70,000+ homeless children in this country yet the loony 'lefty luvvies' keep demanding that we simply bring in more & more!  

     Barnado's are screaming out for more people to look to adoptions but then of course, set against that is that if you a smoker be then you cannot adopt! It seems that giving a lonley, loveless, parentless child a home & stability is not so desparately needed if you happen to smoke. Believe you me folks, back in the 1950's, had this idiotic scenario been in place, Simple Simon himself would have been rendered 'a lonely, loveless, parentless child'. You have Redbridge Council to thank for depriving 'x' thousands of children from loving homes!

     Apparently Nigel Farage addressed 500+ media wallahs and hit them with a few facts of life: ie, Climate change is nothing but a load of old bollox! (very true as it was invented to invent 'green taxes' and exhort more pennies from the peasants!) He also hit them on immigration and explained exactly why the 'leftie luvvies' are talking out of the backsides (we cannot cope with anymore bodies in this country and certain elements of the muslim faction are already proving to be a ticking time bomb). Oh dear me Nigel! :)

Farage press 

(Oh dear me, doesn't the truth hurt the sanctimonious drivel writers!)

     Of course the biggest seismic shock (to many) was the American elections where the establishment got totally destroyed. They portrayed the twisted & corrupt Clinton mob as the Queen of Hearts but she got totally OUT-TRUMPED by the main man! After the disastrous OBAMA years it will be interesting to see how Donald Trump handles the 'affairs of state'. One good thing though folksw.....HE WON'T BE LISTENING TO THE New World Order which can only be a bonus and with Farage & Trump as an alliance this old world is starting to look a much brighter place already!


They say that great minds think alike!trump-farage-2


  1. Heya Phil! Back from your vacation in the South Sea Islands? :> Well, back from wherever in true form!

    How can you have any doubts that plain packaging will mean a "smoke-free generation"?

    Look at heroin. TV ads for junkies were banned, store sales were strictly limited or licensed, education abounded, shooting up during church services, in classrooms, and while serving customers at the fish'n'burger shack made verboten, and fancy colorful cartoon-covered packets made nonexistent!

    And today we have the largest generation of Heroin-Free Kids **EVER**! Heck, most of 'em don't even know how to SPELL Heroin!

    So how can you possibly doubt that it'll work for tobacco?

    (Happy Winter Solstice guy!)


  2. Thanks, Phil - really enjoyed that and you raised some absolutely excellent points!

  3. And thanks to wiki-leaks the pedophile ring within the American and British government has been exposed. We all knew that Clinton was corrupt, but finding out she was selling children into sex slavery, was just shocking. Of course our own Police will not investigate, just like Rotherham and the BBC will not report, just like Jimmy Saville. But thank god that the people, who have taken it upon themselves to find the truth, will force pizzagate into the open. Then the true horrors of what our police and government have been doing for decades, will be exposed.

  4. So the Fake charities like ASH have managed to get another years tax payer funding, unbelievable, the ongoing propaganda and false "claims" continue without the slightest whiff of common sense being shown. Still, ASH can congratulate themselves for their part in getting rid of the Great British Pub, making Smuggling the fastest growing Industry in the Country ( who actually pays the absurd level of UK Duty on their cigs anymore ? ) just for their hard earned money to be Stolen by the British government, and they can also congratulate themselves on making No difference on the smoking rate in this Country. Freedom of Choice is a wonderful thing in a free Country, what a shame we live in a Country where others take that freedom away from the Public and Business. Tug.

    1. Indeed, ASH are absolutely gutted that funding for their pet project (gravy train) has fallen from £25m --> £5m - the poor darlings! Arnott was beide herself when Sth West councils pulled the plug and could clearly see the end of her terror reign coming. Guess who she asked to take up the funding ;)