Friday, 1 March 2013

There's a new dawn coming folks!

     Smoking bans kill businesses-fact!

     In a country that is showing severe signs of complete insanity which, bizarrely, is completely the fault of those that should know all about sanity-the health freaks-there has been a glimmer of hope that sanity may now be starting to spread.
     We all know by now that smoking, drinking alcohol or gluttony is frowned upon from a great height by the new world rulers known as the World Health Organisation, after all, they were 'elected by the people for the people'-I don't thinkl!
     Having completely failed to control/eradicate the worlds dire illegal drug problems (40 years war costing trillions of dollars) they then decided the largest single cause of deaths to be smoking. 
(The WHO didn't fancy taking on the drug barons!)
Now I am at odds with this, as you may well know by now, for if the figures from Africa are even remotely accurate then the 700,000 deaths supposedly caused by smoking in the EU bloc absolutely pale into insignificance next to the (minimum) "1 child every 3 seconds" of each day dying of malnutrition & desease in stricken Africa. One death per 30 seconds would equal 1,051,200 deaths per annum - so the WHO, yet again, only accord figures to the projects they wish to promote. Of course you also need to take into account the  fact that African figures are helpless children

whereas the WHO have purposely set out to stigmatise, denormalise & criminalise those who wish to smoke (Adults). In actual fact, it's absolutely nothing to do with Margaret Chan or any of her cohorts as to whether I smoke, you smoke or David Camoron (intentional spelling) smokes-it is entirely a personal choice, not the decision of some supposed health organisation that is milking countries financially to junket around the planet on super inflated wages! 

 (Arnott looks adoringly at Luk Joossens in S.Korea)
(COP5 anti-smoking shebang in Korea earlier this month ...)
     The problem of course is that the WHO garner no 'street cred' (or money) from Big Pharma by saving a few million starving Africans but waging a health war on the western, more educated world is a different proposition altogether folks. The western world has money, bundles of it actually, and is a market worth infiltrating & cornering-Big Pharma has cerainly done that, even though recent fines imposed for malpractice & dodgy drugs must have dented their bank balances somewhat!
     But what is all the above doing to the morale of people around the european circuit? We don't have to look far to see what people are starting to think of present day intrusions from afar, austerity, financial restrictions of all kinds & financial penalties for the most bizarre of 'offences'. Smoking bans have killed off our social empire and what is left will be  slaughtered by the anti alcohol jihadists. Sadly, the good old British boozer has died and gone to hell leaving the corpses known as 'food houses that also sell a beer or two' courtesy of the WHO and their ideals but more so, thanks to the dumb & ignorant MPs who voted in the total smoking ban. They were voting in ignorance as they were lead to believe they were the health saviours of the world (well, England at least) when in fact they were merely pawns in the WHO's conflict on smoking world wide. Donaldson got his seat (pay-off) with the WHO as his 'prize' for swaying the vote and of course our country has been cited as a 'leader in anti tobacco strategies'
     Australia is now leading the way with plain packaging, though it hasn't made a scrap of difference to the sales of tobacco products down under! This is despite someone (Dame Sally Davies) having a private dinner with someone (from Aussieland) and stating to the contrary based on mere heresay      
         The EU has released a chart showing the amount (%) of smokers by country here and, interestingly, they still bang on about reducing smoking rates even though it is obvious that those still smoking after years of terrorist style threats and social engineering by these single minded fruitcakes that smokers still smoke because they enjoy smoking! Interestingly the EU has, in writing, admitted the following:
"Smokers have so proved resilient to anti-smoking campaigns. Showing pictures of cancer-infected lungs on cigarette packs accompanied by bold warnings have not led to droves of people giving up on their cancer sticks. However, the EU is not giving up. In order to bring down the alarmingly high rate of European smokers, new legislation is being planned. Follow the EP's public hearing on tobacco products Monday and check out our infographic for more details about smoking in the EU".
     In other words, having spent £bns and still found lots & lots of people enjoy smoking, they daren't back down and admit defeat-which in a way is good news-for these idiots will continue funding this ridiculous campaign until there is no money left. The way things are going in Europe, and here, it shouldn't be too long! . Nice to see Germany's anti EU party surface too! But, you have to sit back and watch this video as the EU warlords sit and 'debate' the next move on smoking eradication. Watch as Reilly (the fat lump from Eire) spells out 'his countries smoking eradication achievements', yet he somehow ignores the fact that teenage smoking has risen by 2% or that Eire is now considered the illegal tobacco capital of europe or even that 25% of cigarettes smoked in Eire now are illegal-strange that!
 Beppe Grillo
     Italy has reacted to all the social engineering, the corruption, financial penalisation and the way their country is generally being destroyed by idiotic EU policies - and the joke is that a joker has gained the single biggest percentage of the votes! Mario Monti, having been imposed as leader of the Italians by the EU itself (?)  was promptly voted back into the wilderness, the people of Italy preferring the plain speaking, honesty of a former comedian Beppe Grillo's 5 Star party which cornered almost 25% of the voters! Of course this has thrown the EU into total dissaray as they cannot control what the people want, do (to a large extent) or say! Hopefully, this will destroy the EU completely as it is not a democracy at all, they are simply building a dictatorship under the guise of democracy. I'm truly amazed that no one in Italy has been gaoled yet for daring to oppose Monti (EU) in the elections!
     Over here in 'good old blighty'(sic) there has been a similar uprising. At long, long, l o n g last the good people of this country are finally cottoning on to exactly what is occurring and where our once great country is heading. All those that thought the smoking ban was the greatest thing since sliced bread can now hang their heads in shame -and embarrassment for being such pillocks! It was never about health or the health of bar workers, it was always about control of the masses. They used smokers as the lever because, in this country, 75% do not smoke so it was easy to whip up an anti smoking fervour and ensure that demonisation was simplicity itself. Bastards. Now, they know that they have governments in a corner and can virtually introduce whatever orders (healthwise) they feel they want to see imposed and Camoron (intentional spelling) is far too weak to stand up to them (the WHO et al) and allow the British people (Richard Briers, Allan Massie et al)  their freedoms of choice
     But, as stated earlier, the dawn of change may well be upon us as the Eastleigh by-election has thrown British politics into an exciting confusion-and about time too! 
     Our very un-noble leader has long scoffed the 'ragbag' party of 'misfits' as "full of fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists". David Camoron (intentional spelling) still won't admit that he was wrong. He had a chance to make amends not long ago, but instead responded: "There are still some very odd people...". What an upper class twit the man truly is. As previously stated, I am not a politically minded person but the smoking ban was the final straw, it was the final nail in the coffin of democracy in this country-implemented for all the wrong reasons and very badly implemented indeed; just look at the casualties over the past 5.5.years!
     The il-Liberal un-Democrats expected to 'hold' Eastleigh even though Chris Huhne is now looking to move down the road to Winchester 'nick' for a while: delightful abode I must say and all for a simple motoring offence, my oh my! Still, he will be in good company on 'C' Wing as there are nearly as many crooks and shysters in there as another building of similar architectural magnificence!

     So whilst Huhne reflect on his corrupt political lifestyle that now lays in tatters, he might also reflect on the rising anger in this country as the people, the rank & file, the working classes have, seemingly, suddenly realised that large bucketfuls of urine are being exacted from them by Camoron and the idiot 'schoolboy in long trousers'. I should imagine that Camoron is absolutely furious that the "There are still some very odd people..." clan, aka UKIP have acquired 27.8% of the vote, especially as they only managed 3.6% at the last election (2010).

(Shall I step down now or next week???)
The il-Liberal un-Democrats realised 13,342 votes to retain the seat but the UKIP support rocketed to 11,571 votes, much to the chagrin of Tory supporters who saw themselves being relegated into 3rd place (10,599 votes) by "..... some very odd people...". As for the disgraceful Labour party, I'm amazed that they even got 4,088 (1/3rd of the UKIP vote) votes after the shameful thirteen years of misrule from Blair/Brown etc! In fact I am gobsmacked that some areas of this country are still firmly Labour orientated, the youth of today so indoctrinated by parents & grandparents that they vote red at every opportunity without even questioning why they should do. Undoubtedly we have bred a nation of morons, which of course suits people like Camoron who can then easily maintain their lofty positions of power.
     What this fantastic result in Eastleigh means, quite simply, is that the ebullient Nigel Farage is now being listened to by the masses-and so he bloody well should be folks!
     Do we want anymore of this EU crap in our lives?........NO 
     Do we need to subsidise pregnant mothers abroad?.......NO
     Do we need to waste £53,000,000 per day?...................NO
     Do we need to pay child support tho' living abroad?......NO
     Do we need farming fines from these EU dirtbags?........NO
     Do we need idiotically expensive "WindFarms".............NO 

     And these are only a few of the absurd directives from the lunatics that want a 'USE' (United States of Europe). Let us concentrate on only one aspect, deliberately not mentioned above-immigration. Next January the floodgates open to Bulgaria & Romania-and God help us when they do! Note that Bulgaria's entire government has decamped and the country is in utter turmoil as they try to enforce the nonsensical smoking bans! I appreciate that these two countries are vastly poorer than we are but that doesn't mean we want 'x' hundreds of thousands of them coming here to settle, for the more immigrants we allow in the more poverty we heap upon our own people and those already domiciled here. We were told that 'only' about 40,000 Poles would bother themselves to come over here-righty ho then! The figure is fast approaching 500,000 and still rising as Blair (Mr 'I wanna be the EU Emperor one fine day please'?) opened the immigration doors simply to 'piss off' the Tories some years back. We are now in the situation were 'Balls-less' Camoron has to get us out of the EU so that we are not bound by yet another of their idiotic immigration rules. Only 34% surveyed said they would stay in the EU-you have to feel sorry for these poor souls, though being in business suits some of them to remain tied to the stern of the SS EU Titanic. My friend in Bulgaria already informs me of families packing up what belongings they haven't sold already so as to travel light and head for this country on Jan 1st, 2014. As I said, God help us yet it seems that only Nigel Farage is aware of the immense threat these people (and other nationalities) are to this country! These foriegn/British crime figures make some really interesting reading I can tell you!
 The Met’s figures show the 27,725 arrests of ­Romanian suspects were in connection with 142 rapes, 10 murders, 666 sex crimes, 303 robberies, 1,370 burglaries and 2,902 offences of violence.
I'll need to say no more on the subject. Of course we have a long way to go yet to get this country back from the brink of financial disaster but with people starting to vote sensibly, and not in line with their forebears total bias, we have a chance of rescuing this ridiculous situation. UKIP are on a monster roll and this momentum must be kept going until they get a definite foothold in Westminster.
 Nigel Farage in a pub, holding a pint
     Look at it this way, if the il-Lib un-Dems, who are basically political dustbin fodder now, were to be replaced by Mr Farage and his fellow UKIPpers then I think we would see a completely different side to our political structure. Camoron certainly could not afford to be so pro-EU as his coalition partners would not stand for such crap! Further, he would not need to hold out on the referendum he is obviously so frightened to announce as UKIP's very presence would already give the prize plum the answer - OUT Camoron OUT!
     And finally, as I seem to have gone all political on this particular blog just savour the flavour of the prospect of our licensees having the choice to run their businesses the way they want to-more of this in the next blog  



  1. Beppe Grillo is a breath of fresh to air to the Italians & a massive thorn in the side of the EU. It just goes to prove that ONE person can make a difference. The sooner we get that ONE person here the better. Ol' Nigel is our best hope at the moment.

    'Nother good blog Phil (I like it when you go all 'political') ;-)

  2. The Church welcomes repentant sinners. Maybe Westminster just welcomes unrepentant sinners.