Friday, 15 March 2013

Pfizer - What next I ask?

Smoking bans kill businesses, kill people - fact!    

 Chantix.jpgFantastic news for all smokers, exponents of freedom of choice, freedom of expression  and especially the families of those who took their own lives thanks to these persecutionary smoking bans that seem to have enveloped the world courtesy of the new 'self righteous'! Let me encapsulate in one stunning headline:

Pfizer admit to multiple murders!
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Can't make it much plainer than that folks and here's the reason why.
You remember when the smoking ban first became law in this country and we followed the path of America (?), the self destruction path that is, we incorporated that wonder drug known as Chantix, Champix, Varencline etc as our anti tobacco lunatics praised this new smoking cessation wonder to the skies.

(You sure no one can see me Marty?)
 Arnott, Duffy and all the other persecuting piglets, with their noses firmly in the TC financial trough, trumpeted the new wonder drug that would stop all smokers smoking. Well, for a good few 'quitters' it did stop them smoking-it stopped them living, full stop, end ofgame! They all died.
     Now we knew in November last year that Pfizer had settled one case out of court and there was only one reason they would do this-and that is because they knew that their legal case was absolutely useless and they simply didn't want to be slaughtered in a court of law ( Two other cases from Alabama and Minnesota ).      
     They knew the drug was NOT fully tested but were happy to make $billions on the back of smoking bans, irregardless of human lives lost for as we've always said "smoking bans have very little to do with public health and all to do with wealth". Follow the money and you soon land at 'Big Pharma's' doorstep.
     From those first couple of settlements it is obvious that the lawyers ( Cory Watson Crowder & DeGaris ) have nailed Pfizer to the floorboards for them to capitulate so quickly. It is also blatantly obvious that Pfizer, yet again, are happy to pay up and see this problem go away asap! ( Among the lawsuits settled were 254 cases being handled by the Birmingham law firm Cory Watson Crowder & DeGaris.  ) After all, if Pfizer want to pay off 80% of more than 2,700 legal cases against them then we all KNOW that they KNOW they have sinned-BIGTIME! There was probably more sense talked here than in the boardroom at Pfizer, for all they wanted to do was to get the untested product 'out there' and start earning plenty dollar from an unsuspecting public! I'll leave you to read Pfizers paltry excuses in the report as to why they maintain their drug is so wonderful!
(I thought the penalty for murder was life imprisonment!)

     This is the absolute proof of just how corrupt the pharmaceutical  world truly is and now we know exactly why the World Health Organisation set out to destroy people's pleasures; ie, smoking tobacco.                Money!
     People who live longer are of no use whatsoever to the welfare systems of whatever country they live in, in fact they are a blight on those systems and put enormous strain on them. This government, although it will never admit to such, would be quite happy if everyone had their retirement party at 65/6/7/8 (or whatever), went to bed and died peacefully in their sleep; it would save the nation a fortune in pension payments-not to mention all other costs being elderly entails. You see, all those naughty, naughty people that keep breathing for another 30/40 years are simply a drain on national resources, so if smoking does shorten a lifespan by 7 years or more, why are these idiots trying to eradicate smoking altogether? It's the most disjointed logic ever-whatever next I ask?
( He He-this is the way to celebrate! )

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  1. Lets face it the use of NRTs and Death is well known, it is also known that NRTs are a Failure, so the question is, Why do we allow Taxpayers money to be used in such a way ? yes it makes the Drug companies a huge amount of profit year on year but does absolutely Nothing for the Public but it is good to read the Truth about these money grabbing parasites.