Monday, 25 March 2013

Exhausting thing-death!

Smoking bans KILL businesses-FACT!
     The longer this idiotic smoking ban goes on the more the anti tobacco movement show their intolerance to other peoples pleasures, and of course, the more businesses will die. The problem they now face is one of looking either fair minded or simply plain stupid-and I'm afraid that the latter is far outstripping the former! This interview lays the 'TC bones' out for all to see - oh what liars they really are! Let's look at a few of these media reported 'plain stupid' facts that show these people up for what they truly are:
a... Wood burning stoves cause cancer & heart disease.
     Well there's a thing folks! I was taught, from the age of 6yrs old, how to clean the grate out first thing in the morning and set a small fire correctly so that 'Grandma' could 'come downstairs and drink her morning tea in the warm'. Of course, much of the initial smoke went up the chimney but the old house still smelled of smoke if the living room door wasn't shut properly-and of course it never was because 'that fire' had to, gradually, warm the whole house! Nobody bothered about me dying of cancer some decades later, or being asthmatic (bronchial as it was known then) or having blocked sinuses etc, the only consideration was 'Grandma's warmth'!
"But the smoke from wood-burning stoves or open fires is as dangerous to your health as breathing in emissions from a car exhaust," research has revealed. (we will return to this)
 Dangerous: Similar particles created by motor vehicle exhaust and coal-fired electricity plants have been linked to fatal heart disease, asthma, bronchitis, cancer and other health problems
     Similarly, garden bonfires, small but controlled, were never thought of as a danger to anyone's health. In fact my grandfather and my father took great delight in burning all the old garden crap on a Saturday or Sunday morning because it was then my job later in the week to spread the ashes where it was thought most beneficial for the growing vegetables etc. man feeding the earth so that the earth could feed man! Ideal rotation of growth & disposal  in reality. campfire photo: Saturday afternoon campfire... 538685_3309320646814_338670147_n.jpg (Most people think that opening a bag of frozen peas equals gardening nowadays!) And I used to love the homely smell of the bonfire too. OK, it made me cough now and again but that was my own stupid fault for being downwind! At 7yrs old I was taught how to use an axe correctly - shock horror from the child abuse mob! We were allowed to grow up properly and learn things that would prove to be most useful in later life.
b... Traffic pollution causes childhood asthma.
     Well there's a thing folks! They have actually now admitted that traffic pollution is a problem, not as big a problem as it really is but nevertheless a problem-which is a considerable advance on a few years ago when they refused to even contemplate traffic emissions!
I can remember, from my very first trips out in my pushchair, being enveloped in dirty, stinking exhaust fumes as we toddled into the town centre. Just think of all the damage caused to my young, beautifully pink, healthy lungs as each passing vehicle covered us with yet more pollution-uuuugh! (funny really how it took the WHO so long to announce the obvious) A study conducted in 10 European cities found that 14 per cent of chronic childhood asthma was due to pollution near busy roads. Says it all really methinks!

(Breathe in the 'fresh air' baby!
     Considering that scientists have now declared SHS & smoking generally to be so bad for you, I am absolutely amazed that so many of the 1950's 'baby boom' are still going strong!  (Here's a little bit of the reasoning behind longevity). With smoking rates nigh on 72% in the late 1950's but having naturally dwindled away to approximately 23% by 2006, the intrusive laws heaped upon smokers have not seen a further, much imagined, rapid decline of those smoking-no doubt much to the chagrin of the Arnott's & Duffy's of this intolerant world, but then those people can always massage 'figures & studies' whenever they need and from wherever they choose! It is part of their armoury of deception-as laid out by Godber. Out of interest a new laser device which measures driver's exhaust fumes as they drive has been developed:
In future drivers may only have to glance at the dashboard to see the pollution spewing out of their vehicle's exhausts. A team from The University of Manchester has constructed a laser measuring device capable of recording levels of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and methane from directly inside an exhaust.In the future the technology could be used in roadside congestion charging systems, with 'greener' vehicles being charged less.
As always folks, simply follow the money as all of this has very little to do with the health of an expanding nation which is expanding too rapidly for comfort (welfare financial comfort that is!).

c... Gardeners with petrol-driven lawnmowers could be exposing themselves to alarming amounts of cancer-causing chemicals. Unbelievable but apparently true.
All those that rushed out and brought petrol mowers from the 60's onwards have been buying death on wheels!
  (Cancerous death machine)            (Healthy option)

They (Petrol driven beasts) take only one hour to generate the same level of carcinogens as a car engine on a 100-mile journey, according to a study. Ooh err missus, this will kill of sales! Hang on a minute though: Lawnmower manufacturers dismissed the study as scaremongering last night-now there's a surprise!
d... Now for the zanyest of them all: Wasted milk leaves carbon footprint equivalent to thousands of car exhaust fumes. Again, unbelievable but supposedly proven by scientific means.  
"Around 360,000 tons of milk are dumped in the UK each year, creating greenhouse gas emissions amounting to 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide – the same level emitted by 20,000 cars a year," 
say Edinburgh University academics - would they be in cahoots with the 'TC' nutters at Stirling University perchance? 
Milky way: Wasted milk produces 100,000 tons of carbon monoxide  = 
 (Holy cow, cancerous causation is all around us!)

     It seems to me that no matter what we touch, what we eat, what we drink, what we smear ourselves with, what we wash ourselves with, some 'scientist' somewhere is going to come up with whatever it is being a cause of cancer! Now this brings me back to the start of this blog: remember this bit (?): as dangerous to your health as breathing in emissions from a car exhaust," research has revealed. (we will return to this)
Now I have long 'held court' with a certain lady who spoke without the forked tongue of many politicians. Of course she was totally ignored as the anti tobacco mob swung into action delivering deathly sermon after deathly sermon re smoking (and the effects of) but Dr Kitty Little (bless her truthful soul) was no longer here to defend herself. Watch this video of truth and total honesty as she informs the world in general of the treasons enacted within our own parliaments. Also she enlightens us as the secret 'goings on' at Oxford University - did not one David Camoron attend such a place? 
(Oxford-the start of world domination?)
One of her great investigations was into the rise in cancer cases set against the rise in indutrialisation and she also happened to chart those rises! Amazingly, and much to the disgust of the anti smoking mob, it was proved without doubt that smoking was NOT the No1 cause of cancer. The difference in climatic conditions, areas, population congestions etc all pointed away from smoking. Two of the major points raised by Kitty little were: 
 1)... that the incidence of lung cancer has doubled in non-smokers over past decades; 
11)... and that there was less lung cancer when we, as a nation, smoked more. 
     It was Sir Richard Doll who implicated smoking in a study published in 1964 - despite his own published data from that study which showed that people who inhaled cigarette smoke had less lung cancer than those who didn't! It is very easy to see how Godber's blueprint was instigated when you have (so called) respected people like Doll twisting things to suit an agenda No wonder this country is on a self destruct course! Poor old Kitty's work was swept aside, under the carpet, ignored, as it didn't suit the TC mob but sadly for them (thank you for this Sean S) another scientific beauty has uncovered even more damning evidence. Dr Laura Perez of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (STPHI) has blasted traffic pollution & serious illness wide open, but then we covered all that in section 'b'.
You see folks, they bang on about a cigarette and the SHS caused by that cigarette but they dare not tell you the absolute truth about exhaust fumes-and that is probably why Dr Douglas Noble never took me up on my challenge to him after his most ludicrous statement that smoking a cigarette in your car was worse than sticking the exhaust pipe in there-what a complete berk!
(The hapless Dr Douglas Noble)
Dr Noble said: 'In cars, particle concentrations are 27 times higher than in a smoker's home and 20 times higher than they used to be in pubs 
(A very happy smoker)
Strange really that in younger days a mate of mine killed himself in a relatively short space of time by feeding the exhaust fumes into his dad's car and blocking the air out, yet I've now seen people smoke for 40/50 years who still walk to the pub and back in their retirement. It's an exhausting matter is death!


  1. let us not forget the stupidity of the masses
    who gladly lap up any freakery pumped out by the puppet media, especially the sinister
    Temple of Despair ,the BBC.
    Of course we can set a large proportion of the BLAME for the continuation of the Smoking Ban on the half witted ,cap doffing,subserviant,dim witted, sub species who still stand outside pubs and clubs unaware of how stupid they look,not a pair of bollocks between them.We need also to give a brief mention to the chicken livered ,white feather
    brigade ,the pathetic rodents passing of as Publicans,a dismal shadow of past masters.
    The question now is ,who will stand up to be counted.

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