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Not long before we sink altogether!

Smoking bans kill businesses - fact!
     Having spent a few days away from the homestead since my last blog it is good to get back to the keyboard, especially as I have met a couple of new faces and an 'old face' that are living in a severe form of bewilderment. I will explain why.
     Firstly I bumped into Derek ******, a thoroughly nice chap, a diamond actually, who had, until August last year, been galloping around Afghanistan protecting all those 'freedoms' we cherish so much here in good old blighty. He was telling me that near the end of his stay over there (to which he could see no point whatsoever) his group were called up one day to go on a patrol, when in fact they should have been trotting off the other way; apparently the original patrol was unavailable(?). Anyway, they were treading the path on fear along one of those sandy roads/tracks when a local Afghani starts waving at them and calls to them in English as he ran toward them. Unsure of what was about, Derek tells me that they spread out slightly, guns at the ready, with the lead man calling out to this 'Afghan hound' to stop and state his business. He didn't! Instead he made faster toward them and obviously thinking that he was close enough, triggered the device wrapped around his scrawny brown carcass. **BOOM**
Blood and bits of body all over the place and Derek tells me that although a good distance away from this lunatic bomber, the blast threw him a further 50ft from where he had been crouching and that it was only the fact that he landed flat on his back that his body armour protected him from serious harm. Once he had sat up and concluded that all the blood & gore upon him was not his own he started to feel a 'damned sight better about me'sen'.      Miraculously none of the patrol were injured, apart from pride, and a support unit soon arrived, including medics & copious quantities of 'wet-wipes' for cleaning down bloody operations. That was the last patrol Derek ****** ever went on for he left the forces soon after returning to England and is now something to do with plastics.
     It is returning to England that is really the point of Derek's tale for after a couple of days at home he decided to take the wife to the local pub for a celebratory drink with his mates etc; which he did except he and his wife sat in the pub on their lonesomes! None of his old mates came in as they sat there for ninety minutes chatting about how nice it was to be safe 'n' sound back home. Three drinks later Derek asked the barman, who he did recognise, where all the regulars customers were? You guessed it already folks, they don't bother to use the pub anymore, even though it has a rather pleasant smoking shelter out the back. "New world mate, smokey/drinky's at home nowadays" the barman winked at him conspiratorially, as he pulled a half of lager off for an old man that tottered through the doorway. "Here's my new regular" he smiled, " 1.15pm as regular as clockwork our Fred walks in, hail, rain or shine."
     Derek took his wife home, disgusted, that after all he had been through 'running around a desert shit-hole' and he couldn't even sit down and enjoy a pint with his mates anymore. Derek has never smoked, never had the slightest inclination to do so either but sees no reason why smoking rooms shouldn't be employed by licensees if that is what the licensee wants. I told him some of the lies and the lunacy that has surrounded the smoking ban BS, his response? "I'm glad I'm outta that shit-hole and now, well, I don't even know why I was defending this country...look at it! It's worse here now than when I left... freedoms?... it's a joke beyond compare!"
     The second person I met was a young Canadian medical student by the name of Ahmed ********. He was over here for a reason I have now forgotten but we got talking about smoking bans etc for although he didn't smoke himself he was amazed that this country had banned all indoor smoking, which of course included the pub/club scene. After explaining his likes and dislikes in that area (drinking/clubbing etc) he started to tell me all about his life at medical school. The day starts apparently with a mantra:  "Smoking causes/can be attributed to all diseases known to man". ( least now know the true beginnings of the Great Plague!) Unbelievable but true (I never thought to ask him which college/university this was but never mind). "The first question any medical practitioner must ask him/herself is 'does the patient smoke' as this information will give you a basis for diagnosis". Now we know that such a statement is absolute rubbish for there are very few ailments caused directly by smoking and also the absolute fact that SHS has never caused an actual death-he agreed.
     We chatted for more than an hour and he agreed that even if a patient went to the Dr's with a 'whitlow' (paronychia) , or possible in-growing toenail the question was always to be the same-"do you smoke?" Now we all know, even the insanest of the anti tobacco zealots, that neither of the above two common complaints which require surgery visits are caused in anyway, shape or form by smoking as they are bacterial infections and easily cleared up by anti biotics yet the medical profession still ask the same stupid question "do you smoke?"
     I now have the answer folks. 
     They are banking responses so that, in the end, they will have so many affirmatives to the question that they will (truthfully for once) be able to say that 'more than 80% of their patients have been recorded as smokers, therefore smoking causes more than 80% of all Dr's surgery appointments'. It's a simple game that requires a simple regurgitation of the same patients until the required percentage is reached, it doesn't matter that one smoker patient visits his/her surgery 6 days per week, in fact that suits their figures superbly as it counts as six 'marks'-so if  16 smokers visit their Dr's five times a week (perhaps even at Drs request), that equals 80 marks and if 20 non smokers visit only once per week they have recorded 20 marks; there's your completely disjointed 80% which will no doubt be released to the idiotic media happy to print 'any old shite anti tobacco'!
     Apparently every lecture started with the same old mantra, "Smoking causes/can be attributed to all diseases known to man". Doesn't matter what the lecture is about, the same old tripe is spouted; it's even on the blackboards/greenboards/whiteboards or whatever is supposedly 'PC' these days! ergo: all medical students are now indoctrinated regardless! Ahmed ****** himself fully agreed that the smoking hysteria had gone way to far and wasn't surpprised at all that this country had lost 12,000 businesses or that the ban had cost this country £30bn+ (Scroll to page 12)so far or that unemployment was rising. What he was totally amazed by was the fact that this government have totally refused to look at the other side of the coin and ask the relevant question - "do people want to live forever just because the medical world abhor tobacco usage?" They simply don't want to hear truth!

     Ahmed himself agreed that a person has 'x' years, months, days, hours, minutes & seconds to live on this earth yet no one knows exactly what that time span really is-so how the bloody hell can anyone in the medical world claim that smoking bans enhance longevity? They can't, it's a complete misnomer, a flight of fancy and yet another 'blind' to confuse the easily lead! I remember my old friend & fellow pub quizzer David Taylor MP standing outside the HofP spouting on about  "it was expected that the smoking ban would save 40,000 lives over the next 10 years"; he then promptly died from a heart attack on Boxing Day whilst walking off the  sumptuous repasts of the festivities. A fervent non smoker, David never understood why the majority of local quiz teams dropped out AFTER the smoking ban. Deborah Arnott, director of the anti-smoking campaign group Ash, said Mr Taylor was "crucial in getting the smoking ban legislation through parliament". David was a non smoker and an anti smoking campaigner it is true, but what use did it do him when we are surrounded by this from birth?

( 'Smokin' at 3 weeks old-thank you government!' )  
 Did you notice the word 'expected' in his speech? yet another one of those carefully chose words incorporated into the medical dictionary of deceit to con the gullible-along with maybe, considered to be, possibly will, probablility that, propensity for, and many, many more!
     On the anti smoking bandwagon we learn that America's most influential campaigner has finally gone to his grave as Mr C Everett Koop has finally hung up his anti tobacco boots at the grand old age of 96-funny how George Burns (pro tobacco and freedom of choice) outlived Koop (anti tobacco, full of hatred and obviously anti freedom of choice!) The article states
" cigarettes continue to kill more than 400,000 Americans a year and cost untold billions in health care spending."
The question is of course, "people die everyday worldwide, what does it matter what of?" What these lunatics do not understand is that the world is over populated so why have the WHO whipped up such a frenzy about ensuring people live longer when they blatantly couldn't give a shite about the starving millions in Africa? Double standards at play here methinks.
     The third interesting chat I had was with a young man, David *******,  of good educational standards (becoming a rarity these days!) who simply could not figure out why we were still courting the EU and more so, couldn't figure out what possible use they were to this country. Somewhat erudite at a mere 24 years of age I must say folks, shame there aren't more of his ilk around. He bemoaned the immigration situation in this country and asked why Camoron was happy to just sit and allow our country to be financially raped by the arriving hordes David is a non smoker too but he cannot understand the lunacy of the a total smoking ban, considering what it is doing to this country! The latest proposal is to ban smoking in prisons as the government are now sick of having Prison Officers claiming compensation through having to 'endure' SHS!
Sam Walker smoking a spliff in prison 
( Smoking in prison-one of the few pleasures left )
     You see folks, even though it cannot be proven that SHS kills anyone, nor even harms anyone, because the medical profession have completely hoodwinked the 'grinning jackernapes' (Blairs) government and the courts have been instructed to fully back this law up in every way possible, the 'PO's' have been making hay while the sun shines by claiming for all sorts of maladies 'caused by SHS'. So, in reality, the now corrupted legal system HAS to find in favour of the PO's or the SHS theory loses all its' highly dubious credibility' in one fell swoop-and can you imagine what the \Arnott et al would have to say about that? So now you know folks that justice in this country is now merely a pipedream-especially if you smoke or are accused of smoking! Funny how, pre ban, there were no complaints about prisoners smoking whatsoever! 
     Now I can't wait for this to 'kick off' big style for many of our long term prisoners have nothing else in their life but enjoying a smoke, so who is going to be to blame when the first 'screw' gets 'topped' by  lifer who hasn't got much to live for anyway - and really doesn't give a toss? What are the government going to tell his poor wife and family? I can see the headlines now:
"Prison Officer killed by fagless lag!" 
"Prison Officer killed by NON smoking!"
     In fact, I think that  Deborah Arnott should be made to go round to the bereaved families abode and explain to them EXACTLY why this poor bloke died at the hands of a "FORCED" non smoking psychotic nutter. Perhaps they would then do the entire world a favour and strangle the Arnott! We can only live in hope I suppose but it would be more proof that non smoking kills!
( Roast that pig! ) 
     People who have nothing to lose will fight to the end to preserve what little they do have and that is exactly what is wrong with the people of this country-they have acquired a certain amount of wealth since the end of WWII. In the 50's we were all equal (apart from the landed gentry of course & those born to silver spoons) but in the following decades people have gained possessions and wealth which they aren't willing to give up too easily. Governments 'divide & rule' campaign re anti tobacco has worked very well but we are now getting to the tipping point where internal revolution is of great appeal for we are being ruled by complete half wits who listen to absolute numpties in Europe who themselves cow-tow to the New World Order who simply want a single monetary system and complete power.
     Now when you think about the smoking ban, homes were exempted as were prison cells (because they constituted 'home' to prisoners) so the government are now going to move into the private home sector by banning smoking in prisoners 'homes'! I can already see Arnott having orgasm after orgasm at this prospect for this opens the door (no pun intended) to call for smoking to be banned in all homes..... for the chiiildren..... even if you haven't got any! 
     You know something, they still go on about the cost to the health service of smokers but they always fail to mention the even more colossal cost of those that 'apparently' live longer because they are healthier. Now I wonder why that is? My old friend from 'point-to-point' days, Clement Freud had this to say:
 Spoke an awful lot of sense did our Clement!

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