Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Smoking - Goldstyle

Isn't it amazing how birds come home to roost!
Several months ago I was informed of a party of 40 sporting enthusiasts wanting to attend the Olympics. They had been saving for 4 years and accrued about £5,000 apiece to spend in London whilst this two week sporting extravaganza took place. There was only one proviso - they wanted to know where they could smoke.
Here started their problems. despite numerous letters to 'LOCOG' they got no sane or sensible replies apart from the fact that a certain dark skinned lump of humanity wanted smoking banned OUTSIDE the Olympic complex as well as inside!

Diane 'Bunteresque' Abbot
Billy Bunter
Diane Abbot, a killjoy if ever there was one, had asked Lord Coe:
“I think it would send out a great message if the Olympic Games were completely smoke-free. We have worked hard to bring the Olympic Games to Britain. It should be a time in which we take a lead and showcase what Britain is about to the rest of the world. Hackney will host a third of the Games area, and I am determined that this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is something that the people of Hackney will be proud of.
“I think that people can manage without a fag for the few hours that they are in the Olympic Park. Some people do not get to smoke all day because their offices are smoke-free zones.
“Will the Olympic park be tobacco-free indoors and out? Public health advocates have been urging LOCOG to make the London Olympics tobacco-free since 2009.
“LOCOG has so far done nothing to publicise a commitment to this, and the opportunity to promote a tobacco-free Olympics is slipping away. LOCOG must take the lead on this, urgently.”
Thankfully Lord Coe and the power crazed officianado's at LOCOG realised that banning smoking OUTSIDE was not a possibility-but they still never replied to the 40 strong group waiting to book their fortnight at the Olympics. In fact, they gave up waiting for a definitive answer  and booked flights to Bulgaria instead! When 38 out of 40 people smoke it is not too difficult to realise that maybe all this Olympic hype about smoke free is wasted on people hell bent on enjoying themselves. People like Diane Abbot simply want to stifle people's freedom of choice yet no one has stifled HER freedom of choice to keep eating until becoming 'Bunteresque'! Strangely, not one of the forty now in Bulgaria are overweight and Bulgaria will benefit greatly from the £200,000 taken with them (less air fares of course).
Imagine then the sheer delight at the news that Britain's gold medallists enjoy a fag or two! Oh the joy that must bring to faces of all such as the 'Bunteresque' Abbot et al. Can you imagine her face and that of the Arnott as  our 10,000 mtrs gold medallist, distance runner supreme, Mo Farah collects his gold medal whilst thinking about nipping out the back for a cigarette!
  Just imagine that, enjoying cigarettes and still being able to run 10,000 metres faster than anybody else-ASH, eat your hearts out!!!
But it gets better as the darling of   'Team GB', Jessica Ennis was also spotted out back enjoying a cigarette-and why the bloody hell not I ask?
                 Jessica said, after quitting the Olympics so as to be able to smoke in peace (a peace pipe maybe?),
  “Last week I only had roll-ups and I really wanted a straight. This amazing hurdler from Finland offered me one and we got chatting, now we’re friends. Smoking brings people together, which should be what the Olympics is all about.”
Well, err, yes Jessica. Millions of people would agree with you but we have the anti tobacco bigots, the killjoys, the Abbots, the Arnotts, the Duffy's, the Dockrell's, the Lansleys etc who just cannot seem to leave people in peace to enjoy life as they see fit to enjoy it. Even Andy Murray, after winning the tennis (very benevolent of Roger!) 
        saw his favoured 'briar pipe' confiscated by over zealous officials! Now I'm afraid that if that was my property they would have had to arrest me for defending my own property before I allowed them to steal my personal possessions. They may ask you not to smoke but they have no power to remove your goods-that is theft.
Mo Farah summed it all up when he said:
  “When you’ve got the hopes and dreams of a nation on your shoulders, that’s when you really need a fag. Personally it’s the only thing that sorts me out before a race.”
And  Doctor Stephen Malley said: “There is some evidence that cigarettes are detrimental to the health but it has never been proved".
Of course the good Dr is absolutely right and the anti tobacco mobsters need to realise that the fact is that three of our top athletes enjoy smoking, are not in the slightest bit repentant about smoking OUTSIDE the Olympic venue, and are quite happy to leave the games behind to enjoy a peaceful drag or three. In fact, Mo Farah informs us: “When I was twelve I saw Daley Thompson having a cig outside a stadium and because of how cool he looked I decided to take up athletics.”
Tomorrow will show us just how crooked government, in cahoots with ASH, Avaaz & other anti tobacco groups around the world, really are as they will ensure that the general public's 235,000 "NO" votes to plain packaging are dwarfed by their paid lackeys.
Meanwhile our group of forty sporting fans are still celebrating Britain's fantastic medals haul in Bulgaria, probably enjoying themselves immensely with a fag and a beer whilst the likes of the 'Bunteresque' Abbot can sit back and count the financial cost of these games knowing that she has played a major part in denying our capitals economy of circa £200,000! Politicians are not very clever at times are they!
I will try and contact our one time hopeful Olympic sporting fanatics when they get back and see what they have to say. 

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