Wednesday, 15 August 2012

More "Smoking Golds"

Well, after the mini uproar of my last blog that almost caused radio hosts to have an apoplectic fit in disbelief, it transpires that another hero of the Olympics has been spotted having a nice, quiet, relaxing cigarette. Not only is our sporting hero a fellow gold medallist, he also happens to be the only Briton to outgun all others in the worlds greatest cycle race -the Tour de France. Yes folks we are talking about the worlds greatest cyclist, Mr Bradley Wiggins!
How our 'smoke free' mad politicians can possibly cope with this latest revelation is totally beyond me for if we take a quick trip back we will find that Diane Abbot was proclaiming that we should have a 'smoke free games' to set an example to the rest of the world! The silly woman is obviously deranged and obviously feels that people should not have the right to do something they enjoy..... if others don't happen to like it! Herr Lansley has now no doubt completely disowned 'Wiggo' as some  sort of anti social loon. It doesn't get much more crazy does it!
A well-earned break: The Olympic champion decided to let his hair down as he enjoyed a much-deserved rest from training
We salute our greatest pedal pusher ever for having the balls to let the world know that he doesn't care if others see him smoking, he doesn't care about the 'establishments' freakish efforts to control people's enjoyments. He's a fit, lean mean cycling machine that smokes AND wins gold medals-you can't really fault that now can you!
Meanwhile up in Blackpool (or "Smackpool" as many are wont to call the place) we have the most idiotic nonsense ever from a local council as Councillor Ivan Taylor (happens to be chairman of Blackpool’s Health and Wellbeing Board,) has decided that children need a whole park, which happens to be outdoors, to be smoke free. He obviously doesn't realise that cigarette smoke rises  upward and instantly disappears into the atmosphere, never to be seen again! It is scientifically proven that SHS in an outdoor environment simply doesn't exist-but I doubt that this geriatric porker A photograph of Cllr Ivan Taylor has any knowledge about smoking bans apart from the fact that he feels they are good because he doesn't like the smell of smoke! In his radio interview this morning he mentioned the cost ('they cost a fortune') of smoking related treatments to the NHS-stupid boy Pike! He shot himself in one foot immediately as smokers cost the least of the 'big 3'. He then went on to describe parks as public, recreational areas-stupid boy Pike (again)! Indeed, they are public places which is exactly why 'Jo Public' goes for a wander round a section of our 'green & pleasant land'! Exactly why some people simply wander off to a park, find a bench and sit in solitude to contemplate whilst enjoying that which is legal-and gets this government about £11bn per annum in revenue. Cllr Taylor fails to mention any council tax rebates for those who smoke and also wish to use the 'public' park facilities. Perhaps you would like to email this geriatric numpty at and let this fool know exactly what you think of this idiotic policy for it is total discrimination against those who choose to smoke. I have already written, politely I might add, but I doubt very much he'll be able to reply.
His second aim of this park ban that he wants children to avoid espying people smoking-now we are getting to the nub of it! Why don't the local council go the whole hog and ban smoking on the beach, on the promenade and in the town itself? That way they can do to themselves exactly what this country is slowly doing to itself-approaching bankruptcy, except, with holidaymakers avoiding the cheerless dump, the local economy is going to suffer horrendously. Have they got the balls to do this? I don't think so.
Cllr Taylor is obviously just another that fails to see beyond the end of his snout as Layton WMC has just announced its final event-closure. Reasons quoted? Tha smoking ban has lost them membership, thus customers, thus revenue. Can't get much simpler than that can it!
Meanwhile, despite our loony Labour controlled council deciding that smoking in Smackpool Blackpool must not be seen it seems that our Olympians are simply "Smoking Hot" in the Balearics! Proof yet again that smoking is considered by millions as nothing more than a relaxant.

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