Sunday, 5 August 2012

Coming to your town soon

The anti smoking ban crusaders of Michigan state have been saying it from Day1. We have been saying it from Day1. Legislators & anti smoking faculties (mostly in the pay of legislators) have all denied the obvious truth - that smoking bans harm businesses. It is an absolute certainty that such a ridiculously harsh law is bound to damage businesses, only a complete moron would argue otherwise for you cannot remove 68% of your core customer base and still expect to be taking the same money as before you got rid of that 68%.
Well, welcome to the world of the government based/paid universities who receive vast sums of money to state just that! So, with the power of money and continuous employment comes lie after lie which is then fed to other MPs in the House of Commons, then the media and then of course the general public are informed of the great success of the smoking ban!
Now let's get back to reality shall we?
We already know that 12,000 businesses have gone missing since July 1st, 2007 but government won't release the true figures of the loss to the economy of those businesses. All I can say is that each major Bingo Hall closure cost the government approximately £780,000 per annum - and there have been 115 of those closed since that fateful day, which I get to roughly £450m in lost revenue.
But back to Michigan state where we here the sad news that Belding,  a small town in Ionia County south of Greenville, has now lost its last bar/tavern as the Driftway Inn, which has been open at 402 West Main St. in downtown Belding for the last 39 years, will close Saturday night after last orders. 
driftway inn.jpeg
Steve Hosington, who owns the restaurant and bar with his wife, Beverly has no option but to close as the first year of the smoking ban saw his takings drop by 45% as smokers stayed away. They don't want to be cast outside in the freezing cold or rain in Michigan, just as they don't in Britain. Steve has been lobbying the lawmakers with:
“You people are trying to protect employees from secondhand smoke, yet you’re putting them in the unemployment line,” he said.
It would seem that Michigan lawmakers have the same retarded anti smoking mentality as our lot in Westminster, ie, "the cost doesn't matter, but the cause does".
Apparently fourteen unfortunate souls will lose their jobs come Saturday night but that  doesn't seem to bother anyone apart from Steve Hosington. Perhaps the lawmakers have jobs already lined up for those fourteen newly unemployed, but I doubt it for if America is anything like this country then they will be rendering disabled folk unemployed as well as able bodied folk! And if disabled folk are up against fit, able bodied folk in the job vacancy market then I somehow don't think that our disabled friends are going to be the winners very often-do you?
I wonder when the penny will drop with all these anti smoking zealots that CHOICE would have been a much more suitable option, for choice simply means that a licensee has control over his/her business. Now here's a novel idea. Why not allow each town have a smoking pub per 50,000 inhabitants? What is wrong with that idea? Only smokers would work there and only smokers would drink there, but I'll guarantee that it would be a lively boozer once more!   
With government deciding that smoking is banned in all enclosed workplaces they have, effectively, killed 12,000 businesses at the stroke of a pen. Now why haven't these ex licensees banded together to sue the government for loss of income, home, livelyhood etc because at the end of the day this whole smoking ban law is an ideology based on lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & total utter junk science. The health aspect was merely a blind.
OK, so nobody denies that smoking may be harmful, but SHS? oh please! let common sense prevail. And as for Winickoff's unbelievably idiotic notion about 3rd hand smoke-well-I'll treat that with the complete contempt it deserves! We have millions of toxins blasted into our daily lives by all forms of motorised transport yet this idiot gets top billing for something that was concluded as 'scientific study' after some 1,360 phone calls to unsuspecting people and asking extremely 'loaded' questions! Funny really that the WHO, with nowhere to go, have had to admit that diesel fumes cause cancer-but what are they going to do about it? Banning smoking!
Strange also that our bar in Belding managed quite nicely from 1973 until 2010 when Michigan implemented its smoking ban. It's only taken 2 years to kill off the social outlets in the town, which means that smokers have nowhere to socialise anymore-and nor do the non smokers! So those who welcomed the smoking restrictions have only themselves to blame for having no social outlet in Belding. The bar is listed for sale at $300,000. Well that should be a hoot! Who in God's name is going to spend $300,000 on a bar that has lost all its customers and has no chance of getting them back unless CHOICE is allowed? No-one is the right answer, that is unless the Michigan lawmakers buy it as gesture of goodwill!
Sad tale isn't it, but this could be coming to your town soon as pubs are now cutting everything to the bone. 2 meals for £11, went to 2 meals for £10, went to 2 meals for £9, and is presently resting at 2 meals for £8-if you only drink water it's almost cheaper to eat out than bother doing a weekly shop! Pubs cannot survive at this rate.
I sometimes wonder how this government (or any other for that matter) would survive if all pubs shut, what would they do for revenue? But that would never happen for the great spirit of unity has long left the hearts of British men & women, else they would have stood together and fought this ridiculously implemented law. I used to love to be in the pub but it wouldn't bother me if I never went in another one for they are now just lifeless dungheaps that stink of cleaning fluids & BO-why would I want to endure that? There is no pleasure being in a mausoleum where the joyless dregs of non-smoker society pop in for the occasional pint as they eke out their pensions. I'll never forget one of our local bods standing at the bar in splendid isolation, declaring how nice it was now that smokers had to go outside, to which I replied "yes, it must be marvellous standing there talking to yourself Tom!" You see, that is the mentality of them, it doesn't occur to them that a great divide has been caused, not to mention a great hatred-and it's not a simple one way hatred either for people are getting truly fed up with being 'put down' as third class citizens. One thing for sure though, the good people of Belding, Michigan state, no longer have a bar they can stand in to socialise or be cast out of to smoke! many of our villages are of similar position-how long before this comes to your town?

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  1. Here in PA we have pretty liberal exemptions for bars: about 3,000 of 10,000 or so are exempt. The Antis throw hissy fits of course about all the workers FORCED to work in them.

    The only problem with that argument is that while well over 20% of PA's workforce smokes, only about 2% have the chance to work in one of those smoking allowed jobs!

    - MJM